Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rachel, Rachel: Bronson beats the bimbo in the Demagogic primary.

That's right.
Aging television newscaster Rachel Barnhart was defeated in her attempt to unseat incumbent Harry Bronson for the 138th State Assembly seat tonight.
Nobody knows what prompted Barnhart to run for political office.
Perhaps Barnhart was hoping to use her local fame on television as did Rich Funke to defeat Ted O'Brien for his state senate seat two years ago.
It didn't work.
Barnhart isn't nearly as pretty as Rich Funke is.
She also miscalculated where the gay community is concerned.
Assembly District 138 includes Rochester's gay ghetto. Bronson, as an openly gay man, had that sewed up. Any hetero candidate who wants that district had better suck up to the gay community big time, literally and figuratively.
Elaine Spaull has been extremely successful in that respect.
If Barnhart counted on her being a woman to get the Lesbian vote, she was sadly mistaken. One of Bronson's main supporters was locally prominent diesel dyke Bess Watts.
In fact, Watts was Bronson's only supporter that Rochester's weekly liberal newsrag, City, bothered to interview when they threw their endorsement into his lap.
To do Barnhart some justice, she did manage to scare the shit out of Bronson. He wasn't expecting to be challenged for his own party's endorsement and was put into attack mode earlier than he would have liked.
Now that his adrenalin is flowing, he can easily go on to defeat his Republican challenger in the general election, two time loser Peterson Vazquez.
Vazquez won his primary tonight by a handful of votes. He can now go on to becoming a three time loser, since Bronson beat the shit out of him twice before.
Some people never learn.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Don't drink and drive this holiday weekend. You might hit a bump and spill it.

The cops will be out in full force this Labor Day weekend.
Any time there is a three day holiday weekend, the Rochester Police department announces that they will beef up their road details to check for DWIs.
This is standard procedure. It shows that law enforcement is concerned about protecting us from drunks driving along our city streets after too much partying. I suppose that this reassures jay walkers who cross streets and dart out into traffic wherever it suits them, rather than crossing at the crosswalk.
It didn't prevent two dipshits from having a drag race up Lake Avenue the other night. They accidentally killed a pedestrian who was crossing the street.
It also pulls police away from their usual details, which allows certain people to shoot, stab and kill other people with less than normal supervision.
That, too, has been happening in Rochester this holiday weekend, which is only one third over at the time of this writing. More will come.
Come to think of it, those human animals shoot, stab and kill people in Rochester at any time of the year, regardless of the season.
Nothing and nobody is capable of preventing that.
One thing is certain: If you get caught by the cops after being too festive this weekend, you won't get off as easily as did ex deputy mayor Leonard Redon, finance director Charles Benincasa and city court judge Leticia Astacio.
Unless, of course, you're some big shot politician or local celebrity. Outside of a little embarrassing publicity, you'll get nothing worse than a slap on the wrist.