Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bill Reilich shoots off his big mouth again. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Bill Reilich, the porcine ObergruppenfĂĽhrer of the Monroe County GOP, just isn't able to keep his big fat mouth shut.
Having stirred up a hornet's nest with his incredibly stupid comments about County Clerk Adam Bello over I-Square, Reilich has now found it necessary to comment about "irregularities" involving the MCDC's campaign funds.
The Monroe Demagogues were subpoenaed about the illegal transfer of campaign funs to then state senator Ted O'Brien's re election campaign. O'Brien lost, anyway, and refuses to answer questions about it.
Reilich is quoted by the D&C as saying "The fact that an entity could come in and deposit that large of a sum of money with the instructions specifically to give it to a candidate only for the purpose of circumventing the election law, is just wrong."
He later released a statement indicating that Monroe County Republicans filed a complaint about the donations with the state Board of Elections.
At the same time, his Republicans, who control the Monroe County Legislature, have blocked repeated Demagogic demands for investigations into ROBUTRAD, the LDC scandal, COMIDA and the I-Square mess.
Reilich doesn't have to look further than his own party to talk about corruption.
He's just a hypocrite.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cheryl DiNolfo's press conference: Out of the mouth of this babe came drooling.

Republican tough titty Monroe County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo held another press conference about COMIDA and the I-Square mess on Tuesday.
It was clearly a bad hair day for her.
Her usually perfect coiffure was disheveled. Her usually perfect make-up was over done and made her look tired. And much older. Her usually self-assured arrogant pose was replaced by one of confusion and desperate sadness.
Of course, that was all staged.
DiNolfo was using traditional feminine wiles to say "I'm just a poor woman who was betrayed and left holding the bag," looking distraught and stumbling off of the podium.
Everybody laugh.
Politicians are supposed to be asexual. We are not supposed to consider if politicians have tits, cunts or cocks. Yet when they are caught with their pants down, they proclaim their integrity by resorting to roles prescribed by their gender.
Males will pound their fists and bluster; females will use the "I'm only a woman, after all" routine.
Those ploys are wearing thin in the case of the I-Square mess.
Unfortunately, DiNolfo's press conference didn't shed any new light on the scandal.
She reiterated that her old pet, Justin Roj, was responsible for telling tales that created the crisis and that she didn't know the truth of the matter until later.
What she didn't say was that Roj would never have acted without her tacit permission, which is probably the real truth. That's why he had to be sacrificed.
What she didn't do was criticize Republican party boss and Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich for using Roj's information to blast newly appointed Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello.
She didn't dare; the porcine Reilich is too powerful for her to blame for this mess. And DiNolfo owes him too much, anyway, to bite the hand that fed her.
Not that Reilich is grateful for such misplaced sentimental loyalty shown him by DiNolfo. He would throw her to the wolves anytime it suited his merciless fancy.
Reilich probably demanded that Roj provide him with information so he could stick it to Bello. Roj, good Republican functionary that he is ( or was ), had no choice but to comply.
What she did say was that, as county executive, she is responsible for whatever occurs during her watch, while trying to excuse herself from that responsibility at the same time.
The reality is this: Reilich controls DiNolfo and Roj. When the shit hit the fan, Roj had to be sacrificed to protect Reilich. When that didn't bring an end to the I-Square mess and with the COMIDA board bailing out right and left, DiNolfo had to humiliate herself with Tuesday's press conference to protect Reilich.
Her desperate action won't bring an end to the scandal.
DiNolfo did say that she was sorry, which translates to "I'm sorry we got caught."
The biggest joke of all was that DiNolfo referred to the press as "My friends in the media."
Rochester's liberal media would like to see her vital organs resting on a bed of lettuce.
DiNolfo a la mode.

Monday, May 23, 2016

COMIDA: And another one bites the dust.

Eugene Caccamise is the fourth member of COMIDA's board to resign in less than a week.
That leaves three of the seven member board remaining.
For how long, who knows?
COMIDA has been rotten for a very long time. COMIDA's board has been able to laugh off suggestions of underhanded dealings in the past with no real threats to the members' questionable reputations.
Unfortunately, County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo and Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich haven't been able to sweep this under the rug to anyone's satisfaction.
Except their own.
Which is why four of the seven person board have left.
Had the spin control doctors been able to successfully lie their way through this mess, those four board members would have breathed a collective sigh of relief and stayed put.
They would have said "See, nothing is wrong."
That's not happening, and they're afraid that continuing their association with COMIDA will make them look bad to other influence peddlers or people coming to them to play "Let's Make a Deal."
The I-Square flap has gotten out of control and they don't want to go down with the ship.
Hence their resignations.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mark Siwiec resigns from COMIDA over the I-Square flap. Big deal.

That's right.
Nothnagle realtor Mark Siwiec, stellar light of the MCDC's lavender caucus, resigned from the Republican dominated COMIDA Board last night.
As a dyed in the wool Demagogue, he never really fit in with them, anyway.
COMIDA has had a shabby reputation for a long, long time. Siwiec was appointed to its board only in 2014. He willingly accepted his appointment to that body, regardless of its reputation. Perhaps he thought it would help boost his real estate sales.
I have already blogged about the I-Square mess. You might wish to scroll down and read those previous blogs.
COMIDA now says that the owners of I-Square are not in default, which is supposed to make everything all better.
It hasn't.
All COMIDA's statement has done is to confirm most people's suspicions that something is fishy there. With their curiosity already whetted, people would like to know more.
Hence Siwiec's departure, and his statement quoted from Rochester's liberal newsrag the D&C: "Unfortunately recent events have called into question my personal integrity and that of my colleagues on the board."
Really? His "personal integrity?"
That ship sailed a long time ago.
Siwiec is no ingĂ©nue in the game of politics. He knew what he was getting into when he willingly accepted his appointment to COMIDA's board.
He also knows enough to leave before it blows up in everyone's face because the I-Square flap just isn't going to go away.
And, as a member of the board, just how much does Siwiec know about the I-Square mess?
His departure won't change anything there.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Update: Carlos Carballada is named deputy mayor.

Looks like Mayor Lovely Warren is into recycling.
Carlos Carballada was appointed deputy mayor this afternoon. He starts in June.
Carballada was touted by Mayor Warren as having experience in city government.
That's true enough.
He was a fixture in the Doofus and Richards administrations.
Toilet bowls are also referred to as "fixtures."
He was acting mayor from January to April 2011, during the succession crisis and special election that year.
Carballada is also a publicly acknowledged perjurer. That has never been a hindrance in politics.
He was also the commissioner for neighborhood and business development, overseeing the continuing decay of Rochester.
Good choice, Mayor Warren.

Rochester's deputy mayor resigns after being invisible for two years.

Rochester's deputy mayor, Leonard Redon, resigned yesterday.
Damned well about time.
Nobody has seen him around Rochester much in the last two years, anyway. Not since he got his ass busted for DWI in late winter 2014.
That was merely yet another scandal for the new Warren administration to swallow and brush aside.
Every so often, at a big public event that the mayor couldn't be bothered to attend, you'd see Redon there. Then he would disappear again.
You could find him in his office only rarely. Phone messages to Redon went unanswered. Appointments with the deputy mayor were either cancelled or constituents were fobbed off on other officials who were doing Redon's job.
I assumed that he was in and out of rehab, drying out.
People began to wonder if he was still alive.
Yesterday, Redon announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago. That is the reason for his resigning at this time.
I am truly sorry that Redon has cancer.
I am also truly sorry that Redon didn't announce that fact a year ago and either go on sick leave or resign at that time.
The reason is simple: had he done either of those things, he would have lost his annual six figure income.
It was better for him to let other people handle his job while he was being treated for the disease and getting paid for it.
It underscores the opaque nature of the Warren administration's "transparency." They didn't want anyone outside of City Hall to know what was really going on, or that taxpayers were paying for a position that was effectively vacant.
Now that Redon has departed, the next question is: who will Mayor Warren appoint as her new deputy mayor?
Anyone she appoints will need to have David Gantt's seal of approval, like Scott Gaddy. Gaddy was supposedly looking for a residence in Rochester last year and said that he wasn't seeking an elected position.
The office of deputy mayor is one by appointment, not by election.
What better choice could Mayor Warren make than David Gantt's "son" and therefore her own "brother?"
We'll see.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Lilac Festival. It's a shame nobody bothered to photograph the flasher.

The local news media is making much too much over the events at the Lilac Festival last weekend.
Ten people got arrested there Saturday. Seven of them were punk kids. One adult flasher was also apprehended.
Big deal.
Hundreds of people have been involved in brawls at Ontario Beach Park during summer events there over the years.
The only interesting thing about the arrests involving the punk kids on Saturday were the photos of one girlie getting handcuffed by the cops while another girlie was puking her brains out. Those babes got their fifteen seconds worth of fame, and are probably posting those photos in their family albums.
Rochester institution Nick Tahou's also got into the act. They were ticketed because their employees didn't wear identification tags. They are now threatening to boycott the Lilac Festival forever more.
Now that's a step in the right direction.
Tahou's is famous for its aptly named "garbage plate," which consists of your choice of meat, fries and mac salad covered with liberal helpings of greasy meat sauce. It's deadly stuff, but Rochesterians claim that they love it.
Perhaps that's what the girlie was puking up when she was photographed.
The problem with the Lilac Festival is that it has become a carnival over the last few decades. The lilacs have taken second place to the greasy food merchants and junk peddlers that dominate the festival. The musical entertainment, such as it is, is geared to the sort of punks that the officials now want to keep out of the festival unless accompanied by a parent.
The solution to these rather mundane and picayune problems is very simple: Return the festival to a simpler, gentler, less hectic time and concentrate only on the lilacs ( and the pansy bed, and the rhododendrons ).
Get rid of the food and junk peddlers. They can sell their shit at all of the arts and crafts festivals the city sponsors during the summer. They do, too.
If there must be music, we have the world renowned Rochester Philharmonic and the students of the Eastman and Hochstein schools of music that could perform. It isn't the sort of music that attracts punks.
Horse and buggy rides could also provide some low key excitement.
In short, make it a pleasant, easy paced event for people who want to stroll, sniff and stare. Do that, and the punks won't want to come to the Lilac Festival, so there will be no problem keeping them out. They'll look for someplace more exciting to cause trouble at.
But no.
The city and the county make too much money issuing permits to seriously want to change anything. The smell of frying grease masks the scent of the lilacs; the shitty knick-knacks for sale compete with the beauty of nature. It's a sign of temporary economic prosperity.
The Lilac Festival has become just plain tacky. Rochester likes tacky.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The last of the LDC crooks are sentenced. One and only one will do jail time.

That's right.
Only one of the four major crooks is going to jail.
Ex County Executive Maggie Brooks' husband, Bob Wiesner, already received his conditional discharge.
Ex Monroe County chief information officer Nelson Rivera got five years' probation and a $60,000 fine. That sad assed bastard only got a few trips out of his involvement in this scam to screw Monroe county's taxpayers, which makes one wonder if his head is screwed on properly.
John Maggio, one of Navitech's partners, got a conditional discharge, must pay $350,000 in restitution and do 200 hours in community service as a book keeper or accountant for a charity.
Whichever charity gets the use of his services had better watch out.
Navitech is the management company that landed lucrative county contracts.
Only Daniel Lynch, the other Navitech partner is going to jail, where he will spend 2 and 1/3 to 7 years. He's also getting hit with a $600,000 fine, $400,000 which will be going to the county. Lynch has already paid most of it.
Imagine having that much money in the bank.
On Friday, Acting Monroe County Court Justice Dennis Kehoe fingered Lynch as the prime mover in the scam.
I doubt if that's the case.
In our wonderful justice system, the relatively small fry are usually thrown to the wolves.
Wiesner, Rivera and Maggio, with their impeccable connections to Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich, ex County Executive Maggie Brooks and current County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo, were spared imprisonment. They were subjected only to public humiliation and, in Wiesner's case, a paltry fine.
Since none of them have any shame anyway, that wasn't much.
In Maggie's case, association with her husband's guilt didn't prevent her from landing a cushy job at RTS after her term of office expired.
Of that sordid lot, only Lynch will go to jail. It won't be Attica. It will probably be one of those resort prisons reserved for the upper classes, like Club Fed of Watergate fame.
Even there, Lynch might want to be careful when he's going down for the soap, and not be too flattered when a fellow inmate tells him that he has a pretty mouth.