Friday, May 13, 2016

Rochester's deputy mayor resigns after being invisible for two years.

Rochester's deputy mayor, Leonard Redon, resigned yesterday.
Damned well about time.
Nobody has seen him around Rochester much in the last two years, anyway. Not since he got his ass busted for DWI in late winter 2014.
That was merely yet another scandal for the new Warren administration to swallow and brush aside.
Every so often, at a big public event that the mayor couldn't be bothered to attend, you'd see Redon there. Then he would disappear again.
You could find him in his office only rarely. Phone messages to Redon went unanswered. Appointments with the deputy mayor were either cancelled or constituents were fobbed off on other officials who were doing Redon's job.
I assumed that he was in and out of rehab, drying out.
People began to wonder if he was still alive.
Yesterday, Redon announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago. That is the reason for his resigning at this time.
I am truly sorry that Redon has cancer.
I am also truly sorry that Redon didn't announce that fact a year ago and either go on sick leave or resign at that time.
The reason is simple: had he done either of those things, he would have lost his annual six figure income.
It was better for him to let other people handle his job while he was being treated for the disease and getting paid for it.
It underscores the opaque nature of the Warren administration's "transparency." They didn't want anyone outside of City Hall to know what was really going on, or that taxpayers were paying for a position that was effectively vacant.
Now that Redon has departed, the next question is: who will Mayor Warren appoint as her new deputy mayor?
Anyone she appoints will need to have David Gantt's seal of approval, like Scott Gaddy. Gaddy was supposedly looking for a residence in Rochester last year and said that he wasn't seeking an elected position.
The office of deputy mayor is one by appointment, not by election.
What better choice could Mayor Warren make than David Gantt's "son" and therefore her own "brother?"
We'll see.

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