Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Demagogic National Convention: Taxi to the toilet.

Taxi Zum Klo is a late 1970s German autobiographical docudrama/art film.
It is semi-pornographic, at least for two and a half minutes, anyway.
It depicts the life of a gay German schoolteacher from Berlin.
In one scene, the hero sneaks out of a hospital where he is being treated for hepatitis. He stuffs his hospital gown into his pants, puts on his coat and leaves via a side entrance.
Hiring a taxi, our hero heads toward a local public toilet, which is a well known cruising spot for gay men. With the meter still running, he heads inside to await a potential trick.
Eventually another man arrives, seems interested and our hero drops trow. The trick sees that our hero is wearing a hospital gown and realizes that something is very wrong. With a wry smile, he backs off and leaves our hero with his pants down.
Last night at the Demagogic National Convention, delegates from all over the nation taxied to the toilet in Philadelphia. Unlike the trick in the film, they openly embraced their chancred whore.
The Republicans did the same last week.
The two major political parties have proved that there are no creatures so low and disgusting that they cannot put on a pedestal and have Americans wholeheartedly approve of them for the highest office in the land.
Either the Donald or HillBilly will become president in November.
Americans will be taking the taxi to the toilet regardless of which of them wins.
This country is going to get exactly what it deserves.

Friday, July 15, 2016

ALL lives matter.

That's right.
After hearing so much bullshit about the "Black Lives Matter" rally last Friday night and the civil disobedience it produced afterwards, I have to say that ALL lives matter.
I am not a two-faced politician pretending to be politically correct to get re elected.
I am not the owner of a business like "Sticky Lips" to fear retribution and retaliation from the black community for not beating my chest and crying mea culpa for daring to say ALL lives matter.
I have little or no respect left for the clergy in general, especially those who preach politics from their pulpits, to have any serious regard for what they have to say on this or most other matters.
Churches should be taxed, anyway. They clearly don't believe in the separation of church and state, except where their tax free status is concerned.
The "Black Lives Matter" rally began peacefully enough on Friday afternoon, July 8.
All Hell broke loose only when it ended, and its leaders decided to take their protest from the Liberty Pole to East Avenue, blocking the street, congesting traffic and interfering with the patrons of the many fine drinking establishments located on that strip.
That is when the cops moved in, wearing full riot gear, and began arresting people who chose not to heed the order to disperse.
And objects were thrown at the police. Later videos showed that.
The protesters who were blocking the streets and interfering with traffic denied any such thing occurred.
Seventy-odd people were arrested, many of whom were white sympathizers. They are now all crying "Foul."
Never mind the fact that they knowingly broke the law. Which is what the organizers of the rally counted on. They wanted a confrontation with the police. When the rally proved to be too peaceful and didn't attract enough local attention to suit them, they chose an action guaranteed to produce a reaction from the police.
They got it, too.
And plenty of press coverage the world over.
So what are they bitching about?
Why, because the mayor and the police chief didn't fall all over themselves in anguish over the arrests.
Because most of Rochester didn't care about law breakers being arrested.
Because they are being regarded as nothing more than nuisances that had to be chastised and taught a lesson.
There will be no revolution in Rochester in support of the likes of them.
If "Black Lives Matter," they might want to practice it within their own community. Most of Rochester's murders have been black on black, something their ministers never cease to refrain from mentioning.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bernie wusses out.

But then, you've already heard about that.
Since the beginning of his campaign, Bernie correctly pointed out what a lying bitch HillBilly is.
And now he sold his soul to her. In return, Bernie will receive a high appointment in her presidential administration. If she gets in.
Of course, for some strange reason only known to the equally corrupt Democratic National Committee, the challenger has to endorse the party favorite in order to continue onto the national convention. Which Bernie never bothered to mention before his capitulation.
So now he is allowed to participate in the convention after sullying his reputation.
I truly do not believe he had to do it. But he chose to.
He is already contemplating writing a book about this year's campaign. Bernie had better do it quickly, while he's still an object of curiosity and publishers are still willing to pay big bucks for it. Before Bernie's fans realize how dismally he betrayed them.
Because that is what Bernie did.
He merely reinforces the belief that many Americans have that all politicians are liars, cheats and con artists.
Bernie had me fooled.
That leaves the road to the White House open to two of the most evil political figures of our time: Clinton's Bitch or The Donald.
The differences between them are pretty thin.
I won't vote for either of them.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

And more on a gambling casino in downtown Rochester.

The debate on establishing a gambling casino in downtown Rochester is heating up.
A group that for whatever reason calls itself "A Better Rochester" dumped a petition off at City Hall today, demanding that the city abandon considering setting up a Native American-run casino anywhere in Rochester. Not just downtown.
Here comes the irony and the hypocrisy: "A Better Rochester" is being bankrolled by gaming interests that already run betting parlors across the state of New York, such as de Lago, Finger Lakes Gaming and Racing Track and Batavia Downs.
Does that mean that the established gaming interests are seeing the error of their ways?
Hell no.
They simply want Native American casinos banned in Rochester. Such a casino might cut into their own hefty profits by diverting gamblers from their own venues.
Greedy motherfuckers.
Such a ban on Native American-run casinos wouldn't prevent them from attempting to open one in downtown Rochester.
That's the real issue.
They couldn't care less about the negative effects a gambling casino would have on Rochester, as long as the casino in question is theirs.
This is something that their paid mouth-piece, Scott Gaddy ( remember him? ) has never ceased to fail to mention.
He is only bitching about the negative effects a Native American-run casino will have on Rochester, not other gambling establishments.
He should. They're paying him enough to.
"A Better Rochester" can draft as many petitions as they like, demanding that such a casino be banned in Rochester. It is illegal for the city to do that, as gambling is controlled by the state. The petitioners would need to direct their efforts to Albany.
The stupidest thing about this debate is that everyone but Mayor Warren's administration is talking about it. Mayor Warren is simply seeking developers to submit proposals.
Tom Wilmot, one of the men who bankrolls "A Better Rochester" and owns del Lago Resort and Casino, submitted a rough proposal to City Hall last month.
The people who signed his petition should have the word "Sucker" tattooed on their foreheads.
And both of Gaddy and Wilmot's two faces are showing. Neither is very pretty.