Sunday, August 30, 2015

We should eliminate the school board.

I haven't made any comments about the candidates running for Rochester's school board in the upcoming Demagogic primary. Only people registered as Demagogues can vote in that.
I feel that it would be unnecessary to debate the merits of the candidates, whether they be newbies or incumbent assholes. The policies of the school board have made Rochester's schools the worst in the state and among the worst in the nation.
That has been going on for 40 years. It is not going to get better by re-electing the same assholes who put it into that shape or by electing newbies who will soon become just as lazy and unconcerned as their predecessors. Some of them hope to use their positions on the school board as a springboard to higher elected offices in the future, like Van White and Jose Cruz have already tried to do.
They are merely killing time there until such an opportunity arises. It shows.
What we have has been a failure and is still a failure. There isn't much hope for change in the future, no matter who the brainless voters choose to put there. It is a choice between several Tweedledees and Tweedledums.
We should abolish the school board. And get rid of the current superintendent of schools.
While I am reluctant to put our schools into the claws of Mayor Warren and her gang, having the mayor in control could not produce any results worse than what we already have.
Rochester has spent too much time and money trying to fix something that is completely broken and irreparable.
And that is another definition of stupid.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Who in Hell are Ricky Frazier and Bobbi Mitchell?

The Gantt-Warren faction is playing the race card in the upcoming primary election.
It is their usual gambit.
I have already described the campaign of their protégé, LaShana Boose. The Gantt-Warren faction is running her against their deadly political enemy, the notorious Molly Clifford.
The unknown and uninvolved Boose has no selling points whatsoever other than the color of her skin.
In LD 28, the Gantt-Warren faction is running another unknown, Ricky Frazier, against incumbent Cindy Kaleh for her seat in the county legislature.
They seek to punish Kaleh for two reasons: first, because she is white; second, because she is a charter member of their deadly enemies, the Morelle-Clifford clique.
But who in Hell is Ricky Frazier?
Beats me. I've never heard of him before. I have been told that he is a minister, which supposedly makes him prominent in the black community. That counts for little, if anything, in the white or Asian communities in that district.
His political propaganda is just as piss-poor as Boose's. It tells us nothing about him, although it does include a website and a phone number, unlike Boose's, which has nothing.
Frazier's political blurb features a very nice photo of himself, with the statement "It's time to uplift the community" underneath. It doesn't say how he will do it The flip side lists emergency phone numbers for city and county offices. There is no mention of accomplishments or involvement in LD 28. There is no biography. Perhaps it is because there is nothing about him worth mentioning.
Just like with LaShana Boose and Bobbi Mitchell.
In LD 21, the Morelle-Clifford clique is pitting Carla Palumbo's employee, Mark Muoio, against the Gantt-Warren faction's stooge, Bobbi Mitchell.
Nobody, not even the media, has come up with anything approaching even basic information about Mitchell or her campaign other than the fact she is black. The Gantt-Warren faction believes that this is enough to propel her and their other clients to victory in the primary election. They expect blacks to vote for their candidates only because they, too, are black. Never mind the fact that they have nothing to say about anything, or have never done anything. That's what the race card is all about.
It is a perversion of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, where he spoke of a day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another murder in the hood.

Another young man was murdered last night in Rochester.
He was shot and killed outside of a liquor store on Portland Avenue in "the hood."
This comes less than a week after drive by shooters fired into a crowd on the southwest side, killing three young men and wounding four others.
The mayor's pet project, Clergy on Patrol, was roaming the southwest and the northeast last night, almost at the same time that this latest killing took place.
That is having no effect on the violence that pervades "the hood."
It is almost as though the murderers are thumbing their noses at the Bible thumpers.
This morning, there might be a few politicians and ministers mugging for the cameras, saying that this must stop,
They've been saying that for years.
Perhaps their egos prevent them from admitting that they have no influence whatsoever on people who want to kill other people.
And the friends and families of the murderers are too loyal to them to turn them in.
Just another night in "the hood."

Friday, August 21, 2015

Shits and giggles about John Parrinello.

Eccentric Rochester attorney John Parrinello got his ass busted for patronizing a prostitute on Sunday in the Town of Gates.
Parrinello turned himself in yesterday, and will be arraigned on Tuesday, August 25 in Gates Town Court.
The crime is only a misdemeanor, so outside of embarrassing the shit out of his lovely wife and children, his punishment won't be too severe.
His attorney, David Rothenberg, said “John Parrinello never solicited anybody."
Then what was he doing in a sleazy Gates motel with a hooker? Social work?
Come on, John! Be proud of the fact that at 76 you still have a healthy sexual appetite.
And that you have still got what it takes.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some black ministers have got their priorities all wrong.

A group of black ministers called a press conference today to protest the lack of progress in removing the pickaninny portrait from the carousel at Ontario Beach Park.
It was led by the dapper Reverend Lewis W. Stewart, a well known camera hog.
They panned County Executive Maggie Brooks for not taking them as seriously as they take themselves.
This took place less than twenty four hours after one of the worst tragedies in the black community ( and indeed in the City of Rochester ) occurred at the local Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street: the murders and shootings of innocent people after a basketball game.
Reverend Stewart and his buddies have their priorities screwed up.
Most Rochesterians, black, white and everything in between, have more important things on their minds right now.

Cannibalism and the black community.

It was hot and steamy in Rochester last night.
Hundreds of people were coming out of a basketball game at the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street.
It was a wholesome event. No problems resulted from the game itself.
Unfortunately, a drive-by shooter ( or shooters ) managed to kill three young men and wound four others before speeding off.
The bastards fired into a crowd of innocent people leaving the game.
The victims were black; the criminals who did this are presumed to be black.
And the black community is doing nothing.
White on black incidents, especially where the police are concerned, produce outrage and riots.
Black on black violence produces nothing apart from some sadness on the part of the victims' families. It produces a few photo opportunities for relatives and ministers who will say that this must stop. Until the next incident.
The sheer awfulness of last night's shooting made the whole world's newspapers today. It is undesirable media coverage.
Most of Rochester's shootings are black on black, resembling different groups of cannibals picking each other off at will. They have no fear of retribution. They want to inflict pain. To kill.
And one cannot blame the mayor or the police department. They can't legislate morality.
Nor the presence of illegal guns. These bastards have the willingness to use them and they do.
The black community must look to itself for the solution, especially black families who provide their children with a system of values.
Until it does, the shootings and the killings within the black community will continue.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What does it matter where Photonics locates in downtown Rochester?

A few weeks ago, Photonics announced it would locate its global headquarters in Rochester. This will supposedly solve all of Rochester's financial and social problems by bringing thousands of badly needed jobs here.
The Second Coming won't be better received.
Now our political assholes have to throw their weight around, squabbling about where it will be located downtown.
It would either be the Sibley Building or the Bausch and Lomb Building.
Photonics has decided that they want the Bausch and Lomb building to be their headquarters. That should have been an end to it.
That's not good enough for Assemblyman Joe Morelle.
He has made it clear that he and his local political brethren will decide which building Photonics will make its headquarters in.
Morelle is still pushing for the Sibley Building.
Personally, if I were going to locate a large scale business in Rochester, I'd be mighty pissed off if a few jumped up nobody politicians ordered me around. I'd probably choose a different, more grateful city and tell Morelle and his crew to go fuck off.
That might happen yet.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two shootings in Maplewood in 24 hours.

David Andreatta recently wrote an article in the D&C that Rochester averages one shooting every 32 hours.
The historic Maplewood neighborhood beat that average this week.
We had two shootings here, less than half a mile apart, in 24 hours.
The first was Thursday night on Ramona Park, which is a residential section of the neighborhood.
The second was last night on Dewey Avenue and Flower City Park.
That shooting took place near the neighborhood nuisance business called Phat Boy.
Phat Boy has long allowed drug dealers to ply their products in front of the store, and permitted their customers to use them in the parking lot behind their store.
The well tended neighborhood garden on the corner merely adds to the ambience of the experience, if the buyers aren't too high to notice.
The location has all the ingredients for a disaster to occur. It is surprising that worse hasn't happened there.
The mayor's office and the police department are unable or unwilling to clear out the thugs loitering in front of the store. Phat Boy refuses to do anything about their presence. The neighborhood is helpless to do anything about it.
It is even more ironic that "Clergy on Patrol" roamed through that area less than a month ago.
Nobody really knows what "Clergy on Patrol" is supposed to do, other than provide the mayor's politicized preachers the opportunity to mug with her in front of the news cameras. That is their reward for preaching politics from the pulpit during her campaign. It certainly hasn't helped lessen violence and crime anywhere they have roamed.
Nor is the media willing to give these incidents anything more than perfunctory coverage. They are only too common in Rochester, as Andreatta's article pointed out.
Nobody was killed, either. No corpses littered the sidewalk. That might have produced a few tepid responses from the police, the mayor's office, elected officials and the neighborhood.
"Might have."
The police are fond of saying that these shootings are merely rival gangs shooting at each other.
That is to reassure us, since most residents aren't gang members and therefore we are safe.
Unless a stray bullet catches an innocent passerby, like on Parsells Avenue a few months ago.
The point of this rant?
The police like to say crime is down, but shootings are up. Clergy on Patrol is supposed to somehow deter violence, but it hasn't. We all say we abhor the violence that occurs in our city, but we have become accustomed to it. Unless we are one of the victims.
Our politicians are too unconcerned to care enough to enact legislation that will imprison these bastards for a good long time. They are afraid of either being branded racist or of selling out to whitey.
And the thugs merrily roam our streets, protected by political correctness.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Re-enter Scott Gaddy.

Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Demogogue and Comicon, has reported that Scott Gaddy is looking to establish residence in Rochester.
Gaddy, it may be recalled, was the leader of the PAC ( Political Action Committee ) that got Lovely Warren elected mayor.
Their connection runs deeper than that.
Both regard themselves as "children" of Assemblyman David Gantt. Gaddy was once Gantt's aide in Albany, and his wife is an old law school chum of Mayor Warren's.
On becoming mayor, Warren promptly hired Gaddy's firm to shill for Rochester in Albany.
Gaddy claims that he is no longer connected to that company.
Gaddy also claims that he isn't moving to Rochester to seek elected office.
This, of course, is bullshit.
For right now, he doesn't meet residency requirements to run for anything local.
But what about next year?
Many people are concerned about the Gantt succession.
Gantt is merely mortal, and won't live forever.
Plenty of aspiring black politicians are hoping to step into Gantt's shoes when he finally gives up the ghost.
Who better than his own "son?"
In the meantime, the mayor can always create a high paying job for her "brother" in her administration to tide him over until that eventuality occurs.
I wonder what job she'll give him or create for him.