Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Both political parties in Rochester have dirt on their faces.

It is no surprise that the Republican dominated Monroe County Legislature shot down a Demagogic demand that COMIDA be investigated. This was a result of the I-Square scandal, which is merely the latest example of the Republicans playing footsie with COMIDA, not to mention ROBUTRAD.
The relationship between the Republicans and COMIDA is perverted and incestuous. The Republicans did not want any further investigation into their baby, since COMIDA usually provides open-air, white collar relief for the cronies of high ranking members of the local GOP.
Of course, this flies in the face of County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo's oft repeated intention of creating an Office of Public Integrity. The lady does not want anything approaching real transparency involving county government. Too much would come out that, in Third World countries, would earn she and her cronies places in front of a firing squad.
On the other hand, the MCDC also has been caught with questionable practices involving their finances and juggling campaign contributions. Some of these actions are illegal.
That rogues' gallery consists of:
Ex state senator Ted O'Brien. The committee's campaign contribution's were shifted to O'Brien's losing campaign against now-senator Rich Funke. O'Brien now works for the local office of the State Attorney General and refuses to answer any questions about it.
Ex MCDC chairman Dave Garretson. It was during his ever so brief tenure as chairman that the illegal shifting of funds took place, which couldn't have occurred without his approval.
Stupid little girl Jamie Romeo, current MCDC chairwoman. She was Senator O'Brien's office manager ( for two years ) during his failed bid for re-election and sort of ran his first campaign two years previously, and of course knows nothing.
She never did.
The Republicans are also guilty of this practice. But then, nobody expects any better of the Monroe County GOP.
The best description of this dirt on the Demagogues can be found in the D&C's article by David Andreatta: "Something Fishy in Monroe Democrats' Coffers."
The iconoclastic Andreatta is probably the only well-balanced reporter on the staff of that liberal newsrag, which never used to write anything that would expose Demagogues to too much censure and ridicule.
It is even more ironic when one considers that the Demagogues are always yammering on about campaign reform. They really don't want it any more than the Republicans do.
Both parties suck.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HillBilly wins New York. Sort of.

Lying, perjuring, hypocritical HillBilly Clinton won New York's primary yesterday.
In reality, Clinton's bitch won the New York City area, which has most of the state's population.
It seems appropriate. New York City is the whorehouse of the northeastern United States, and HillBilly is a blowsy old whore. The fit is perfect.
Clinton's bitch didn't do nearly as well in upstate New York. Bernie got most of the Demagogic vote there.
That's because the old whore did nothing for upstate when she was briefly a United States senator from New York.
There has also been a serious split between upstate and New York City for decades, with the Apple in decay running the show.
The one major exception was Monroe County. That means Rochester.
She squeaked by to win here for a paradoxical reason. Black voters, whom she never did anything for and has only recently started sucking up to, supported her. Not because they loved her, but because Mayor Lovely Warren and State Assemblyman Gantt were listed on the ballot as delegates for her.
Warren and Gantt own the Black Demagogues in Rochester. They want to be power brokers in HillBilly's presumed future administration.
Clinton's bitch celebrated her victory last night by saying "There's no place like home."
Two things are wrong with that statement.
First, HillBilly is a carpetbagger who moved to New York State only to run for office. She's not a native of the state, but an invasive species like the zebra mussel.
Second, the old whore is way too old to play Dorothy, although she is perfectly suited to playing either of the two wicked witches.
Fortunately, Bernie Sanders isn't out of the running yet, but it will be a hard battle to knock HillBilly out at the convention.
As an aside, The Donald won the Republican primary here. That, too, makes me shudder.
New York has chosen a Fascist megalomaniac with a bad haircut and an old bag with delusions of grandeur and an appetite for power.
One of those two creeps will most likely be the next president.
Where is Murder, Incorporated when you need them?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Clinton freak show returns to Rochester today.

Tomorrow is primary day in New York State.
That is why presidential candidates have been coming around here and lying over the past few weeks.
They are a dismal lot at best. They do reflect the fears and hatred of the American people and prey upon them. That's what usually wins elections.
Today, ex president Horndog Bill Clinton and ex Kennedy in-law Prince Andrew Cuomo will be in western New York.
That includes Rochester.
These two are stumping for Horndog Bill's wife, female impersonator and number one all around bitch, HillBilly. She's wanted the presidency ever since she left the White House on the soiled arms of her pig of a husband in 2001.
HillBilly couldn't hope for better salesmen than her husband and Prince Andrew. Both are experts in the field of political lying, a field in which HillBilly is no mean practitioner herself.
They appeal to the more mentally challenged or just plain stupid members of the electorate. Those people are the majority of the voters, and Rochester has more than its share of them.
HillBilly won't be here herself this time. She'll be busy lying in New York City today.
Thankfully, the Republican dipshit candidates for president only stopped here once. That was more than enough.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The State of the City address. A decidely low budget affair.

Mayor Warren's second annual freak show lacked all the glitz and glamor of last year's.
It was held in the warehouse of the Genesee Brewery. Cramming an insufficient number of chairs to accommodate 400 people into that small space, it interfered with the police  color guard's performance.
Most of the chairs were reserved for local political celebrities, their staffs and the mayor's senior management team.
There was a platform and a podium erected for the purpose, and two small screens that featured slideshows of carefully posed photographs of the mayor and videos of the same nature.
The hoi polloi, scrambling for unreserved seats at the back, couldn't see them well. They didn't miss much.
The low production costs paralleled the low production values. The setting was decidedly third rate.
Despite the cleanliness of the warehouse, it was tacky.
The mayor later explained the location of her little "do" as being both unique and appropriate; according to her, the history of the Genesee Brewery reflected Rochester's own history.
And now, on with the show.
A first grader from the mayor's alma mater, Wilson, led the "Pledge of Allegiance."
Cute but trite.
A bunch of first graders from Wilson repeated "I Am Somebody," which was featured at last year's event at Wilson.
Immediately afterwards, the kiddies and their mommies left, vacating a few dozen more seats for the common people attending the event. There were still not enough chairs for everyone.
Pastor David Valle did the Invocation, saying how proud he was to have a mayor who believed in the power of prayer.
She should. She counts on miracles daily.
The mayor's administration is minister ridden, and religion is the opiate of the masses, upon whom rests her power base.
Introductions were made by the Deputy Mayor, Leonard Redon, who was dragged out from either a hospital bed or rehab to perform at this event. Nobody has seen too much of him since his arrest for DWI more than two years ago. Redon was in charge of announcing all of the political dignitaries present, mispronouncing most of the names of people who are far more famous than he will ever be.
Maggie Brooks and hubby were there, too. She just can't stay out of the limelight, like dirty old men in their trench coats. Redon never mentioned them at all. They are just too unsavory to be associated with.
Chris Sirchio, CEO of North American Breweries, was up at the podium next. Since he owns Genesee Brewery and was therefore the host, that was to be expected. He went on to talk about the brewery and its goals.
Bob Doofus, ex police chief, ex mayor, ex lieutenant governor, currant big shit at the Rochester Business Alliance and accomplished political con man came up next. He was praising Mayor Warren, whose candidacy for mayor he opposed in 2013.
Still a smarmy, hypocritical sonofabitch.
Then, enter the mayor.
These are just some observations.
Lovely Warren is an attractive woman who usually knows how to present herself before a crowd. Red is definitely her color, and her red gown highlighted by black stones and black pumps were stunning.
She should have shot her make-up artist, however. Whoever did her up failed to account for the harsh lights, under which her features looked washed out and pale.
For the next forty-five minutes we got to hear how much she was doing or going to do for Rochester.
She described that she would be bolstering the power of the city's Office of Public Integrity, which was a subtle swipe at County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo, whose lying over the I-Square fuck up has lost her a great deal of respect and might probably make her a "one hit wonder" in that office.
We got to hear how crime is flat and at the lowest level in decades. Shootings are up, but the police department's clearance rate is at 80%.
She failed to mention where most of the homicides took place: in the ghetto.
She mentioned how the fire department installed hundreds of smoke detectors and CO2 detectors last year.
This makes Rochester a good place for investment. It has already produced thousands of jobs here.
In the same breath, she mentioned the ugly but true fact that for it's size, Rochester is the worst in the nation for child poverty.
I guess all the jobs coming here haven't made a dent in that yet.
She mentioned how Rochester has continually reinvented itself. It will now be the photonics capital of the world.
Nobody has every explained what photonics is, what it does and when it will start here. Everyone says that it will bring a lot of jobs. It is the new panacea to Rochester's ills, whatever it is.
She went on to talk about building up both the neighborhoods and downtown Rochester, filling in the northern Inner Loop in the process. That's a pretty stupid idea. It will create more traffic along the main streets, which are already congested enough during the daytime. Since there is nothing in downtown after dark worth going to, the Inner Loop provides a quick way of circumventing the nothingness that downtown has become.
There was also talk of more subsidized housing in Rochester, probably located at the filled-in portions of the northern Inner Loop, just adjacent to the ghetto.
Mayor Warren proceeded to talk about her literacy campaign, which was honest and to the point. Her team has put more books into the hands of children. But then, so has one of the local Rotary Clubs.
She further mentioned that through her efforts ( yeah? ) 94% of Rochester's four year olds are in Pre-K. That is remarkable, given the better than 50% truancy rate our city schools have on any given day.
She then proceeded to talk about the dismal state of Rochester's schools, which are the worst in the state and among the worst in the nation.
The mayor wants our schools to become beacons in our neighborhoods, and singled out school 17 as a shining example.
It isn't. Check out its truancy rates and incidents of violence.
The mayor also wants to have a greater role in Rochester's schools, especially those in state receivership, although she does not want mayoral control of the schools.
That is asinine.
The current system of an elected school board, combined with uncaring or absent parents, has the created the shithole Rochester's schools have become. The mayor doesn't want to control the schools because it would eliminate that same school board that is home to some of her friends that have fucked up the schools.
I have stated previously that I do not like the concept of mayoral control of the schools, but the time has come for a radical solution that the mayor lacks the courage to contemplate. She wants a half assed compromise that really won't solve anything, but that won't hurt her friends.
For more, you can check the local news media who taped the whole pantomime.
When it was over, and everyone was rushing to leave, City Hall employees ( who made up the majority of the audience because they had to be there ) were saying how wonderful the mayor was.
After all, she pays them.
I will admit that to accomplish anything worthwhile takes time, and that everyone wants something that the city is expected to foot the bill that adds more to the "to do" list.
But the mayor hasn't explained how more bread and circuses coming soon will change the sense of entitlement many Rochesterians have, demanding something for nothing in return.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

HillBilly comes to Rochester. There goes the neighborhood.

The presidential freak show of 2016 continues with HillBilly Clinton's circus coming to Rochester tomorrow.
Her husband, ex-president and famous adulterer Horndog Clinton, was here Wednesday.
The Donald and Canadian Cruz, among other assholes aspiring to the presidency, are also expected to drop in Rochester shortly.
Like shit from pigeons.
HillBilly is coming to town to rally her supporters, mostly other opportunistic Demagogic politicians and mindless fans. They know that she is a liar, a perjurer, an opportunist and a fence hopper. She has made statements before the cameras and then done 180 degree turns, denying that she made her original statements, which have been captured forever on video.
Andreas Rau has described such people as "political acrobats."
Her supporters know that HillBilly is a consummate con-woman, but will vote for her anyway, which means most Americans are incredibly stupid where politicians are concerned, and will willingly pursue actions that are contrary to their own self-interest or well being.
Con artists take great pleasure in having their suckers submit willingly, like Monica Lewinsky did.
I wonder if any people attending her rally tomorrow will shout out "Remember Benghazi?"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend comes to Rochester today.

Ex president Horndog Clinton is coming to town.
He is not coming to buy cigars.
Horndog is in town to promote the presidential campaign of his wife, female impersonator HillBilly Clinton.
Her only qualification is that she had sex with Horndog, just like so many other women.
Local Demagogues will be falling all over themselves to meet with him today. They admire a publicly acknowledged liar, perjurer, adulterer and Bible-thumping Fundamentalist hypocrite. He meets with their approval because they have so much in common.
The Demagogues are also shrieking about the low moral character of The Donald and his current sluttish wife, failing to see that irony in their blaze of admiration for Horndog.
The fact that things like HillBilly and The Donald could even be considered for the office of president shows how low the American people have sunk.
My only advice is that while Horndog is in town is to lock up your wives and daughters.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The continued fuss over I-Square.

Most Rochesterians are a pretty apathetic lot.
This week we had three murders within a twenty four hour period. This is on top of other shootings that occur regularly in our fair city.
No public outcry.
A major heroin trafficking ring was broken this week.
No public jubilation.
Yesterday, camera hog Reverend Lewis Stewart tried to stir up the black community about a man who died after being tasered last year.
No real public interest and perfunctory coverage by the media.
But the fuss over I-Square has been continuing daily for over a week.
One wonders why.
All politicians are liars. Their profession guarantees that it can hardly be otherwise. That includes Republicans, Demagogues and third parties. That includes black, white and Hispanic politicians. That includes men and women.
Most people don't trust them at any time, so why all the uproar when they are found to behave unethically this time when they have been doing so for years? And still getting elected.
COMIDA is in bed with the Monroe County GOP. That they would share privileged information with GOP big shits should have been no surprise to anyone.
The porcine Bill Reilich, Grand Diabolarch of the Monroe County GOP,  took a political pot shot at Irondequoit Demagogue Adam Bello, revealing that he was privy to such information about I-Square.
The developers of I-Square took exception to Reilich's rant and threatened a lawsuit.
Justin Roj, County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo's pet gopher, called in COMIDA's attorneys to back up Reilich's statement. It was not the other way around.
DiNolfo, in a couple of lackluster press conferences, tried to dodge the issue by saying a lot of nothing and ignoring questions.
District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced that her office would be conducting an "informal investigation." Doorley, a Republican, is not about to upset the applecart and offend Reilich, so not too much can be expected from that quarter.
Reilich got nervous and ordered DiNolfo to sacrifice her pet gopher by throwing him to the wolves and blaming him for lying.
DiNolfo proceeded to do just that, and demanded Roj's resignation, saying that he lied to her about his involvement in the I-Square flap. Whether he did or didn't lie to her is irrelevant. DiNolfo and Reilich needed a victim to offer to the mob, and it wasn't going to be either of them.
Reilich then found it necessary to shoot off his big fat mouth again. To set the record straight. Which he didn't do. According to him, it was Justin Roj who blabbed the information to him, and he never requested it. He further stated that he thought it was public knowledge about I-Square, so what's all the fuss about? It's a lie. But he'll do anything to keep from roasting on a spit up his ass and an apple in his mouth, which is about the only thing that just might make him socially acceptable.
Had an apple been firmly placed in his mouth on March 18, he would never have been able to take his shot at Bello, and all of this could have been avoided.
But again, I ask, why does everybody find the I-Square flap so unique? It isn't.
One need only remember another Republican scandal from a few years back: ROBUTRAD. None of the big shits involved in that ever got caught and only the small fry were sacrificed to jail sentences, dismissals and fines.
Do Rochesterians really think this will end any differently?
I doubt it.
But it is always amusing to watch big shit politicians sweat it out when they get caught lying too much about things that don't matter. Even if it's only for a moment.
This is just business as usual.