Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HillBilly wins New York. Sort of.

Lying, perjuring, hypocritical HillBilly Clinton won New York's primary yesterday.
In reality, Clinton's bitch won the New York City area, which has most of the state's population.
It seems appropriate. New York City is the whorehouse of the northeastern United States, and HillBilly is a blowsy old whore. The fit is perfect.
Clinton's bitch didn't do nearly as well in upstate New York. Bernie got most of the Demagogic vote there.
That's because the old whore did nothing for upstate when she was briefly a United States senator from New York.
There has also been a serious split between upstate and New York City for decades, with the Apple in decay running the show.
The one major exception was Monroe County. That means Rochester.
She squeaked by to win here for a paradoxical reason. Black voters, whom she never did anything for and has only recently started sucking up to, supported her. Not because they loved her, but because Mayor Lovely Warren and State Assemblyman Gantt were listed on the ballot as delegates for her.
Warren and Gantt own the Black Demagogues in Rochester. They want to be power brokers in HillBilly's presumed future administration.
Clinton's bitch celebrated her victory last night by saying "There's no place like home."
Two things are wrong with that statement.
First, HillBilly is a carpetbagger who moved to New York State only to run for office. She's not a native of the state, but an invasive species like the zebra mussel.
Second, the old whore is way too old to play Dorothy, although she is perfectly suited to playing either of the two wicked witches.
Fortunately, Bernie Sanders isn't out of the running yet, but it will be a hard battle to knock HillBilly out at the convention.
As an aside, The Donald won the Republican primary here. That, too, makes me shudder.
New York has chosen a Fascist megalomaniac with a bad haircut and an old bag with delusions of grandeur and an appetite for power.
One of those two creeps will most likely be the next president.
Where is Murder, Incorporated when you need them?

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