Saturday, April 2, 2016

The continued fuss over I-Square.

Most Rochesterians are a pretty apathetic lot.
This week we had three murders within a twenty four hour period. This is on top of other shootings that occur regularly in our fair city.
No public outcry.
A major heroin trafficking ring was broken this week.
No public jubilation.
Yesterday, camera hog Reverend Lewis Stewart tried to stir up the black community about a man who died after being tasered last year.
No real public interest and perfunctory coverage by the media.
But the fuss over I-Square has been continuing daily for over a week.
One wonders why.
All politicians are liars. Their profession guarantees that it can hardly be otherwise. That includes Republicans, Demagogues and third parties. That includes black, white and Hispanic politicians. That includes men and women.
Most people don't trust them at any time, so why all the uproar when they are found to behave unethically this time when they have been doing so for years? And still getting elected.
COMIDA is in bed with the Monroe County GOP. That they would share privileged information with GOP big shits should have been no surprise to anyone.
The porcine Bill Reilich, Grand Diabolarch of the Monroe County GOP,  took a political pot shot at Irondequoit Demagogue Adam Bello, revealing that he was privy to such information about I-Square.
The developers of I-Square took exception to Reilich's rant and threatened a lawsuit.
Justin Roj, County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo's pet gopher, called in COMIDA's attorneys to back up Reilich's statement. It was not the other way around.
DiNolfo, in a couple of lackluster press conferences, tried to dodge the issue by saying a lot of nothing and ignoring questions.
District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced that her office would be conducting an "informal investigation." Doorley, a Republican, is not about to upset the applecart and offend Reilich, so not too much can be expected from that quarter.
Reilich got nervous and ordered DiNolfo to sacrifice her pet gopher by throwing him to the wolves and blaming him for lying.
DiNolfo proceeded to do just that, and demanded Roj's resignation, saying that he lied to her about his involvement in the I-Square flap. Whether he did or didn't lie to her is irrelevant. DiNolfo and Reilich needed a victim to offer to the mob, and it wasn't going to be either of them.
Reilich then found it necessary to shoot off his big fat mouth again. To set the record straight. Which he didn't do. According to him, it was Justin Roj who blabbed the information to him, and he never requested it. He further stated that he thought it was public knowledge about I-Square, so what's all the fuss about? It's a lie. But he'll do anything to keep from roasting on a spit up his ass and an apple in his mouth, which is about the only thing that just might make him socially acceptable.
Had an apple been firmly placed in his mouth on March 18, he would never have been able to take his shot at Bello, and all of this could have been avoided.
But again, I ask, why does everybody find the I-Square flap so unique? It isn't.
One need only remember another Republican scandal from a few years back: ROBUTRAD. None of the big shits involved in that ever got caught and only the small fry were sacrificed to jail sentences, dismissals and fines.
Do Rochesterians really think this will end any differently?
I doubt it.
But it is always amusing to watch big shit politicians sweat it out when they get caught lying too much about things that don't matter. Even if it's only for a moment.
This is just business as usual.

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