Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lulubelle and HillBilly: Two old bags of a feather flocking together.

Octogenarian congresswoman and Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter will be in Rochester today.
She will be participating in a "Hillbilly for President" roundtable at the 1872 Café on West Main Street at 2 PM.
Topics of the meeting will not include Benghazi, e-mails or HillBilly's general dishonesty. That's because Lulubelle supports Hillbilly, lies and all.
They have so much in common. Maybe it's just female solidarity.
Hillbilly won't be here. She's too busy spreading her bullshit across America to stop in Rochester. Yet.
The choice of the 1872 Café as a gathering place for this event is appropriate. It is in what is acclaimed as the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood, where the famed suffragette lived and died.
When arrested for attempting to vote in 1872 ( hence the name of the café ), and asked how she voted, Ms. Anthony answered "Straight Republican."
Maybe these two bitches can learn something from Ms. Anthony after all.
In the meantime, there goes the neighborhood.

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