Friday, March 11, 2016

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio pleads not guilty to DWI.

That was to be expected.
She claims that the state troopers who arrested her never saw her driving the vehicle. That is probably true. The vehicle had four flat tires and extensive front end damage. It wasn't going anywhere at that point.
I doubt that she was walking along the road and just happened to get into the disabled vehicle.
Since Astacio refused to take the breathalyzer test, the preliminary breath screen test registered at more than double the legal limit, .19 %.
The preliminary breath screen test is not admissible in court.
Astacio also claimed to have suffered some sort of brain injury during a pregnancy, which is why she couldn't take the roadside sobriety test. Which is bullshit. It doesn't prevent her from undergoing grueling hour long full body workouts. Not that anyone could notice.
Women who demand equality with men usually fall back on feminine complaints in order to get special treatment when they're in trouble. Pregnancy and complications arising therefrom are always sure fire winners in that respect.
And shouldn't we all be worried about a judge whose brain injury has produced both serious flaws in judgment and the appearance of intoxication?
The arresting officers recounted that Astacio told them to mind their own fucking business, that they were fucking ruining her life, that she would never do this to them, that this was not part of their fucking job and other choice tidbits. Statements made by a pampered, spoiled woman who was not getting her way and was certainly unconcerned with justice.
Those statements, too, are recounted in the D&C.
It is clear that Astacio didn't trust the police.
She'll be heading back to court on April 25.
Her attorney claimed that Astacio's arrest didn't occur "like normal arrests occur."
That's true enough. Astacio is a public official, and should have expected to be held to a higher standard. That is what has provoked interest in her case. It is also why the arresting officers were so careful to report everything she said and did during her arrest. They knew they were dealing with a city court judge.
Ed Fiandach, her attorney, is rather a hypocrite. He didn't really want Astacio to be treated "normally."
Neither did Astacio. She wanted to be treated as special and the officers to let her go because she is an elected Hispanic official with tits.
But where could she go with four flat tires?
You can read the entire story in Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C. It is hilarious.
If convicted, Astacio faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. But don't hold your breath for that eventuality.
According to David Andreatta's article in the D&C ( "Judge Astacio isn't going anywhere" ), it is unlikely that she will receive anything more serious than a knuckle rapping.
Dismal but true.
Ain't justice for all grand?
Nobody seems to know how the front end of her vehicle got extensively damaged, or how all four tires got flat.
Maybe Fiandach knows?

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