Saturday, June 27, 2015

Same sex marriage is now legal throughout the United States.

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court voted 5 - 4 to determine that marriage was a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.
It meant that same sex marriages could not be infringed upon by any of the fifty states.
Apart from celebrations by the gay community, nothing else happened.
Even Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, gave this historic decision only perfunctory coverage.
To the dismay of the god-loving faith community, there were no disasters of a biblical nature to punish America for its wickedness.resulting from the Supreme Court's decision.
It didn't happen in those nations where same-sex marriage is already legal. It won't happen here, either.
Some hypocritical, god-loving ministers threatened to immolate themselves if the Supreme Court legalized equal marriage.
That threat didn't work. And we aren't smelling any smoke.
I am willing to give them the matches and lighter fluid to make good their threats. That way, those assholes can keep their word.
But they won't, because they are liars.
The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, but it can't legislate against ignorance, stupidity and bigotry.
That is what has given the god-loving faith community its hold over their flocks for millennia.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another departure from Mayor Warren's senior staff.

Mayor Warren's administration is only eighteen months old.
In the last nine months, three of her senior staffers have left city government.
They were all appointed by the mayor.
The first to go was her public relations spin control doctor and communications czarina Christine Christopher. Christopher was unceremoniously kicked out last October. Her own explanations about being shit canned were unsatisfactory, vague and puzzling. That tendency might have been one of the reasons the mayor dumped her.
The primary reason is that Christopher was incapable of pulling the mayor's foot out of her mouth after her frequent lapses in judgment. Nor was she well loved by other senior staff members, which did not work to her advantage, either.
Christopher has now retreated into comfortable obscurity. Or oblivion.
Christopher was replaced by an outsider, James Smith. His claim to fame is that he beat the rap for his involvement in the Robutrad scandal a few years ago.
Delmonize Smith, Commissioner of Neighborhoods and Business Development, resigned in February before it became too obvious that he was incompetent. The job was too much for him. Smith accomplished nothing other than collecting his paycheck and padding his resume to find an equally lucrative position elsewhere.
Smith would probably do well as an underwear model.
He was replaced by, you got it, another outsider, Baye Muhammad. Muhammad is not local to Monroe County or Rochester. He knows nothing about this city or its problems. It will probably take a long time to train him for the job he's been appointed to, if he stays the course.
Unlike Smith.
It was announced yesterday that the city's corporate counsel, T. ( whatever the Hell that stands for ) Andrew Brown, would be leaving to return to private practice.
Brown's appointment was controversial because his law firm handled cases against the City of Rochester, and he wouldn't abandon his law firm when appointed as corporate counsel.
That is conflict of interest.
Brown will now actively return to that same law firm! He can take what he learned about the city's legal department to use to his firm's advantage.
This time, the mayor chose someone already in the city's law department to replace Brown: Brian Curran, Brown's old deputy. Curran will be able to move into the top position with little training time.
That makes sense, unlike her other replacements.
Or even her original appointments.
I suggest that the mayor's choice of her senior staffers has been seriously flawed.
Who's the next to go, Deputy Mayor Redon? He hasn't been visible much in the last year, since his arrest for DWI.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Gantt-Warren faction have chosen their candidate for the north west city council race.

Her name is Lashana Boose.
Apart from the fact that she is a black woman who resides in Rochester's north west district, nobody knows anything about her.
She is the candidate the Gantt-Warren faction have pitted against Molly Clifford. They are counting on her sex and the color of her skin alone to win outgoing city councilmember Carla Palumbo's seat.
Scott Gaddy, one of Gantt's numerous "children"  and leader of the PAC ( political action committee ) that got Warren elected, entertained the possibility of running other candidates for that seat, including Republican county legislator Tony Micciche.
That would not have made the Gantt-Warren faction popular with other Democrats.
Micciche is a piss-poor choice for any elected office, anyway.
Another potential candidate was Mayor Warren's own executive staff member, Andreas Rau.
Rau never said he would run, but as a long standing neighborhood advocate for the north west, he seemed to be the most logical candidate.
Perhaps he was bought off with the promise of a pay-raise. They need him at City Hall as window dressing, the only white male among the mayor's intimate staff members.
So Boose was chosen to run. The others were simply too white for Gantt's taste
Boose is merely a cypher, a tool of the Gantt-Warren faction to prolong the racial split among Rochester's Democratic committees.
She is no match for Clifford, an old pro in evil political practices.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

You can't stop people who want to hurt people from hurting people.

That's right.
The latest rash of shootings this weekend reinforce that statement.
The mayor, the chief of police and the ministers can't stop it because they can't change the basic nature of those creeps.
That's because they are psychos. Their consciences never developed.
While they are too stupid to understand Newtonian Physics and the theory of cause and effect, they are street smart enough to know that the courts won't do too much to stop them, either.
If they get caught, and that's a big if.
Courts depend on plea bargaining to clear cases of crime, otherwise the whole system would shut down.
The myth of mandatory jail sentences for people who commit crimes with guns seems to have vanished into thin air because of this.
That might have locked up the bastards for a good long time behind bars had it ever been put into practice.
We can't stop human predators from preying upon other people. We can't change their warped personalities.
We euthanize vicious animals that have gotten loose and endanger human beings.
We can't do that to these vicious creeps only because they are human.
What can we do?
We could put them out of society's way.
Why waste our time, effort and money to change the unchangeable? Let's just lock them up.
This the pseudo-liberal officials who run our governments and courts are unwilling to do.
So we can expect more shootings and deaths.

Monday, June 8, 2015

The deafening silence of the faith community in the wake of recent violence.

Rochester's faith community is largely unconcerned about the latest incidents of violence and murder in our city.
They are generally unconcerned with violent death if it is the minority on minority or black on black variety.
Two of Rochester's most notable and notorious newshogs in the faith community, Sister Grace Miller and Reverend Lewis Stewart, haven't bothered to hold press conferences about the recent stabbings, shootings and deaths.
This might seem odd, because both are always delighted to stir up trouble in front of the television news cameras.
But then, Miller is only concerned with playing off City Hall and the county against each other on the subject of the homeless.
Rochester's latest victims of violence weren't homeless, so what does she care?
As for Stewart, he's only interested in incidents that can be manipulated to look like racism.
That is not the case here, hence his silence.
It is a pity, because they both put on a good show for the cameras, and Stewart is always well dressed and well groomed.
What can be deduced from this is that Miller and Stewart don't believe that all lives matter. Only some, and only those who serve their purposes.
Just like most of the faith community.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thumbs up, David Andreatta.

Rochester's local liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, has a weekly "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" column.
Anything that even hints of liberal bullshit or insincere "mea culpas" to the black community will get a "Thumbs Up."
Correspondingly, anything that attempts to haul a crooked black politician onto the carpet will get a "Thumbs Down." If the D&C would mention it at all. It would be too inflammatory. It would not be in keeping with the pseudo liberal agenda they wish to promote.
Until now.
D&C columnist David Andreatta wittily exposed the tax dodging antics of State Assemblyman David Gantt in his column yesterday.
It is indeed worth reading.
Gantt owned a dilapidated house on Central Avenue. In the ghetto, a place filled with abandoned houses that are both eyesores and dangerous.
Rather than fix it up, he allowed it to deteriorate. Then he refused to pay the taxes on it, so the city had to take it. And now the city has to demolish it. Courtesy of the taxpayers.
Gantt whined that he paid the taxes on his other property. Since Gantt can shed crocodile tears at the drop of a hat, I am curious to know if he turned on the waterworks when confronted by his latest scam.
Most of us who live in Rochester are disgusted with slumlords. Especially the black community.
Yet the black community has not complained about David Gantt's slum property because he is one of their own and he is a celebrity. Gantt is the surrogate father figure, mentor and political boss of Mayor Warren: the power behind the drone.
He is also one of Rochester's most divisive political personalities, Molly Clifford being another.
It is fortunate that the two of them never mated.
Had Gantt been white, the black community would have complained about him a long time ago.
That's the ugly truth of the matter.
It's not politically correct to say so.
Mr. Andreatta suggested that when Gantt's property is demolished, it should be turned into a neighborhood "parkette" and named after Gantt.
A trash strewn empty lot in the middle of the ghetto would be a fitting tribute to David Gantt.
And "Thumbs Up" to David Andreatta for having the balls to write this story and film the video.
It takes balls of steel to tackle both Gantt and the D&C's editorial staff.

The family that preys together, stays together. In prison.

The sixteen year old Mojena twins, Juan and Darvis, killed sixteen year old Trenton Nelson this week.
They tracked him down, chased him, beat him and stabbed him.
Nelson died four hours later.
The Mojena twins were arraigned on Thursday.
They will be convicted of something or other.  Plea bargains are as common as pig tracks in our court system and nobody knows exactly what they will be convicted of or tried for.
All that's certain is that two sixteen year old punks are responsible for the death of another sixteen year old boy.
Perhaps the court system will be kind to them, and allow them to share the same prison cell, preserving their family unit and their uniqueness as twins.
The murder occurred on Rochester's northeast side, which is one of the areas of town that is no stranger to crime, violence and death.
The fact that the two murderers are twins is the only reason it has achieved a modicum of interest in the media.
There has been no official word from Mike Patterson, the city councilman for that quadrant, about this crime in his constituency. That fat slob rarely has anything to say about his district.
There has been no official word from City Hall. They're still reeling from the Taser death of a black man at the hands of the police to be concerned about such a trivial matter.
The black ministers who dominate Mayor Warren's administration haven't said anything, either.
Why would they?
They are only concerned about incidents occurring between the black community and the police force.
Then they shoot off their big mouths and scream racism. And pose for the cameras.
They are unconcerned about crime, violence and death in general.
They are all hypocrites.
So much for "Clergy on Patrol" and "Operation Transformation," which the city's public relations office has been touting as a success.