Sunday, June 14, 2015

You can't stop people who want to hurt people from hurting people.

That's right.
The latest rash of shootings this weekend reinforce that statement.
The mayor, the chief of police and the ministers can't stop it because they can't change the basic nature of those creeps.
That's because they are psychos. Their consciences never developed.
While they are too stupid to understand Newtonian Physics and the theory of cause and effect, they are street smart enough to know that the courts won't do too much to stop them, either.
If they get caught, and that's a big if.
Courts depend on plea bargaining to clear cases of crime, otherwise the whole system would shut down.
The myth of mandatory jail sentences for people who commit crimes with guns seems to have vanished into thin air because of this.
That might have locked up the bastards for a good long time behind bars had it ever been put into practice.
We can't stop human predators from preying upon other people. We can't change their warped personalities.
We euthanize vicious animals that have gotten loose and endanger human beings.
We can't do that to these vicious creeps only because they are human.
What can we do?
We could put them out of society's way.
Why waste our time, effort and money to change the unchangeable? Let's just lock them up.
This the pseudo-liberal officials who run our governments and courts are unwilling to do.
So we can expect more shootings and deaths.

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