Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another departure from Mayor Warren's senior staff.

Mayor Warren's administration is only eighteen months old.
In the last nine months, three of her senior staffers have left city government.
They were all appointed by the mayor.
The first to go was her public relations spin control doctor and communications czarina Christine Christopher. Christopher was unceremoniously kicked out last October. Her own explanations about being shit canned were unsatisfactory, vague and puzzling. That tendency might have been one of the reasons the mayor dumped her.
The primary reason is that Christopher was incapable of pulling the mayor's foot out of her mouth after her frequent lapses in judgment. Nor was she well loved by other senior staff members, which did not work to her advantage, either.
Christopher has now retreated into comfortable obscurity. Or oblivion.
Christopher was replaced by an outsider, James Smith. His claim to fame is that he beat the rap for his involvement in the Robutrad scandal a few years ago.
Delmonize Smith, Commissioner of Neighborhoods and Business Development, resigned in February before it became too obvious that he was incompetent. The job was too much for him. Smith accomplished nothing other than collecting his paycheck and padding his resume to find an equally lucrative position elsewhere.
Smith would probably do well as an underwear model.
He was replaced by, you got it, another outsider, Baye Muhammad. Muhammad is not local to Monroe County or Rochester. He knows nothing about this city or its problems. It will probably take a long time to train him for the job he's been appointed to, if he stays the course.
Unlike Smith.
It was announced yesterday that the city's corporate counsel, T. ( whatever the Hell that stands for ) Andrew Brown, would be leaving to return to private practice.
Brown's appointment was controversial because his law firm handled cases against the City of Rochester, and he wouldn't abandon his law firm when appointed as corporate counsel.
That is conflict of interest.
Brown will now actively return to that same law firm! He can take what he learned about the city's legal department to use to his firm's advantage.
This time, the mayor chose someone already in the city's law department to replace Brown: Brian Curran, Brown's old deputy. Curran will be able to move into the top position with little training time.
That makes sense, unlike her other replacements.
Or even her original appointments.
I suggest that the mayor's choice of her senior staffers has been seriously flawed.
Who's the next to go, Deputy Mayor Redon? He hasn't been visible much in the last year, since his arrest for DWI.

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