Monday, June 8, 2015

The deafening silence of the faith community in the wake of recent violence.

Rochester's faith community is largely unconcerned about the latest incidents of violence and murder in our city.
They are generally unconcerned with violent death if it is the minority on minority or black on black variety.
Two of Rochester's most notable and notorious newshogs in the faith community, Sister Grace Miller and Reverend Lewis Stewart, haven't bothered to hold press conferences about the recent stabbings, shootings and deaths.
This might seem odd, because both are always delighted to stir up trouble in front of the television news cameras.
But then, Miller is only concerned with playing off City Hall and the county against each other on the subject of the homeless.
Rochester's latest victims of violence weren't homeless, so what does she care?
As for Stewart, he's only interested in incidents that can be manipulated to look like racism.
That is not the case here, hence his silence.
It is a pity, because they both put on a good show for the cameras, and Stewart is always well dressed and well groomed.
What can be deduced from this is that Miller and Stewart don't believe that all lives matter. Only some, and only those who serve their purposes.
Just like most of the faith community.

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