Friday, June 19, 2015

The Gantt-Warren faction have chosen their candidate for the north west city council race.

Her name is Lashana Boose.
Apart from the fact that she is a black woman who resides in Rochester's north west district, nobody knows anything about her.
She is the candidate the Gantt-Warren faction have pitted against Molly Clifford. They are counting on her sex and the color of her skin alone to win outgoing city councilmember Carla Palumbo's seat.
Scott Gaddy, one of Gantt's numerous "children"  and leader of the PAC ( political action committee ) that got Warren elected, entertained the possibility of running other candidates for that seat, including Republican county legislator Tony Micciche.
That would not have made the Gantt-Warren faction popular with other Democrats.
Micciche is a piss-poor choice for any elected office, anyway.
Another potential candidate was Mayor Warren's own executive staff member, Andreas Rau.
Rau never said he would run, but as a long standing neighborhood advocate for the north west, he seemed to be the most logical candidate.
Perhaps he was bought off with the promise of a pay-raise. They need him at City Hall as window dressing, the only white male among the mayor's intimate staff members.
So Boose was chosen to run. The others were simply too white for Gantt's taste
Boose is merely a cypher, a tool of the Gantt-Warren faction to prolong the racial split among Rochester's Democratic committees.
She is no match for Clifford, an old pro in evil political practices.

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