Saturday, June 6, 2015

The family that preys together, stays together. In prison.

The sixteen year old Mojena twins, Juan and Darvis, killed sixteen year old Trenton Nelson this week.
They tracked him down, chased him, beat him and stabbed him.
Nelson died four hours later.
The Mojena twins were arraigned on Thursday.
They will be convicted of something or other.  Plea bargains are as common as pig tracks in our court system and nobody knows exactly what they will be convicted of or tried for.
All that's certain is that two sixteen year old punks are responsible for the death of another sixteen year old boy.
Perhaps the court system will be kind to them, and allow them to share the same prison cell, preserving their family unit and their uniqueness as twins.
The murder occurred on Rochester's northeast side, which is one of the areas of town that is no stranger to crime, violence and death.
The fact that the two murderers are twins is the only reason it has achieved a modicum of interest in the media.
There has been no official word from Mike Patterson, the city councilman for that quadrant, about this crime in his constituency. That fat slob rarely has anything to say about his district.
There has been no official word from City Hall. They're still reeling from the Taser death of a black man at the hands of the police to be concerned about such a trivial matter.
The black ministers who dominate Mayor Warren's administration haven't said anything, either.
Why would they?
They are only concerned about incidents occurring between the black community and the police force.
Then they shoot off their big mouths and scream racism. And pose for the cameras.
They are unconcerned about crime, violence and death in general.
They are all hypocrites.
So much for "Clergy on Patrol" and "Operation Transformation," which the city's public relations office has been touting as a success.

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