Saturday, June 27, 2015

Same sex marriage is now legal throughout the United States.

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court voted 5 - 4 to determine that marriage was a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.
It meant that same sex marriages could not be infringed upon by any of the fifty states.
Apart from celebrations by the gay community, nothing else happened.
Even Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, gave this historic decision only perfunctory coverage.
To the dismay of the god-loving faith community, there were no disasters of a biblical nature to punish America for its wickedness.resulting from the Supreme Court's decision.
It didn't happen in those nations where same-sex marriage is already legal. It won't happen here, either.
Some hypocritical, god-loving ministers threatened to immolate themselves if the Supreme Court legalized equal marriage.
That threat didn't work. And we aren't smelling any smoke.
I am willing to give them the matches and lighter fluid to make good their threats. That way, those assholes can keep their word.
But they won't, because they are liars.
The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, but it can't legislate against ignorance, stupidity and bigotry.
That is what has given the god-loving faith community its hold over their flocks for millennia.


  1. Can you provide citations to these promises of self-immolation?

    So, all religion is evil and all religious people are ignorant, stupid, and bigots. Nobody can disagree with you without being ignorant, stupid and bigoted. Good to know.

    Also, nobody argued that the world would end the moment the Supreme Court invented a new right in the Constitution. There were no claims that a sudden flood would occur or anything like that.

    As always, straw-men are very easy to defeat in a debate. Actually arguing against things people actually say and argue - that is much harder to do. Which is why some people refuse to do it - instead arguing with the shadows of their fevered imagination.