Thursday, July 9, 2015

The poor to pay for the pleasures of the rich.

Rochester is one of the poorest cities in America for its size.
So, to combat poverty, Rochester will be hiring consultants to the tune of $211,000 ( plus change ) to study the feasibility of building a Broadway style theater downtown.
The city got a state grant for $100,000 for this purpose.
Rochester, and that means you and me, will cover the rest.
Plans for such a theater has been on the table for years. The stumbling block has always been the cost.
Its chief proponent is the Rochester Broadway Theater League, led by local millionaire Arnold Rothschild. They argue that a theater of this nature is a necessity.
For what? For whom?
For them, definitely.
The solution is clear: They want it, they need it, they can pay for building it themselves.
But the neat, well-heeled elite who meet to eat overpriced meat at 2Vine have no intention of paying for it themselves. They want your tax dollars to do it so that they can better enjoy their lifestyles of the rich and not so famous at no cost to themselves.
Mr. Rothschild, it might be recalled, was a heavy contributor to Mayor Warren's election campaign.
Ms. Warren has been scrupulous about paying her debts to her rich supporters, so she has already asked for $100 million dollars from Governor Cuomo for the purpose of building an entertainment center downtown.
She was turned down. So now we are going to have a feasibility study about such a theater to convince the government to pay for it.
Perhaps the Mayor can also convince the government to pay for their polo ponies.
What a way to fight poverty.

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