Sunday, July 19, 2015

The piss-poor political propaganda of LaShana Boose.

When I left the Republican party three years ago, I registered as a "blank." I chose to remain unaffiliated with any political party because the two major parties are both as corrupt as Hell, and because of the less than welcoming behavior of the Northwest Democrats to former Republicans.
The lesser political parties are filled with kooks. Well meaning kooks, sometimes, but kooks nonetheless.
My husband remains registered as a Democrat, which entitles us to receive political propaganda from Democratic bullshit artists seeking election to public office.
Yesterday, stuffed into our door jam, we found just such propaganda from LaShana Boose.
Ms. Boose is running for the northwest city council seat being vacated by Carla Palumbo.
One side of this political blurb features a very nice photo of Ms. Boose. Underneath it states that she is "connected to the community."
She is no such thing. Nobody ever heard of her before.
The only connection Ms. Boose has is to the Gantt-Warren faction of the Democratic party. She worked on Ms. Warren's election campaign. This is to be Ms. Boose's reward.
The Gantt-Warren faction needed a black female to run as a foil against the notorious Molly Clifford for Palumbo's city council seat. Those are her only qualifications, race and sex, and the Gantt-Warren faction chose to ignore better potential candidates for those reasons alone.
And so there will be a primary election for the Democratic nod.
On the flip side of the card, Ms. Boose makes trite statements about being a working mother and her concerns for the northwest district, something she has never been publicly concerned about before.
It's sentimental claptrap, and hardly enough to justify voting for her in the primary. It's just plain stupid.
It is similar to the rhetorical garbage offered by Molly Clifford's candidate for LD 26, Yversha Roman.
Roman has no connection to the community, either.
She is running solely on the fact that she is a Democrat, and party affiliation alone is a pretty stupid reason to vote for a candidate.
It usually works because most voters are stupid.
It is on the pillars of stupidity, party affiliation and race that both the Morelle-Clifford and Gantt-Warren factions are counting.

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