Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rochester's City Council wusses out.

Mayor Warren got the money for a feasibility study for a Broadway style theater after all.
Last night, City Council voted 7 - 1 to approve $30,000 for the study.
The only dissenter was Carolee Conklin, the only man on City Council.
She claimed that it was obvious that the mayor planned to put a theater in downtown no matter what. The only question is where.
Why else would Rochester millionaire Arnie Rothschild commit nearly $60,000 of RBTL funds to this study?
The county will supposedly hand over another $30,000.
The state will be contributing $100,000.
The feasibility study will be conducted by an out of state agency, which will come back and say it will work.
That's why the mayor didn't want her Neighborhood and Business Development Department to conduct the study. She feared that the new commissioner, Baye Muhammad, might be too honest in his investigation.
Or maybe not.
After all, she picked him.

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