Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dave Garretson couldn't hack it as MCDC chairman.

Well meaning oaf Dave Garretson threw in the towel today as MCDC chairman, less than ten months after being elected to the position.
I have stated before that he was ill suited for the position, that he had neither the strength nor imagination to heal the severe fractures within his party: the fratricidal war in Rochester between the Morelle-Clifford faction and the Gantt-Warren clique.
They are still merrily slicing away at each other, to the amusement of the Monroe County GOP.
Garretson's tenure merely made the county Republicans look stronger, and himself look ridiculous.
Nor was Garretson any good at raising funds for the party, or finding decent candidates to run against Republicans this year.
Really, Dave. Choosing two time loser Dick Bebe to run against Fred Ancello again?
His excuse for leaving was family illness rather than abject failure on his part.
Now, everything is undone again, leaving the door open for Molly Clifford's boy toy, Ken Warner, to reactivate his campaign for MCDC chair. Warner stood down last year when it became obvious that their notoriety was more than most Democrats would stand.
They are good at reactivating campaigns, just like with Tom Richards.
It will provide a real circus for Rochesterians of all political stripes to watch over the next few months, complete with shits and giggles.

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