Friday, July 31, 2015

The MCDC: And a stupid little girl shall lead them.

On Wednesday night, Jamie Romeo was elected as the MCDC's new chairman.
It was poorly attended; the ghetto oriented Gantt-Warren faction of the Democrats didn't even bother to show up.
That faction already proved that they and their candidates can be successful without the party chairperson's blessing. They don't have any use for the party chairperson, at least not within the ghetto.
That is an ominous sign.
She is being touted as the youngest chairman in recent years, and only the second female since the notorious Molly Clifford held that office for a few minutes in 2003-2005.
Her opening statements should also qualify her as being one of the stupidest.
Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, quoted her as saying “The road ahead may be difficult, but we’re Democrats. We don’t shy away from tough fights. We organize, we unite and we win.”
The D&C's own staff writer, David Andreatta, did a very nice job describing how incorrect that statement was.
You might want to check out Andreatta's summary in the D&C: "Chaos is the Democrats' fatal flaw."
In very polite terms, he was saying that Romeo doesn't know what in Hell she is talking about.
At thirty, Romeo is too old to be an innocent. Or a novice.
On the other hand, liars and fools come in all ages and sexes.
Judging by her statement, she chose to ignore the bitter truth about her badly splintered party.
Romeo is not the person to raise massive funds for her party. She will be incapable of bridging the chasm between the Morelle-Clifford clique and the Gantt-Warren faction.
Nobody can.
And she won't last long either, unless nobody else wants her position.
Nobody else wanted it this time.

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