Thursday, August 6, 2015

Re-enter Scott Gaddy.

Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Demogogue and Comicon, has reported that Scott Gaddy is looking to establish residence in Rochester.
Gaddy, it may be recalled, was the leader of the PAC ( Political Action Committee ) that got Lovely Warren elected mayor.
Their connection runs deeper than that.
Both regard themselves as "children" of Assemblyman David Gantt. Gaddy was once Gantt's aide in Albany, and his wife is an old law school chum of Mayor Warren's.
On becoming mayor, Warren promptly hired Gaddy's firm to shill for Rochester in Albany.
Gaddy claims that he is no longer connected to that company.
Gaddy also claims that he isn't moving to Rochester to seek elected office.
This, of course, is bullshit.
For right now, he doesn't meet residency requirements to run for anything local.
But what about next year?
Many people are concerned about the Gantt succession.
Gantt is merely mortal, and won't live forever.
Plenty of aspiring black politicians are hoping to step into Gantt's shoes when he finally gives up the ghost.
Who better than his own "son?"
In the meantime, the mayor can always create a high paying job for her "brother" in her administration to tide him over until that eventuality occurs.
I wonder what job she'll give him or create for him.

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