Saturday, August 29, 2015

Who in Hell are Ricky Frazier and Bobbi Mitchell?

The Gantt-Warren faction is playing the race card in the upcoming primary election.
It is their usual gambit.
I have already described the campaign of their protégé, LaShana Boose. The Gantt-Warren faction is running her against their deadly political enemy, the notorious Molly Clifford.
The unknown and uninvolved Boose has no selling points whatsoever other than the color of her skin.
In LD 28, the Gantt-Warren faction is running another unknown, Ricky Frazier, against incumbent Cindy Kaleh for her seat in the county legislature.
They seek to punish Kaleh for two reasons: first, because she is white; second, because she is a charter member of their deadly enemies, the Morelle-Clifford clique.
But who in Hell is Ricky Frazier?
Beats me. I've never heard of him before. I have been told that he is a minister, which supposedly makes him prominent in the black community. That counts for little, if anything, in the white or Asian communities in that district.
His political propaganda is just as piss-poor as Boose's. It tells us nothing about him, although it does include a website and a phone number, unlike Boose's, which has nothing.
Frazier's political blurb features a very nice photo of himself, with the statement "It's time to uplift the community" underneath. It doesn't say how he will do it The flip side lists emergency phone numbers for city and county offices. There is no mention of accomplishments or involvement in LD 28. There is no biography. Perhaps it is because there is nothing about him worth mentioning.
Just like with LaShana Boose and Bobbi Mitchell.
In LD 21, the Morelle-Clifford clique is pitting Carla Palumbo's employee, Mark Muoio, against the Gantt-Warren faction's stooge, Bobbi Mitchell.
Nobody, not even the media, has come up with anything approaching even basic information about Mitchell or her campaign other than the fact she is black. The Gantt-Warren faction believes that this is enough to propel her and their other clients to victory in the primary election. They expect blacks to vote for their candidates only because they, too, are black. Never mind the fact that they have nothing to say about anything, or have never done anything. That's what the race card is all about.
It is a perversion of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, where he spoke of a day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin.

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  1. By the way, Bobbi Mitchell is the daughter of Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, who won his primary against Leslie Rivera for county legislature. Daddy's district has a black majority, but his daughter's is a mixed racial bag where the race card didn't work because blacks are not in the majority in LD 21.
    The Gantt-Warren faction are still mired in playing that card even in districts where it won't apply.