Sunday, August 30, 2015

We should eliminate the school board.

I haven't made any comments about the candidates running for Rochester's school board in the upcoming Demagogic primary. Only people registered as Demagogues can vote in that.
I feel that it would be unnecessary to debate the merits of the candidates, whether they be newbies or incumbent assholes. The policies of the school board have made Rochester's schools the worst in the state and among the worst in the nation.
That has been going on for 40 years. It is not going to get better by re-electing the same assholes who put it into that shape or by electing newbies who will soon become just as lazy and unconcerned as their predecessors. Some of them hope to use their positions on the school board as a springboard to higher elected offices in the future, like Van White and Jose Cruz have already tried to do.
They are merely killing time there until such an opportunity arises. It shows.
What we have has been a failure and is still a failure. There isn't much hope for change in the future, no matter who the brainless voters choose to put there. It is a choice between several Tweedledees and Tweedledums.
We should abolish the school board. And get rid of the current superintendent of schools.
While I am reluctant to put our schools into the claws of Mayor Warren and her gang, having the mayor in control could not produce any results worse than what we already have.
Rochester has spent too much time and money trying to fix something that is completely broken and irreparable.
And that is another definition of stupid.

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