Thursday, September 3, 2015

Does LaShana Boose exist?

Last night, the Maplewood Neighborhood Association hosted a candidates' forum for the wannabees running for the northeast district's city council seat.
It would be the final chance for voters to grill the candidates before the primary election.
The cafeteria at Aquinas High School was packed with spectators.
Four of the five candidates appeared.
The only no show was LaShana Boose, the Gantt-Warren faction's foil against the notorious Molly Clifford in the Demagogic primary.
Bill Collins, president of the MNA, informed the audience that Boose declined to attend.
That should have been no surprise. Nobody has seen her or heard her since her candidacy had been announced in June.
Come to think of it, nobody ever saw her or heard of her before, either. Even in Maplewood, where she is supposed to reside.
Perhaps Boose was too frightened to appear. Perhaps she and her handlers know that she is incapable of answering the hard questions voters would put to her; that she would be revealed to be nothing more than a puppet of the Gantt-Warren faction, with no connection to anything in the northwest; that she is a simpering idiot.
Her absence last night was a serious blunder. Most voters won't support a candidate that they have never seen or heard before.
But Boose's handlers think they have a sound strategy. They expect the black voters to support her only because she is black. That she is an idiot will not be taken into account then.
But does LaShana Boose even exist? Is she merely a figment of the Gantt-Warren faction's imagination? Are they playing a joke on the voters of the northwest district? Do they think playing the race card will work in an area where blacks are not in the majority?
Who knows?
What is clear is that Lovely Warren's ego is getting the better of her and David Gantt is certainly in his dotage.
This primary, just a week away, should be lots of laughs.

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