Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There are two Demagogic parties in Rochester.

Demagogic candidate for Monroe County Executive Sandra Frankel lunched with Rochester mayor Lovely Warren yesterday.
Ms. Frankel was seeking Mayor Warren's public support for her lackluster campaign against Republican Cheryl DiNolfo.
If Ms. Frankel was counting on Demagogic loyalty to get Mayor Warren's endorsement, she was sadly mistaken. Mayor Warren was reported as saying that she didn't want to put Rochester into the middle of this race. She also said that could work well with either DiNolfo or Frankel as County Executive.
This was bullshit.
I have already written why the mayor has ignored Frankel's campaign. As it now stands, Mayor Warren is the top ranking Demagogue in Monroe County. Any Demagogic County Executive would outrank her. That is something Mayor Warren's over inflated ego could not endure.
As for counting on Demagogic loyalty, Ms. Frankel seems blissfully unaware of the fact that there are two Demagogic Parties in Rochester. Mayor Warren belongs to one, and Ms. Frankel to the other.
Even the current chairperson of the MCDC, Jamie Romeo, refuses to concede this fact. Romeo is living in a fool's paradise wearing rose colored glasses. She is clearly incapable of bridging the chasm that exists between the two parties. Nobody with even half a brain could or even would dare to try. She prefers to believe that there is still only one Demagogic party over which she has authority.
The Black Demagogues are headed by none other than David Gantt and the mayor herself. Their focus is the ghetto, where their word is law. It does not extend beyond it, though they have tried to expand their authority into other districts of the city and failed. Conversely, they do not respect the authority of the MCDC over them. Why should they? They have succeeded without it.
The Establishment Demagogues, led by Joe Morelle and the notorious Molly Clifford, have a distinctly white elitist membership. They see themselves as the natural leaders of the party within the City of Rochester, never mind the fact that they will burn the rule book when it suits their purposes, especially in regards to the Gantt-Warren faction. The MCDC is slightly more useful to them, and then only at the county level, since the battle lines have been drawn along racial lines in the city.
The Demagogic primary election in 2013 finalized the divorce between the two parties. Ms. Warren won the primary. Clifford continued to run Tom Richards on the Independent line. Morelle, then chairman of the MCDC, refused to help finance Ms. Warren's campaign as he should have done.
Ms. Warren won, and has been fundraising separately from the Establishment Demagogues ever since, much to their displeasure. Mayor Warren owes them nothing.
Paybacks are a bitch.
The Establishment Demagogues owe Mayor Warren nothing, either. This will be made patently clear in 2017 when she runs for reelection.
This is the background into which Ms. Frankel thrust herself, begging for Mayor Warren's support. She didn't get it because she is too white, too suburban, too na├»ve and not apologetic enough to suit Mayor Warren. And because she wasn't a charter member of the David Gantt fan club.

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