Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boose loses. Again.

New York State Supreme Court Justice John Van Ark rang the curtain down on LaShana Boose's campaign farce today.
According to Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, Van Ark dismissed Boose's bid to challenge the outcome of the primary election on September 10.
Boose's handlers claimed that she "never received a required notice about a routine audit of 3 percent of the voting machines used in the election, and she argued that there were discrepancies in the vote totals announced by the Board of Elections."
Of course, this was bullshit.
I mentioned the so-called discrepancies in a previous blog. Boose and her handlers are even stupider than I thought possible to make that statement.
As for not receiving the "required notice," the D&C states "Ark focused largely on whether the Board of Elections sent the proper notice to Boose. Rob Yauman, an attorney for the Monroe County law department, said the board showed that in August, it mailed the notice required by state law to the address that Boose used to register to vote and in her nominating petitions to get on the ballot."
If Boose didn't receive that notice, it suggests that she doesn't live at that address. Which does a lot to explain why nobody ever heard of her before in Maplewood.
Where does she live, really?
Boose's campaign was a fraud from start to finish.
Van Ark threw out the Gantt-Warren faction's challenge. Who knows what their next desperate move will be? The New York State Court of Appeals?
Election Commissioner Tom Ferrarese called the Gantt-Warren faction's petition "political grandstanding." In plain English, the behavior of spoiled brats not getting their way.
Boose left without speaking to the reporter.  She was true to form. Nobody ever heard her speak to anyone before. Perhaps she is incapable of cognitive speech. Which also does a lot to explain why the Gantt-Warren faction kept her out of the public eye during her, or rather their campaign.
They didn't rehearse her well enough to speak in public on the subject of her case being dismissed. They would have done better with a parakeet.
The Gantt-Warren faction only wanted to get a mindless fool elected to this particular city council seat to forestall the notorious Molly Clifford from challenging the mayor in 2017.
They got the kind of candidate they wanted and failed.
They didn't get their puppet elected. They chose to humiliate themselves and her further in this manner. They chose to piss off other Demagogues. They were entertainment for people not committed to either faction of the Demagogic Party and the Republicans.
Clifford won, leaving the road clear for she and her faction to challenge the mayor in 2017.
Between the two evils, the mindless LaShana Boose and the notorious Molly Clifford, most Demagogues chose not to vote at all.
That should be a warning to both Clifford and Warren in 2017.
But this primary and its aftermath were fun, weren't they?

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