Saturday, September 12, 2015

The reason for the piss poor turnout in Rochester's primary.

Rochester's turnout for Thursday's Demagogic primary sucked. It was the worst in years.
The reason is simple enough: the majority of registered Demagogues have no reason to care which faction's candidates get the party's nod. None of the victors are going to change anything, despite their campaign propaganda.
The Morelle-Clifford clique is hampered by feigned political correctness. The Gantt-Warren faction is hidebound by black racism.
Neither side was concerned with running suitable candidates for election, merely those who have kissed enough asses and paid their dues where the leaders of the two factions are concerned.
In the end, the campaigns became popularity contests between candidates who aren't connected to anything in the community. Their goal was to embarrass the other side's leaders and to promote their own, not to be of service to the community at large.
The choices were between the undesirable and the unpalatable.
That's why people stayed away from the polls.
They couldn't swallow all of this meaningless bullshit.

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