Sunday, September 6, 2015

The reason Lovely Warren won't support Sandra Frankel's bid for County Executive.

We were hanging out with our biker buddies this afternoon at the Woodshed.
The topic of conversation turned to political matters, like the race for County Executive.
Mayor Warren hasn't come out in support of fellow Demagogue Sandra Frankel's campaign against Republican Cheryl DiNolfo.
In fact, Mayor Warren and her faction have studiously ignored this campaign.
That's curious, right?
We came to the conclusion that since Lovely Warren, as Mayor of Rochester, is currently the highest ranking elected Demagogue in the area, Sandra Frankel as County Executive would outrank her in the party.
Warren's ego wouldn't stand for that.
Hence her lack of support for Frankel.
Warren would rather have a Republican elected County Executive so she could continue to lord it over the MCDC.
Paradoxically, Warren's Demagogic allies in the Monroe County Legislature are always damning Republicans, especially the Republican County Executive, for not supporting their proposed social engineering legislation.
Seems like Lovely is all about promoting Lovely. Other Demagogues, unless they are black, can be damned.

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