Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sheppard and Clifford are now poised to challenge Mayor Warren in 2017.

It was a bad night  for the Gantt-Warren faction in the Demagogic primary election.
Primary elections usually have piss poor turnouts. A few hundred, maybe as little as a few dozen votes can determine which candidate is victorious.
Such was the case tonight.
True, they kept what they had in their core constituencies ( in the ghetto ), but were unable to extend their malevolence beyond it.
The defeat of their clients in LDs 21 and 28 were unimportant. It merely bruised their tender little egos. Perhaps it even taught them their limitations, if they are capable of learning anything.
It was a different matter in LD 23 and the northwest city council race. Their clients were defeated by long time enemies who are now poised to challenge the mayor herself in 2017.
Ex police chief James Sheppard handily defeated Mayor Warren's employee, Mitchell Rowe, in LD 23. The Gantt-Warren faction couldn't play the race card ( their usual weapon ) because Sheppard is black, their client was white and LD 23 is one of the richest and whitest districts in the City of Rochester.
That card works only in the ghetto.
It must be recalled that Sheppard was unceremoniously and publicly rejected by Mayor Warren when she won election in 2013. He owes her no favors.
In fact, he might very easily take a page out of the book of another inept Rochester police chief, Bob Doofus.
Doofus managed to rise to his level of incompetence, first briefly as mayor of Rochester and then even more briefly as lieutenant governor of New York State.
Sheppard is well placed to run against Mayor Warren when the time comes in two years.
Even more damning was the Gantt-Warren faction's defeat in the race for the northwest district's city council seat.
The notorious Molly Clifford defeated the invisible, unknown and unheard of Lashana Boose. Playing the race card backfired in their faces in a district where blacks are not in the majority, and the white queen swept the black queen off of the board by less than four dozen votes.
This particular defeat should be extremely galling to Lovely Warren and David Gant because they personally controlled it from Day One and bungled it from start to finish.
Clifford's notoriety gave her name recognition. Nobody ever heard of Boose before, or ever will again.
Clifford began her campaign in January 2014, when she established residence in Charlotte to qualify for this year's campaign. Gantt and Warren got Boose from who knows where and sprang her on us only in June 2015.
Clifford's years as a kept woman in the Doofus and Richards administration gave her a thin veneer of knowledge on a citywide basis, at least enough to bullshit her way through political conversations,even though she mangled everything she touched there. Boose is NOT connected to the community; she is NOT connected to her neighborhood; she is NOT connected to anything in the northwest.
Clifford was seen everywhere. Boose was seen nowhere.
Clifford’s political propaganda, consisting of lies and gross exaggerations, was frequently forthcoming including a website and contact information. Boose’s one pathetic political handout had nothing on it. Nothing.
Clifford's campaign was staffed by enthusiastic, hard working though dangerously misguided volunteers. Boose's was staffed by Mayor Warren's paid employees and Assemblyman Gantt's political operatives.
Didn't Warren and Gantt realize that fact would be noticed?
In the long run, it didn't matter. Boose was never credible as a candidate for anything, let alone city council. She was even too stupid to realize or care that her campaign was being mishandled. All she had were the Gantt-Warren faction's assurance that they would galvanize the black community to support her. That wasn't enough.
 Boose should now retreat into her well-deserved political obscurity or oblivion
Clifford won the primary by a few dozen votes, which means she will be the next city council thing from the northwest district, for better or worse.
She can now realize her goal of running for mayor in 2017. That's been in her badly coiffed head since 2013.
Of course, her narrow margin of victory means that Clifford isn't all that well loved in the northwest. Absentee ballots might not be in her favor, and a recount might still further erode her margin, if not eliminate it entirely.
In that event, Clifford will still be on the ballot in November on the Independence and Working Family lines. That is her insurance, despite her fine Demagogic heritage.
Boose's handlers didn't think of that, either.
There is a rumor that Mayor Warren won't be around in 2017, though. It's being whispered that she has federal aspirations, and is looking to challenge Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter for her seat in Congress in 2016.
That's one race Warren won't win. The county is not the ghetto, and she doesn't cut much ice outside of it.
It showed tonight.
A defeat on that level would only serve to galvanize either Sheppard or Clifford ( or both ) to unseat her in 2017.
Their campaigns for the mayor's office start now.

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