Thursday, February 25, 2016

Prostitute-patronizing Parrinello beats the rap. Sort of.

It looks like eccentric Rochester attorney John Parrinello won't be going to trial after all. Parrinello, 77, was charged with patronizing a prostitute at a sleazy Gates motel last summer.
He wasn't charged with assault with a dead weapon.
The whore in question recanted her testimony. According to Assistant District Attorney Matthew Dunham the charge will be dismissed in six months if Parrinello keeps his nose clean and his ass out of trouble for that length of time. That is usually referred to as an ACD, an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. After the allotted six months, Parrinello's record will be wiped clean. It is like saying "Naughty, naughty. Just don't do it again."
If it is not exactly justice, it certainly is an example of getting a good deal.
Getting a good deal is what the American judicial system is all about. It's the American way.
There is no word as to how the courts will proceed against the whore.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It is fitting that HillBilly won the Nevada Demagogic caucus.

That's right.
Although she didn't win it by much. HillBilly appealed to the tastes of 52% of Nevada's registered Demagogues yesterday.
It's easy to see why. HillBilly reflects the high moral sensibilities of the state.
Nevada is the gambling capital of the western world, where the casinos are controlled by the mob. The mob turned Las Vegas from a tacky, dusty little gambling town into a glitzy and glamorous gambling Hell that attracts millions of visitors every year. Reno and Tahoe do nicely in that respect, too. Sodom and Gomorrah in miniature.
Whorehouses, not street prostitution, are legal in Nevada. Some counties would go belly up if it wasn't for the property and sales taxes that whorehouses pay out.
Nevada is known for its quickie divorces, making it the land of the free and the grave of the home. It's also known for its even more quickie weddings, where couples can get married by officiants impersonating Elvis in chapels that are open 24/7/365.
Most of the residents of the state are either employed by or dependent on these broadening pursuits that appeal to the baser side of human nature.
Nevada is one of the most corrupt states in the Union.
It is HillBilly's spiritual home, hence her (minor) victory at the caucus.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quit your bitching about the latest blizzard.

That's right.
People who have lived in Rochester most of their lives know that we get hit with lots of snow every so often during our winters. When it does happen, they act like this is something new. Which means that they are incredibly stupid.
Yesterday, we logged something like 18.5 inches at the Rochester Airport. The totals were higher, much higher, in persistent squall areas.
It was the second snowiest day in February in Rochester's history.
People knew of the snow warning days in advance and refused to prepare for it. That, too, means that they are stupid.
They have forgotten how to drive in deep snow. They have forgotten the basics about what equipment to keep in cars during snow storms and cold weather.
Most importantly, even knowing that driving conditions were dangerous, they took to the roads rather than call into work.
For safety's sake, they should have stayed at home. Most people don't have that kind of courage, so they drove and they bitched.
I will admit that both Mayor Lovely Warren and County Executive DiNolfo could have closed the city and county roads early in the morning, allowing only emergency vehicles on the road. That would have kept businesses closed and allowed for better cleanup of the streets.
The ladies didn't do that. People traveled to their jobs, only to find that their places of business were closing because of the storm.
That is if they didn't get stuck on the roads.
The mayor closed City Hall at noon. I guarantee that most of her overpaid staffers never showed up at all.
Hell, even the malls announced that they were closing because of the storm. They never close.
The snow removal crews weren't as effective as they could have been because of vehicles stranded and abandoned in the snow.
Sidewalk plows were affected by assholes who parked in their driveways straddling the sidewalks, making it impossible to plow the sidewalks effectively.
Rochesterians know all of this from previous winter experiences, but ignore it. Which is another definition of "stupid."
There were numerous random acts of kindness reported by the news media, about people helping dig out other people during the storm.
Which they wouldn't have had to do if people showed more intelligence regarding the situation. They should have stayed home.
That, as always, is lacking in most human beings.
After all, isn't government supposed to protect us from our own stupidity? We, of course, aren't capable of protecting government from theirs.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio charged with DWI.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was charged with a DWI this morning. She was on her way to Rochester City Court to preside over Saturday morning arraignments when the state troopers nabbed her at 8 AM.
At 8 AM? What a party girl she must be. Still drunk the morning after the night before.
Astacio  also refused to take the breathalyzer test. Most people feel that refusing to take the breathalyzer test is indicative of guilt. Was she afraid the results of that test would prove she was plastered while on her way to administer justice?
Astacio's vehicle couldn't have been moving too fast. She had four flat tires and damage to the front of her vehicle.
Who or what did she hit?
She will go to court on March 11. If convicted, she will probably have to stand down from the office to which she was elected in 2014.
Here comes the irony.
Astacio joined the Monroe County district's office in 2007, and moved to the drunken driving bureau in 2009.
Apparently, that taught this broad nothing.
Ms. Astacio won election to her office as a Demagogue. One of the same Demagogues that had good, long, disapproving laughs over the drunken antics of several prominent Republicans in the Rochester area. Like former Monroe County Airport Manager Susan Walsh. Or Meghan Feasel, wife of Monroe county's former Communications Director Justin Feasel. Google them and salivate over their stories.
What is clear here is that lushes are to be found in all walks of life, with affiliations to both major parties.
I wonder if the Demagogues are still giggling about Walsh and Feasel now.
As for Astacio, she can always claim that the state troopers discriminated against her when she goes to trial because of her sex and ethnic background and not for the trivial fact that she was driving drunk and endangering other drivers and pedestrians. That usually works in our politically correct court system.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another mass shooting in Rochester early this morning.

Seven people were injured and one was killed in Rochester's latest mass shooting incident.
The place: The Mexican Village Night Club at 547 State Street. It is not known for offering fine, ethnic cuisine or classy entertainment.  That bar has previously received  complaints about loiterers, drug sales and street fights that began in the bar. The Rochester Police Department was aware of it, and the city has been unable or unwilling to do anything about it, like close it down as a nuisance.
The time: 2 AM. Closing time, when previous incidents of violence took place there.
The perpetrator(s): Who knows? It wasn't an ISIS extremist. It was probably a home grown, low life domestic asshole.
State Street is a main artery leading into downtown Rochester. The police had to close it and other side streets from Lyell Avenue to Jay Street while continuing their investigation. That, too, is a nuisance for decent, law abiding citizens who must use those streets.
RPD and City Hall are not to blame for all of the violent assholes who run amok in Rochester, although one might think that there might have been greater surveillance at a location that is a known nuisance.
Nor are stiffer gun laws the answer, because only law abiding citizens follow them. Criminals don't.
The courts are hampered by political correctness, since judges and district attorneys are elected to their positions, continually seeking to be re elected and don't want to ruffle the feathers of voters from certain socio-economic groups. That's why plea bargaining has become a bitter joke. The severity of the crime is played down and a lower sentence given.
The answer might be enacting stiffer penalties, and enforcing them, on people convicted of crimes involving guns where people are killed or injured.
Like public beheadings.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lying HillBilly Clinton wins the Iowa Demagogic Caucus, barely.

Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend's wife won the Iowa Demagogic Caucus. She beat her opponent, Bernie Sanders, by five votes. It was too close to be a definite victory for that hopeless female impersonator.
It was the narrowest victory in caucus history. Even narrower than JFK's 1960 victory, accomplished only after Chicago's Mayor Daley made sure that graveyards voted.
Entering into eternal peace did not prevent the dead from voting for Kennedy. Nor did Hillbilly's being a pathological liar prevent her from squeaking through to victory in Iowa's Demagogic Caucus
Vermont's Bernie Sanders is a newcomer in the national arena. He didn't have a decades long record of corruption, lying and cheating like the Clintons. That is what made them infamous household words.  It made them celebrities. Americans like celebrities, and Americans are incredibly stupid where politics is concerned.
Even more frightening is that Americans don't want to elect anyone to office better than they are. Honesty is Bernie's strong suit. Americans have become so accustomed to corrupt politicians that they don't know what to do with an honest, decent one.
Hillbilly knows that and traded on it. She also knows that she has no real competition from black politicians this time, either.
As for the Republicans, who knows from what sewer they scraped their leading candidates for president? Look at Cruz, Trump and Rubio. Their antics would be hilarious except for the fact the stakes are so high. Cruz beat out Trump and Rubio, but not by much. And none of the three are worth a flying shit.
It isn't over yet. There will be other state caucuses as this presidential circus progresses. Hopefully a majority of Americans will wake up before it is too late and vote for a candidate that is not a part of the establishment. One who does not resort to demagoguery to win. One who will not buy the office of the presidency.
Or else we will be reassured, once again, that the masses are asses. Then Americans will deserve what they've got coming.