Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lying HillBilly Clinton wins the Iowa Demagogic Caucus, barely.

Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend's wife won the Iowa Demagogic Caucus. She beat her opponent, Bernie Sanders, by five votes. It was too close to be a definite victory for that hopeless female impersonator.
It was the narrowest victory in caucus history. Even narrower than JFK's 1960 victory, accomplished only after Chicago's Mayor Daley made sure that graveyards voted.
Entering into eternal peace did not prevent the dead from voting for Kennedy. Nor did Hillbilly's being a pathological liar prevent her from squeaking through to victory in Iowa's Demagogic Caucus
Vermont's Bernie Sanders is a newcomer in the national arena. He didn't have a decades long record of corruption, lying and cheating like the Clintons. That is what made them infamous household words.  It made them celebrities. Americans like celebrities, and Americans are incredibly stupid where politics is concerned.
Even more frightening is that Americans don't want to elect anyone to office better than they are. Honesty is Bernie's strong suit. Americans have become so accustomed to corrupt politicians that they don't know what to do with an honest, decent one.
Hillbilly knows that and traded on it. She also knows that she has no real competition from black politicians this time, either.
As for the Republicans, who knows from what sewer they scraped their leading candidates for president? Look at Cruz, Trump and Rubio. Their antics would be hilarious except for the fact the stakes are so high. Cruz beat out Trump and Rubio, but not by much. And none of the three are worth a flying shit.
It isn't over yet. There will be other state caucuses as this presidential circus progresses. Hopefully a majority of Americans will wake up before it is too late and vote for a candidate that is not a part of the establishment. One who does not resort to demagoguery to win. One who will not buy the office of the presidency.
Or else we will be reassured, once again, that the masses are asses. Then Americans will deserve what they've got coming.

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