Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More shits and giggles in Rochester, New York.

The antics of Hillbilly Clinton, Sarah Palin and the Donald are enough to make people laugh or puke on a national scale. Everyone chooses to overlook the asininity of our local politicians only because they haven't made the national news media. Yet.
In the last twenty four hours in Rochester, three separate incidents have revealed how badly broken our political and judicial systems are.
Today, US District Court Judge Frank Geraci suspended prostitute patronizing attorney John Parrinello from practicing law in federal court for 180 days.
It was not because of Parrinello's taste for gratuitous sex, but because of his asinine behavior in a court room last August. He was disruptive and heckled the court.
Parrinello has been pulling that sort of shit for years. What took the court system so long to chastise him? Why now? And it's such a mild rap on the knuckles, too.
Also today, Robert Wiesner pleaded guilty to committing a felony antitrust crime in connection with a major public corruption scandal.  Of course there was a deal.
Wiesner paid a total of $8,000 and gets to stay out of jail for pleading guilty. He has to keep his nose clean for three years in return for the conditional discharge. He did not agree to cooperate and testify at the trials of his fellow crooks.
Wiesner got off cheap.
Which just goes to show you that there is one set of laws and sentences for the rich and another one for the rest of us.
Last but not least, Rochester's Board of Ethics ruled last night that it would not be unethical for the city to hire Bill Johnson's firm to study a disastrous program that he helped to create when he was mayor. Going back to the source of the problem to find a cure.
Last week, City Council approved the hire seven to two. The two holdouts, Conklin and McFadden, wanted the Board of Ethics to rule on it. The Board is appointed by City Council, and knows which side its bread is buttered on. It usually bases its conclusions on what the City Council and the mayor want. Conklin and McFadden know that, too.
I guess the mayor doesn't trust her Commissioners of Neighborhood and Business Development and Innovation to conduct the study. Why not? What does she trust them with?
How come Saturday Night Live doesn't come up with some skits featuring Rochester? The mayor is forever attempting to thrust herself into the national arena.

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