Friday, January 22, 2016

Prostitute Patronizing Parrinello seeks bench trial.

Rochester's eccentric attorney John Parrinello is seeking a bench trial regarding his arrest for patronizing a prostitute at a Gates motel last August.
That crime is a misdemeanor.
According to Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, Parrinello plans to sue the Town of Gates, claiming he suffered "negligent infliction of mental distress," slander and violation of his Constitutional rights. He's also claiming false arrest and malicious prosecution.
Parrinello's attorney, David Rothenberg, wants an expedited bench trial because of his client's "health issues." The impending jury trial is also "causing stress for Parrinello's family and having an adverse impact on his law practice."
It is extremely difficult to embarrass the Parrinellos. John's decades of madcap behavior hasn't unduly troubled them before. Unless he really has gone over the edge this time, and become mad as a hatter.
A bench trial would eliminate the need to seat a jury of John's peers. It would take a very long time to dig up twelve prostitute patronizing attorneys.
Or maybe not.
There's no word about what the whore with whom John was caught thinks about it all.
That, too, is odd. The news media usually has a field day interviewing whores caught with prominent individuals.
It sells newspapers.
I have only one question to ask the lady. Was John wearing boxers or briefs around his ankles?

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