Friday, January 8, 2016

Rochester's interim superintendent of schools keels over.

That's right.
Daniel Lowengard from Syracuse, who is filling the unfulfilled portion of not-so dearly departed Bolgen Vargas' contract, fainted last night while meeting with teachers.
As a result of his "faint," he is in guarded condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.
Lowengard started working for the Rochester City School District on January 1. Which means he really began his job on January 4.
Four days into his six month position, which will pay him $180,000, he keeled over.
Perhaps he finally realized what he had gotten into: ever so briefly overseeing the worst school district in the state and one of the worst in the nation, while the school board hunts for a permanent superintendent of schools. One they can more easily manipulate than they could Vargas.
The D&C quotes a release from the school board as saying "We are all optimistic that Mr. Lowengard will be back to work very soon."
For how long?  In the dismal parade of superintendents the RCSD has had in the last twenty years, he could easily become the one with the briefest tenure in the position.
And if he doesn't come back, how much will we have to pay him or his estate off?

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