Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Rochester City School District continues to be cursed.

Interim school superintendent Dan Lowengard resigned yesterday.
He had a stroke last week after being on the job for only four days. He will be returning to his home in Syracuse to recuperate.
Fortunately, the City of Rochester won't be stuck with Lowengard's bills or paying him off.
Linda Cimusz, who Lowengard hired as chief of staff during his four days on the job, will replace him as interim school superintendent. She was approved unanimously by the cretins who make up Rochester's school board.
That's three superintendents in less than three weeks.
That Cimusz has the confidence of Lowengard is unimportant, since his tenure as school superintendent had the brevity of the lifespan of a fruit fly.
Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, states that Cimusz said she intends to follow through on the vision that Lowengard laid out, whatever the Hell that is supposed to mean.
Nobody in Rochester knew what Lowengard's visions or hallucinations were.
Cimusz, a stranger to Rochester, isn't interested in any long term appointment to oversee the school district.
Given the shitty state of Rochester's public schools, that's probably the wisest decision Cimusz will make.
It will also be a profitable one: $30,000 per month for six months.
Of course, we will still be paying off Vargas for the unexpired portion of his contract.
In the meantime, the cretins who comprise Rochester's school board will be searching for a permanent superintendent of schools. Someone who they can control and heap the blame on for all of their failures. Someone who can talk big, smile for the cameras, collect his or her salary and ultimately depart, leaving the city's public schools in exactly the same shitty state it is now.

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