Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Summing up 2015.

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. It's time to sum up 2015 in Rochester.
2015 was almost exactly like 2014. I don't see any important changes occurring in 2016.


The November elections left both the Republicans and the Demagogues in the county legislature in exactly the same configuration as they were in December, 2014. A Republican county executive, and the Republicans outnumbering the Demagogues 19 - 10. Nothing new will be coming out of that political body.
Since Republicans have abandoned active involvement in the City of Rochester, the Black Demagogues and Establishment Demagogues fought themselves to a standstill. Despite sometimes humorous attempts, neither made inroads into the other's territories. The only interesting result of Election 2015 in Rochester was that two Establishment Demagogues were propelled into positions where they can easily challenge Mayor Warren for her office in 2017.
City Hall remains minister-ridden and devoted to promoting the interests of the black community,
perpetuating the tale of 'Two Rochesters." It could hardly be otherwise. The black community is the mayor's only secure power base. She can honestly argue that the black community needs her help more than anyone else, but it makes one wonder what Affirmative Action has accomplished in the last fifty years. The bitter truth is that Affirmative Action created job quotas based on race, social promotion, political correctness and a sense of undeserved entitlement.


Rochester remains one of the poorest cities in America for its size. That is because technology eliminated low skilled, high paying industrial jobs that were Rochester's mainstay. Photonics is being hailed as Rochester's latest economic savior. Previous saviors were High Falls, the Fast Ferry, Renaissance Square, Paetech Tower and a new downtown theater, all of which bit the dust after costing Rochester's taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars with nothing to show for them.
And how do you attract business developers to an area where their potential employees are unqualified for the positions they might offer? And why would any serious developers choose to locate in an area that is perceived as dangerous and violent, because the excuse given is that people commit crimes only because they are poor?


The Rochester City School District remains a national joke and the worst performing school system in the state. The parade of inept superintendents of schools, hired by the near moronic and repeatedly popularly elected school board has produced this lump of shit. Equally to blame are parents who are unconcerned that fifty percent of the students are absent from school any day of the week, and that less than fifty percent of the student body graduates. They are also unconcerned that fifty percent of those who do graduate are functionally illiterate and unqualified for any high skilled, high paying jobs. That is not going to change in 2016.


Rochester is perceived as a dangerous, violent place. That is true enough in certain areas of the city: the ghetto. Most of Rochester's violence and murders take place there. The violence is usually black on black. Sometimes it is black on Asian refugees, who are easy marks for street-smart thugs that roam our streets at will. The rest of us are usually safe from that kind of violence, except for burglaries, robberies and home invasions. The black community is largely unconcerned with black on black violence, unless it is spectacular, like the mass shooting at the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street last summer. They prefer not to notice that teenage thugs blossom into full grown criminals because that's whitey's fault. They are more concerned with black deaths resulting from altercations with white cops. Then all Hell breaks loose.
Crime, like charity, starts at home. The trite phrase "It takes a village" is bullshit. It takes a family to raise decent, law abiding and responsible children. Families consisting of teenage baby mamas, absentee baby daddies and overworked and frazzled grandmothers aren't much of a family, and certainly are incapable of providing much of a moral compass for their children. That, too, isn't going to change in 2016.

Of course, there are many people who honestly seek to improve Rochester. There are all sorts of voluntary organizations and neighborhood groups who want to help others and devote their time, money and efforts hoping to make a difference: the Kiwanis, the Rotary, the literacy volunteers. How successful have their efforts been?

In conclusion: Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. 2016 will bring no great changes to the lives of most of us. It will go on the same as most years in the past have. We will continue to remain apathetic, cynical and untrusting because there is really not a lot happening in this city to get excited about or to believe in. Our politicians are liars, because they cannot make things better despite their election promises; our elected officials and their hangers-on want us to do their work for them because they want to get re elected and can't admit they are incapable of changing anything; our fears of crime and violence only serve to reinforce long held prejudices and stereotypes.
So pop the cork, make merry and go on with your lives, knowing that everything that currently goes on in Rochester will continue if we are here or not.

Friday, December 25, 2015

All politicians and their hangers on gorge at the public trough.

David Andreatta has provided us with yet another well-written, reasonably well-balanced commentary about the incestuous nature of political appointments in the Rochester area.
While he is employed by the local liberal newsrag, the D&C, Andreatta pulls no punches, letting both the Republicans and the Demagogues get it right between the eyes.
It is doubtful that his commentary earned him any brownie points with the editorial staff of the D&C, whose bleeding heart liberal agenda generally makes them look ridiculous and has lost the respect of any thinking individuals who follow their exploits.
Andreatta's article, "Maggie Brooks' long quaff at the public trough," should be read in full.
A brief summation will suffice here.
Outgoing County Executive Maggie Brooks was recently hired by RTS ( the Regional Transit Service ) as their vice-president of strategic initiatives. The job was created out of thin air for her a few weeks ago.
At RTS, she will be joining several of her nearest and dearest who were also associated with her in the county legislature: Scott Adair, Daniel DeLaus Jr. and Justin Feasel. Feasel, Brooks' spokesman, was hired in the last few days, too.
RTS has been under Republican control for years.
Let us not forget that Mr. Maggie Brooks ( Bob Wiesner ) was also appointed to the Monroe County Water Authority some time back, another agency under Republican control. That was before he got his ass busted in a bidding and price fixing scam, which is still in the courts.
Before Demagogues get their knickers in a twist about this, Andreatta also pointed out that they are not without sin, either.
Mayor Lovely Warren appointed her Uncle Reggie to a position at City Hall that never existed before. He left when public outcry over his speeding got to be too much for her to handle. Uncle Reggie currently works for RTS.
Mayor Warren also appointed plenty of her political cronies to newly created or resurrected jobs at City Hall. If no worse, she is certainly no better than Maggie Brooks in that respect.
Former MCDC chairman, Joe Morelle pere appointed Joe Morelle fils to fill a vacancy in the county legislature. The family that preys together stays together.
However, Andreatta failed to mention how ex police chief, ex mayor and ex lieutenant governor Bob Doofus got himself appointed to head the RBA ( Rochester Business Alliance ) through his shady connections, while double or triple dipping on his six figure pensions.
And let us not forget that expensive Demagogic kept woman, the notorious Molly Clifford. The Doofus and Richards administrations kept on creating jobs for her that she was unqualified for.
I am certain that a lack of space prevented Andreatta  from mentioning those and other instances of Demagogic malfeasance.
What is clear that most politicians of both parties see elected office as a way of feathering their own nests. When out of office they hope to use their connections to continue to feed off of the public like ghouls or vampires.
Or swine.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

We kill vicious animals, don't we?

It is the final week before Christmas. You know, the season of peace and goodwill towards men.
To celebrate this joyous season, two men were shot in Rochester on Thursday night. One on the east side, the other on the west side.
Friday morning, two bruthas who are brothers invaded an apartment house on the west side, holding four people hostage. All four of the victims were injured, two requiring hospitalization.
Saratoga Street is one of the poorest parts of Rochester. How much would they really gain by breaking into poor peoples' apartments?
Not much, but we'll get to the "why" in a few more sentences.
Later on Friday morning, another asshole was shooting off his gun in his car on Dewey Avenue. When pursued by the cops, he fled his vehicle. That resulted in School #7 being locked down and several blocks of streets around it being cordoned off for four hours while the police searched the neighborhood for the asshole.
When the thugs responsible for this holiday merriment end up in a court of law, they and their bleeding heart white liberal allies will blame their socio-economic status, racism and their dysfunctional family upbringing as being responsible for their criminal behavior, not they. While there is a kernel of truth in these excuses, those factors are not indicative of anything approaching predestination. They also choose to ignore the most important factor of all: freedom of choice.
That's right.
These assholes have chosen to commit crimes. They have chosen to terrorize, bully, beat, maim, shoot and kill people. They want to do as they please. Then they count on their bleeding heart liberal allies ( usually white ) to beat their chests and cry "mea culpa" and provide excuses for their behavior for them. So do their mamas and daddies.
These criminal assholes are then sentenced to pitifully little time behind bars, as though that will rehabilitate them.
But what is there to rehabilitate them for? They like hurting people. They get their kicks from it. That's what bullies do.
When returned to law abiding society, the odds are that they will return to their old tricks and continue their criminal behavior with other criminal associates. That's what recidivism means, and those rates are high.
And they will go on doing it until someone stronger than they are beats the shit out of them, pounds them into submission or kills them.
We kill vicious animals with nary a thought about what made them vicious. But we draw the line at killing vicious humans who are far more dangerous. The death penalty is out.
We could lobotomize them, but bleeding heart liberal politicians are afraid of that, too.
I have a suggestion.
We could arm violent criminals and drop them into those territories controlled by ISIS. There they could engage in their blood lust to their hearts' content.
Most violent criminals are cowardly bullies, and don't like fighting people who might be better armed and just as vicious as they are. They wouldn't last long there. The ISIS fanatics would eat them alive.
Bon appetit.
And we wouldn't need to support these violent assholes any more, or waste time trying to rehabilitate them, because that doesn't work.

Friday, December 11, 2015

David Gantt is at it again, according to David Andreatta.

Black racist State Assemblyman David Gantt has been up to yet another shady real estate deal with the City of Rochester. It is becoming a bad habit. Nobody dares to stand up to him or stop him, for the sake of political correctness.
Last summer, the D&C's rogue news reporter David Andreatta reported about Gantt's zombie property on Central Park. That bit of scamming cost the city $26,000 to demolish it.
Nobody can call Gantt a cheap politician when you figure out how much he costs the city for his real estate investments.
Today, Andreatta blew the whistle on Gantt's latest bit of con artistry in his well written and witty expose: "A slow clap for Assemblyman Gantt."
See the full story in the D&C for an in depth description of what transpired.
The following is a brief synopsis of that article, which will suffice for this blog.
Gantt has acquired yet another property on Lyndhurst Street ( he already owns six other properties there, most of which are under a limited liability company called LMG Management ) for nothing, thanks to a little known state law that allows people to acquire property belonging to someone else for nothing under something called the doctrine of "adverse possession."
The property is just across the street from his long time residence.
Furthermore, the city approved Gantt's application for money to fix up the property before he completed the "adverse possession" transaction, having begun to process it two years beforehand. The money Gantt is getting from the city is more than the property is worth.
Rochester mayor Lovely Warren is one of Gantt's numerous "children," so that should be no surprise.
Nobody in City Hall raised any eyebrows, despite the fact that Gantt has a history of property tax delinquencies, either paying them late or not at all. Nobody in City Hall dared to.
Mind you, it is all perfectly legal, if unethical.
But when white slumlords pull this kind of shit, there's all Hell to pay when the media gets their claws into it.
That's what political correctness is all about.
At least Gantt is providing inspiration to con artists everywhere, regardless of race, color, creed or national origin.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

An observation about the San Bernardino terrorist massacre.

Three weeks ago, the world fell all over itself responding to the terrorist massacre in Paris.
Over one hundred innocent people died in that incident.
Everyone who was anyone responded in shock and disbelief before the cameras, pledging solidarity with France over this tragedy.
The local liberal newsrag, the D&C, ran stories about it for days.
Even Facebook addicts got into the act. They superimposed the Tricolor over their photos as a sign of solidarity.
Last Wednesday, three terrorists slaughtered fourteen people in San Bernardino, California.
There was no real outrage displayed by any other world leaders. Locally, the event got only perfunctory coverage by the D&C.
As for Facebook, I haven't noticed that any regular users bothered to superimpose the Stars and Stripes over their photos.
Perhaps if there had been several hundred victims we might have gotten more attention.
Or maybe the lack of concern is because it was innocent American lives that were snuffed out.
Just sayin'.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mayor Warren's infomercial is a political ad.

The official line from City Hall is that it is not. The infomercial proclaims positive progress in the City of Rochester.
Courtesy of Mayor Warren.
Taxpayers aren't paying for this infomercial. The cost was covered by Mayor Warren's campaign war chest and/or the PAC she set up.
PACs ( Political Action Committees ) are usually created by outsiders and special interest groups to promote the election of politicians favorable to their agendas. They are considered unethical, but legal.
In 2013, the PAC created by Warren's "brother," lobbyist Scott Gaddy, created quite a stink prior to the Demagogic primary election. Warren disclaimed any knowledge of PACS and of how they work.
It is gratifying to know that she is a quick study, learning about PACS and then creating her own, if she was telling the truth in 2013. That's a big if.
The mayor's personal assistant, Tracey Miller, already has a weekly radio show on WDKX, the black radio station, to glorify her. Nobody outside of the black community listens to it. She needed to broaden her audience.
Clearly, the mayor is running for something, hence the ad.
But for what?
The 2017 election for mayor is more than a year away. The 2015 election propelled two of Warren's deadliest enemies, ex police chief Jim Sheppard and the notorious Molly Clifford, into positions where they could challenge her that year. The mayor finds it necessary to get her propaganda out now, since she can count only on the unequivocal support of the Black Demagogues, especially after pissing off the Establishment Demagogues by not supporting Sandra Frankel's bid for county executive this year.
It is also rumored that Warren has federal aspirations.
Octogenarian Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter is seeking yet another term in Congress in 2016. She was almost defeated by Republican Mark Assini in 2014, who is also running again for her seat. Mayor Warren has made it clear that she owes the Establishment Demagogues nothing, and could easily throw her hairpiece into the race, challenging Lulubelle in the Demagogic primary.
There is also New York State Senator Rich Funke's seat up for re election in 2016.
Funke is a rookie in Albany. Warren lives in the district Funke represents. Neither of the two Demagogic parties has a viable option to Funke as of yet.
I believe that Warren won't try to run against Slaughter or Funke. Running against Lulubelle would only serve to again piss off Establishment Demagogues in the county. Her strength is in the ghetto, not in the largely white, Republican dominated suburbs beyond Rochester's borders. Moreover, if Warren were defeated by the Republican Assini in that race, the Establishment Demagogues would blame her for the loss of that particular congressional seat.
As for Funke's seat, it doesn't have quite the status that Lulubelle's does, and the mayor would take a huge pay cut if she attempted it.
Warren can't be stupid enough to attempt it, although her overwhelming ego just might trump her common sense.
She would probably lose those races if she attempted them. And it would also mean that she could be beaten in the 2017 race for Mayor.
Along with her campaign ad, Mayor Warren also had a popularity poll conducted at her own expense. The results were not released, which suggests that her popularity is slipping.
I repeat: Warren's infomercial is a campaign ad, to garner support beyond the black community for her re election campaign in 2017.
She is counting on most people believing anything that they see on television.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Vargas, Urbanski AND the School Board should all go.

It seems odd that Adam Urbanski, head of the Rochester teachers' union, is blaming the resignation of Superintendent Bolgen Vargas for chaos that has supposedly and suddenly erupted in the city's schools.
That chaos has been going on for a very long time.
Perhaps Urbanski never noticed.
Urbanski is now demanding Vargas' immediate dismissal, as though that will change anything.
Urbanski isn't asking for the dismissal of the School Board, the third component in Rochester's shitty public school system. He can't. Equally moronic voters keep putting them back lamenting the sad state of affairs in the city schools at the same time, reinforcing the definition of stupid.
Which is why Mayor Warren herself won't entrust the education of her child to them. No intelligent parent of some means would.
The urban poor have no such choice. They must send their children to schools that prepare most of them for nothing but low paying jobs and lives of crime, since most never make it through school. Most of Rochester's school children are functionally illiterate, whether they graduate or not.
That's hardly a selling point for Rochester.
As for Urbanski picking on Vargas, that also seems odd. They have so much in common.
Neither are native born Americans; neither has ever learned to speak English properly; both came to America at about the same age, although decades apart; both have been less concerned about Rochester's schools or the kids than they have been about feathering their own nests.
As for the School Board, they have a comfortable part time job that will do until a more lucrative political position opens up for them. That is why the incumbents usually run for re-election and win, thanks to the incredibly stupid voters and bleeding heart liberal media who insist they need to be there, never mind their abject failure.
It is all bullshit. People have been brainwashed.
Vargas should have gone long ago. So should have Urbanski. Since the School Board won't voluntarily fall on their own swords, that body needs to be eliminated entirely.
That's right. Send all of those bastards packing. They've had their fun.
I am no great fan of Mayor Warren, but I believe the time has come to institute mayoral control of Rochester's schools. She couldn't do any worse than these so-called professionals have been doing for the last forty years. And she already has Allen Williams on staff to act as her chancellor.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Looks like John Parrinello just can't stop exposing himself to the public.

John Parrinello, Rochester's eccentric attorney, is suing the Town of Gates over his arrest for patronizing a prostitute in a sleazy motel there last summer.
Parrinello claims that he did no such thing and that the arrest violated his civil rights.
Since when is picking up a hooker a civil right?
He hasn't yet gone to trial on that charge, but after a few shits and giggles about it, the public had forgotten about it. It was funny, but not really important or earth shattering.
Until now.
Any sensible public figure caught in this fashion would have protested but taken his lumps like a good little boy, paid the fine, accepted a sentence of a few hours of community service and gone on with his life.
But not John.
Parrinello is a notable media hog. Since Playgirl and Blueboy magazine weren't insane enough to feature him in a photo spread and centerfold after his bust, he found it necessary to continue to expose himself to public view in this fashion. He likes to see his name in print.
It will be interesting to see if the Town of Gates rises to Parrinello's threat and drops the charges against him.
And why aren't the media rushing out to interview the hooker Parrinello met in that motel that Sunday in August? That's something they do best.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

We must never give in to terrorism.

Nor must we give in to hysteria.
The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris by ISIS were the products of monsters using the excuse of religion to carry out their evil designs.
Hundreds of millions of Muslims probably find these actions abhorrent and fear repercussions to themselves as a result of a relatively few maniacs murdering innocent people at will in the name of god.
Maniacs are everywhere, in every country, practicing every religion. Even in our own.
Common sense dictates that we must understand not everyone of a certain race, religion or nationality is pursuing evil.
But common sense is uncommon. Even in this country. And plenty of our fellow Americans are blaming all Muslims for this atrocity, which is plenty stupid.
Sadly enough, the western powers were largely unconcerned about ISIS as long as they confined bringing Hell on Earth to their own neighborhood. They seemed more outraged by ISIS destroying antiquities than slaughtering human beings. Now they are outraged, because this attack occurred in one of the great capitals of the world, Paris. In the west.
That is typical of human beings.
The international community must band together and never give in to terrorism. They should seek to smash it and punish only the perpetrators. We should not lump all Muslims together with these criminals, any more than we should blame all Christians and Jews for evil undertaken by some members of those religious communities.
And I am in favor of the death penalty for those caught and convicted of terrorist attacks where innocent people died.
If they committed their crimes in the name of their god, shedding innocent blood in the process, let us send them to meet their god all the more sooner.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The reason for the piss-poor turnout in the election.

People were bored. There was no local campaign exciting enough to rouse people out of their apathy to get out and vote. When most candidates run unopposed, or lacking any serious opposition, what point is there to go out and vote?
In the City of Rochester, the primary election in September determined the winners for November.
Rochester is owned by the Demagogues. The Black Demagogues and the Establishment Demagogues slugged it out in the primary, leaving their candidates with exactly what they had before, guaranteeing victory in their respective areas.
Not too many voters would be needed to confirm it, so not many voters bothered to show up at the polls.
The suburbs did a bit better, but not much.
There, the Republicans hold control and the few blasé Demagogic challengers fell by the wayside.
The race for County Executive might have brought more voters out had it been more interesting, only it was deadly dull.
Sandra Frankel's campaign was a lackluster repeat of her failed 2011 bid for that office. Her unimaginative campaign managers and the perpetual lack of unity among the Demagogues did more to damage her chances of victory than did the understated tactics of her Republican challenger, Cheryl DiNolfo.
DiNolfo knew all she had to do was wait while the Demagogues gave Frankel enough rope to hang herself.
Effective but boring.
Even Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, found it necessary to endorse DiNolfo. That decision probably cost their editorial staff a few nights' sleep, but it would allow them to pretend that they are impartial.
Now, the D&C finds it necessary to castigate the voters for the low turnout, ignoring their own hand in producing the voter apathy prevalent in the area.
Having done their damnedest to promote their own liberal agenda by usually endorsing only candidates who are politically correct ( that is to say Demagogues ), they helped to eliminate Republican interest in campaigning in the City of Rochester.
That effectively made the primary the factor in determining the winners two months hence, eliminating the need for a massive turnout at the polls in November.
On the other hand, Republicans control the county towns and even the D&C's scolding didn't produce many viable Demagogic candidates there.
Party stalwarts or people with personal axes to grind against certain candidates came out to vote. That was it.
Third party candidates usually don't get more than a few hundred votes, which doesn't have an impact on elections, but sometimes helps preserve the illusion of democratic choice.
And in contested races, meaning between Demagogues and Republicans, nobody was saying "Come out and help elect the best candidate." It was "Come out and support the Demagogue or Republican," depending on the voter's party affiliation.
Which is really what both parties want. Neither party machine is impressed with the ideals of representative democratic government.
The D&C ought to quit its bitching, because it isn't, either.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jamie Romeo was last night's biggest loser.

Jamie Romeo, the stupid little girl who became the MCDC's chairperson a few months ago, was the biggest loser in this year's elections.
She sat bewildered on the sidelines while the Establishment Demagogues and the Black Demagogues slugged it out between them, allowing the Republicans to emerge victorious, refreshed and re- energized.
Under her impotent stewardship, the two Demagogic parties are deadlier enemies to each other than the Republicans are to them.
This profited the Republicans enormously. The Demagogues were barely able to hold what they had.
It was this Demagogic split that led directly to Cheryl DiNolfo's defeat of Sandra Frankel by a considerable margin. Romeo was unable to unite the Demagogues to help Frankel defeat DiNolfo.
Mayor Warren, the highest ranking Demagogue in Monroe County, went so far as to refuse to endorse Frankel, for numerous reasons I expressed in previous blogs.
If Romeo was unable to heal the breach between the two factions, she was also incapable of imposing her authority on either of them. The Black Demagogues ignore her completely. The Establishment Demagogues pay lip service to her being chairperson while they, too, ignore her and go their merry way.
The only thing Chairperson Romeo has been able to accomplish with gusto is to sit in a chair, while the continuing chaos within her party swirls about her ears. She is irrelevant. Yesterday, that was made clear to anyone who cared to look.
It makes Jamie Romeo the election's biggest loser, and certainly proves she is ill-equipped for her job.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dick Beebe, the three time loser.

Establishment Demagogue Dick Beebe was defeated yet again by incumbent Fred Ancello for LD 6's county legislature seat.
That's twice in four years Beebe's been defeated by the man he insultingly referred to as a fishmonger.
In between those defeats, he lost the race for Greece Town Supervisor to porcine Republican Bill Reillich.
That brings up the tally to three defeats in four years.
That has to be a record among the Demagogues.
And even there, Beebe is a loser.
The Green Party's Alex White has been beaten four times in the last four years.
Beebe ought to realize that he is past it and find a different hobby.

A final word on Yversha Roman, Molly Clifford's LaShana Boose.

Yversha Roman failed to recapture LD 26 for the Establishment Demagogues tonight. She was handily defeated by Republican incumbent Tony Micciche.
Micciche has hardly been effective as a leader, but at least he knew how to campaign. And walk.
Nobody ever heard of Roman before, just like nobody ever heard of LaShana Boose before this year.
Roman was the creation of the notorious Molly Clifford and social butterfly Elaine Spaull.
They dragged her out of the ghetto, dressed her up, created a biography for her and even gave her a job to make her more palatable to voters.
Moreover, they expected her to win merely because of the numerical superiority of registered Demagogues in LD 26.
That didn't work.
Nor did reinventing Roman.
To quote the great black god, Obama: "A pig with lipstick is still a pig."
Maybe the next time she runs for something, she and her goon squad will realize that slashing her opponent's tires and vandalizing his property won't win her any votes.
Or maybe not.
You can take a stupid little girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of a stupid little girl.

The results of tonight's election means nothing will change in the Rochester area.

Andreas Rau compared tonight's election to the trench warfare of World War I.
After the smoke and poisoned gas cleared, and tens of thousands of bodies were moved out of the way, the battle lines had hardly changed at all.
So it was with tonight's election results.
Everyone had what they started out with before.
The Republicans still have the County Executive's office and dominance in, though not complete control of, the Monroe County Legislature.
Rochester's Black Demagogues held their own in the ghetto, while the Establishment Demagogues kept what they had, too.
The only exception to this is District Attorney Sandra Doorley. Originally starting out as a Republican, she first won election to that office as a Demagogue, only to convert back to the Republicans and win re election tonight under that party's banner.
The battle is over for this year.
And nothing has changed. Or will change. There is complete deadlock.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Where does Molly Clifford really live?

Good question.
To reiterate from an earlier blog, the notorious Molly Clifford established residence at 45 Stutson Street in January 2014 to run for the northwest city council seat being vacated by Carla Palumbo.
The house is listed as "owner occupied," and doesn't require a C of O.
Clifford is not the owner. The landlord would therefore have to change the status of the property to a rental and apply for a C of O.
This has not been done, which makes one wonder about the legality of Clifford's residence there, even if it is only on paper. If it isn't legal, how can she run for office based on her residence there?
Clifford is really only renting a mailbox. That is a common ploy used by welfare cheats and con artists to establish residence in places where they do not live in order to pull off a scam.
It means Clifford is interested in nothing more than wining elected office for that district. It is a means to the end of running for mayor in 2017.
Even more interesting is the history of Clifford's previous residences, courtesy of Monroe County's Board of Elections.
For the last decade, until now, they have listed the locations of her voter registration as being "unknown."
Are we to presume that Clifford was homeless or a gypsy?
That is doubtful.
How was she able to vote if she didn't have a legally registered address?
At least her Green Party opponent, Dorothy Paige, has lived at the same address for decades and can prove it.
There is way too much that is, and has been, fishy about Clifford.
To do her justice, she is no worse than Yversha Roman or LaShana Boose. They also have questionable recent residences.
They typify what is wrong with our political system. It explains why people are apathetic about it and refuse to come out to vote. Why vote when all politicians are seen as crooks?
Which is why the whole system needs to be razed and rebuilt from the foundations upwards.
But people are fearful of that, allowing corrupt politicians to continue to go merrily about their way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bolgen Vargas Resigns.

Bolgen Vargas, Rochester's school superintendent, resigned his position this afternoon.
It is really no big surprise. Vargas and the school board have been rubbing each other the wrong way for the last couple of years. It resulted in Vargas attempting to bring a lawsuit against the school board earlier this year. He dropped it, but acrimony remained on both sides.
Both he and they are unconcerned with the fact that their actions have continued to make the Rochester public school system the laughingstock of the state and the entire nation.
Neither side seems particularly embarrassed by this. They blame everyone else for their inability to lead or come up with innovative plans for improving the education offered in the city's public schools.
Both sides are only concerned with feathering their own nests, building their own systems of patronage and looking to move up the political food chain when the possibility presents itself.
Both sides are full of shit.
Even Mayor Warren herself didn't entrust the education of her child to them.
That says a lot about her opinion of them.
Vargas' position expires in June 2016, and the school board chose not to renew his contract.
His resignation might have had more impact had that fact not already been public knowledge. As it is, he seems merely to be bowing to the inevitable.
Rochester's school board will soon have a new acting superintendent to piss off: former Syracuse City School Superintendent Dan Lowengard will serve as an interim leader effective January 1.
I wish him good luck. He'll need it, especially if he wants to effect any sort of positive change in the school system in the wake of the cretins who comprise our school board.
As for Vargas, he's had a good, long and lucrative run in the field of what passes for education in Rochester these days. Hopefully he put a few bucks aside for a rainy day.
Affirmative action and political correctness have been berry, berry good to him.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Molly Clifford's rented house on Stutson Street doesn't have a C of O.

Rochester's weekly liberal newsrag, City  Newspaper, made much of the notorious Molly Clifford when they endorsed her for city council's northwest district seat.
I'll grant that she is connected to a lot of politically powerful people. I will also grant that she has had several different positions in the last few city administrations.
She had several because she wasn't good in any of them.
Clifford was kept on because ex mayor Doofus owed her something for getting him elected. He finally ended up creating a position in the fire department for her after she loused up her previous position with the city.
That position was as the head of NET, short for Neighborhood Empowerment Team.
NET was supposed to empower neighbors when dealing with crime, slumlords, zoning and code violations.
A rental property without a Certificate of Occupancy, or C of O, and renting out to tenants is just such a code violation.
It is usually punishable by a fine.
More information about C of O's can be gotten from the city's website. Single family, owner occupied homes are exempt. Rental units are not.
When Clifford established residence in Charlotte in 2014 to meet the requirement for this year's election, it was in a house that does not have a C of O. The property's owner could not have legally rented it to her, whether or not she and her boy toy really live there.
As the former head of NET, Clifford would be aware of the necessity of a C of O for a landlord to rent any property.
Perhaps Clifford will plead ignorance. That is not credible.
The bigger question is that if she established residence in a house that the landlord was not legally entitled to rent to her, is Clifford's candidacy based on that residence legal?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Banning firearms won't solve anything.

That's right.
In the wake of the recent uptick in gun violence across the United States, bleeding heart liberal assholes are calling for a ban on firearms. I'll bet that the mayor's office gets plenty of calls from concerned but misguided residents demanding that she do just that for the City of Rochester.
To underscore the point, Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, chose to print the opinion of an equally liberal academic asshole from SUNY Brockport, Barbara LeSavoy. She is calling on the great black god Obama to ban firearms to cement his legacy of establishing a culture of peace and civility in the United States.
Clearly, this broad doesn't know what she is talking about.
How will banning guns do that?
The ban will merely piss off the vast majority of gun owners who are law abiding citizens. New gun control laws will have no effect on criminals who pay no attention to laws anyway. Nor are the state and federal governments willing or able to enforce what they have in place now.
Most firearms that criminals use to commit crimes were stolen from legitimate owners. People already prohibited by law from possessing firearms ( such as convicted criminals and people suffering from psychiatric problems ) seem to have no problem acquiring them because the current laws are not being enforced.
They will have no problem acquiring firearms, including assault weapons, if all guns are banned, because those weapons will still be out there, somewhere. Law abiding citizens won't seek them out. Criminals will.
That is the fact bleeding heart liberal assholes don't seem to understand. Nor do they understand that banning firearms will not make criminals more docile. It will not make criminals more respectful of the law. It will not change their twisted mental conditions. It will encourage them to find other ways to get around the law. It will not change a society that has been warped by fifty years of affirmative action.
What might work to dissuade these anti-social elements would be a mandatory, non-negotiable sentence of ten years or more for any criminal caught using a gun during the commission of his ( or her ) crime. That would come on top of whatever sentence a court of law bestowed on the criminal. It would be served consecutively, not concurrently. The criminal would be forced to serve every stinking minute of it.
Here's the rub. Bleeding heart liberal assholes wouldn't go for it because it has racial overtones. Conservatives would like the sound of it, but would refuse to pay for more prisons to separate these criminals from the law abiding society they prey upon. The parole boards wouldn't like it because it interferes with their god-priest-judge status, never mind the fact that most of recent murderers have been turned loose upon us by parole boards who felt that criminals had been punished enough.
The banning of firearms will only serve to give criminals yet another law to break. They will laugh at it. Breaking the law is their habit, hobby and pleasure.
And the great black god Obama won't be ushering in anything approaching a culture of peace and civility in the year he has left, despite LeSavoy's misplaced worship of him.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A boring county executive race.

It is only a month until the November elections.
There will be very few surprises.
Most incumbents will probably win their seats. Again. Not because they have accomplished anything of note. They have name recognition. The few people who vote are accustomed to them. And their competition is just as unworthy as they are.
The race for Monroe County Executive is different. Maggie Brooks is termed out and can't run again.
Her understudy, Republican Cheryl DiNolfo, currently chief clerk and bottle washer in county government, has been waiting for twelve years to step into Ms. Brooks' three-inch pumps.
Mrs. DiNolfo's opponent, Establishment Demagogue Sandra Frankel, ran for county executive before. And lost.
Mrs. Frankel never received the financial and moral support of her party four years ago. She still hasn't got it because the MCDC is in a state of chaos, with incompetent leadership as its fatal flaw.
Frankel does not have the open support of the Black Demagogues, who have no loyalty to the dictates of the MCDC. They see this contest as one between two white women, and will probably flip a coin to decide who they vote for. Or they will do as they are bidden by David Gantt.
Apart from that, this year's campaign has been a bore.
Both ladies have been too busy social butterflying it around the area to mount anything approaching a political campaign. They are counting on party loyalty alone to get elected.
Certainly, Frankel has been whining about Republican corruption and the county's fiscal stress from time to time. That card is worn out. She played it before and lost.
Nor has she expressed her solutions in anything but the most vague and general terms, leaving undecided voters bewildered and confused. Which leads one to believe that she doesn't have any solutions other than to increase taxation, liberalism's usual panacea for all of society's ills.
DiNolfo hasn't risen to the bait and sought to make an issue of Frankel's accusations. If she did, she would be forced to come up with answers of her own. That would stir up a kettle of fish DiNolfo and her handlers would rather avoid, especially in the city of Rochester.
DiNolfo knows she has the county, which is dominated by Republicans. She can afford to be less concerned about Rochester, which is split between black and white Demagogic factions. The fact that Rochester mayor Lovely Warren has refused to support Frankel is a feather in DiNolfo's cap.
As for the Green Party candidate, Rajeesh Barnabas, he has been remarkably silent as well. As the candidate of a third party, he won't count for much in the upcoming election.
They all seem to be waiting for public forums sponsored by WXXI, WROC and the League of Women Voters and the Rochester Rotary to get their word out.
Those events will probably not be well watched or well attended, because the voters won't be swayed so late in the game. They will probably vote for their own party's candidates, with Barnabas getting a few hundred votes that might have gone to Frankel.
That's what the political parties want. Not to elect the better candidate, merely their own.
Which is why they haven't wasted any time talking about issues.
And shame on the Rochester Rotary for involving itself in politics.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There are two Demagogic parties in Rochester.

Demagogic candidate for Monroe County Executive Sandra Frankel lunched with Rochester mayor Lovely Warren yesterday.
Ms. Frankel was seeking Mayor Warren's public support for her lackluster campaign against Republican Cheryl DiNolfo.
If Ms. Frankel was counting on Demagogic loyalty to get Mayor Warren's endorsement, she was sadly mistaken. Mayor Warren was reported as saying that she didn't want to put Rochester into the middle of this race. She also said that could work well with either DiNolfo or Frankel as County Executive.
This was bullshit.
I have already written why the mayor has ignored Frankel's campaign. As it now stands, Mayor Warren is the top ranking Demagogue in Monroe County. Any Demagogic County Executive would outrank her. That is something Mayor Warren's over inflated ego could not endure.
As for counting on Demagogic loyalty, Ms. Frankel seems blissfully unaware of the fact that there are two Demagogic Parties in Rochester. Mayor Warren belongs to one, and Ms. Frankel to the other.
Even the current chairperson of the MCDC, Jamie Romeo, refuses to concede this fact. Romeo is living in a fool's paradise wearing rose colored glasses. She is clearly incapable of bridging the chasm that exists between the two parties. Nobody with even half a brain could or even would dare to try. She prefers to believe that there is still only one Demagogic party over which she has authority.
The Black Demagogues are headed by none other than David Gantt and the mayor herself. Their focus is the ghetto, where their word is law. It does not extend beyond it, though they have tried to expand their authority into other districts of the city and failed. Conversely, they do not respect the authority of the MCDC over them. Why should they? They have succeeded without it.
The Establishment Demagogues, led by Joe Morelle and the notorious Molly Clifford, have a distinctly white elitist membership. They see themselves as the natural leaders of the party within the City of Rochester, never mind the fact that they will burn the rule book when it suits their purposes, especially in regards to the Gantt-Warren faction. The MCDC is slightly more useful to them, and then only at the county level, since the battle lines have been drawn along racial lines in the city.
The Demagogic primary election in 2013 finalized the divorce between the two parties. Ms. Warren won the primary. Clifford continued to run Tom Richards on the Independent line. Morelle, then chairman of the MCDC, refused to help finance Ms. Warren's campaign as he should have done.
Ms. Warren won, and has been fundraising separately from the Establishment Demagogues ever since, much to their displeasure. Mayor Warren owes them nothing.
Paybacks are a bitch.
The Establishment Demagogues owe Mayor Warren nothing, either. This will be made patently clear in 2017 when she runs for reelection.
This is the background into which Ms. Frankel thrust herself, begging for Mayor Warren's support. She didn't get it because she is too white, too suburban, too naïve and not apologetic enough to suit Mayor Warren. And because she wasn't a charter member of the David Gantt fan club.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boose loses. Again.

New York State Supreme Court Justice John Van Ark rang the curtain down on LaShana Boose's campaign farce today.
According to Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, Van Ark dismissed Boose's bid to challenge the outcome of the primary election on September 10.
Boose's handlers claimed that she "never received a required notice about a routine audit of 3 percent of the voting machines used in the election, and she argued that there were discrepancies in the vote totals announced by the Board of Elections."
Of course, this was bullshit.
I mentioned the so-called discrepancies in a previous blog. Boose and her handlers are even stupider than I thought possible to make that statement.
As for not receiving the "required notice," the D&C states "Ark focused largely on whether the Board of Elections sent the proper notice to Boose. Rob Yauman, an attorney for the Monroe County law department, said the board showed that in August, it mailed the notice required by state law to the address that Boose used to register to vote and in her nominating petitions to get on the ballot."
If Boose didn't receive that notice, it suggests that she doesn't live at that address. Which does a lot to explain why nobody ever heard of her before in Maplewood.
Where does she live, really?
Boose's campaign was a fraud from start to finish.
Van Ark threw out the Gantt-Warren faction's challenge. Who knows what their next desperate move will be? The New York State Court of Appeals?
Election Commissioner Tom Ferrarese called the Gantt-Warren faction's petition "political grandstanding." In plain English, the behavior of spoiled brats not getting their way.
Boose left without speaking to the reporter.  She was true to form. Nobody ever heard her speak to anyone before. Perhaps she is incapable of cognitive speech. Which also does a lot to explain why the Gantt-Warren faction kept her out of the public eye during her, or rather their campaign.
They didn't rehearse her well enough to speak in public on the subject of her case being dismissed. They would have done better with a parakeet.
The Gantt-Warren faction only wanted to get a mindless fool elected to this particular city council seat to forestall the notorious Molly Clifford from challenging the mayor in 2017.
They got the kind of candidate they wanted and failed.
They didn't get their puppet elected. They chose to humiliate themselves and her further in this manner. They chose to piss off other Demagogues. They were entertainment for people not committed to either faction of the Demagogic Party and the Republicans.
Clifford won, leaving the road clear for she and her faction to challenge the mayor in 2017.
Between the two evils, the mindless LaShana Boose and the notorious Molly Clifford, most Demagogues chose not to vote at all.
That should be a warning to both Clifford and Warren in 2017.
But this primary and its aftermath were fun, weren't they?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

LaShana Boose must be a masochist.

I thought I had heard the last of LaShana Boose.
You know, the Gantt-Warren faction's invisible candidate who was narrowly defeated by the notorious Molly Clifford for the northwest district city council seat. By 42 votes.
When the absentee ballots were counted, Clifford's margin of victory grew to 66 votes. Not particularly outstanding, but sufficient unto the day.
That should have been that. The Gantt-Warren faction should have learned from their mistakes and put this one behind them.
But no. They are incapable of learning anything.
Boose's incompetent handlers decided that there should be a public examination of all the votes for the northwest city council seat. In her name, they are petitioning the State Supreme Court for an expanded audit of the voting machines that were used.
Boose was certainly not intelligent enough to do it herself, or able to tell her handlers to leave her in peace.
According to Rochester's City Newspaper, the petition reads: "the discrepancy between the 42-vote lead on September 10, 2015, and the 66-vote lead on September 14, 2015, justifies an expanded audit."
Which, like everything else involving Boose, is bullshit. All it's doing is make the lot of them look like sore losers and pests. The only way to stick it to sore losers is to ignore them.  The only way to get rid of pests is to swat them.
That will come when Mayor Warren runs for re-election against Clifford in 2017. That will be an endless source of mirth for Rochesterians, since both factions will throw away the rule book.
Neither side ever abided by it, anyway.
For now, this petition will probably get thrown out of court, providing yet another opportunity for Boose and her handlers to humiliate themselves. They enjoy feeling oppressed, and who can deny them their perverted pleasures?
When I heard about their petition, I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.
Probably, so did Clifford.
She has nothing to fear from the Gantt-Warren faction ever again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why did it take so long to shutter 36 Woodward Street?

Rochester mayor Lovely Warren finally shuttered the notorious nuisance house at 36 Woodward Street.
It is not a case of better late than never.
It took yet another shooting at that address last weekend, at yet another late night party that left two people dead and four wounded that led to the mayor's action.
Two women were shot in March of this year at yet another party at that house.
It doesn't include the two other times the police had to respond to that address because of reports of gunfire. Or the number of times neighbors called to complain about that property.
What was so different now? What goaded the mayor into taking decisive action regarding 36 Woodward Street?
It might have to do with the fact that one of her political cronies has personal ties to this latest Rochester tragedy.
County legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell had kin involved in the shooting. One relative was killed; another is the accused shooter.
The ugly fact is that 36 Woodward Street had acquired twice the number of nuisance points needed to close it up a long time ago. That address had all the ingredients necessary for a disaster to occur. And it did.
City Hall is now producing wholly unsatisfactory explanations as to why it takes so long to do anything about nuisance properties.
City spokesperson and former Demogogue and Comicon news hen Jessica Alaimo kept referring to the process of dealing with nuisance properties and slumlords, and why it takes so long.
That is bullshit.
The property had twice the number of nuisance points needed to shut it down. It could have been shut down months ago..
The fact that the mayor boarded the property up immediately after the shootings this weekend puts pat to Ms. Alaimo's claims. But then, Ms. Alaimo is only repeating what she had been told to say. You shouldn't kill the messenger.
Mayor Warren is a busy woman. You can't blame her too much for not really knowing what's going on. She has entrusted the day to day operations of city government to her highly paid commissioners and department heads, who clearly goofed this time.
We can also excuse Deputy Mayor Redon from any responsibility in this mess. He really hasn't been seen out much in over a year, doing who knows what.
At fault are the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development and the Neighborhood Services Centers. It is their job to know about shithouses like 36 Woodward Street and act on neighborhood complaints about them.
There are probably dozens if not hundreds of such shithouses in Rochester that the people in charge of cleaning them up or closing them down are ignoring. They hope the problem will go away or neighbors will become accustomed to them and stop complaining. They fear rocking the boat at City Hall by telling the mayor the truth, being branded ineffective and losing their high incomes and pensions.
It is appropriate to note that a leader starts by not knowing the truth and in the end doesn't want to know it. The job of the mayor's executive staff is to keep her isolated and insulated from the truth, especially if the truth might anger her.
Then something like this happens. Their cozy little world is blown wide open with nobody knowing anything or being responsible for anything,  with corpses piling up like cordwood and hospital emergency rooms filling up.  Everyone at City Hall is probably pointing the finger at someone else. As in any other bureaucracy, a few smaller fry will be sacrificed, not the people who were ultimately responsible.
We know that the mayor summarily shuttered 36 Woodward Street. Will she do the same for all the other notorious shithouses in Rochester, process be damned?
And why does it always take a crisis to get the mayor to act decisively when her appointed staff have been dragging their sorry asses for years?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The reason for the piss poor turnout in Rochester's primary.

Rochester's turnout for Thursday's Demagogic primary sucked. It was the worst in years.
The reason is simple enough: the majority of registered Demagogues have no reason to care which faction's candidates get the party's nod. None of the victors are going to change anything, despite their campaign propaganda.
The Morelle-Clifford clique is hampered by feigned political correctness. The Gantt-Warren faction is hidebound by black racism.
Neither side was concerned with running suitable candidates for election, merely those who have kissed enough asses and paid their dues where the leaders of the two factions are concerned.
In the end, the campaigns became popularity contests between candidates who aren't connected to anything in the community. Their goal was to embarrass the other side's leaders and to promote their own, not to be of service to the community at large.
The choices were between the undesirable and the unpalatable.
That's why people stayed away from the polls.
They couldn't swallow all of this meaningless bullshit.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just for shits and giggles, the Republican primary in LD 6.

Incumbent Fred Ancello easily won his primary race against challenger Edward A. Gartz.
Ancello will now go on to the November election, opposed by Demagogue Dick Beebe.
Ancello beat out Beebe for the same office in 2011.
Beebe went on to lose the race for Greece Town Supervisor in 2013.
Beebe is now poised to lose his third political race in four years if Ancello beats him again in November.

Sheppard and Clifford are now poised to challenge Mayor Warren in 2017.

It was a bad night  for the Gantt-Warren faction in the Demagogic primary election.
Primary elections usually have piss poor turnouts. A few hundred, maybe as little as a few dozen votes can determine which candidate is victorious.
Such was the case tonight.
True, they kept what they had in their core constituencies ( in the ghetto ), but were unable to extend their malevolence beyond it.
The defeat of their clients in LDs 21 and 28 were unimportant. It merely bruised their tender little egos. Perhaps it even taught them their limitations, if they are capable of learning anything.
It was a different matter in LD 23 and the northwest city council race. Their clients were defeated by long time enemies who are now poised to challenge the mayor herself in 2017.
Ex police chief James Sheppard handily defeated Mayor Warren's employee, Mitchell Rowe, in LD 23. The Gantt-Warren faction couldn't play the race card ( their usual weapon ) because Sheppard is black, their client was white and LD 23 is one of the richest and whitest districts in the City of Rochester.
That card works only in the ghetto.
It must be recalled that Sheppard was unceremoniously and publicly rejected by Mayor Warren when she won election in 2013. He owes her no favors.
In fact, he might very easily take a page out of the book of another inept Rochester police chief, Bob Doofus.
Doofus managed to rise to his level of incompetence, first briefly as mayor of Rochester and then even more briefly as lieutenant governor of New York State.
Sheppard is well placed to run against Mayor Warren when the time comes in two years.
Even more damning was the Gantt-Warren faction's defeat in the race for the northwest district's city council seat.
The notorious Molly Clifford defeated the invisible, unknown and unheard of Lashana Boose. Playing the race card backfired in their faces in a district where blacks are not in the majority, and the white queen swept the black queen off of the board by less than four dozen votes.
This particular defeat should be extremely galling to Lovely Warren and David Gant because they personally controlled it from Day One and bungled it from start to finish.
Clifford's notoriety gave her name recognition. Nobody ever heard of Boose before, or ever will again.
Clifford began her campaign in January 2014, when she established residence in Charlotte to qualify for this year's campaign. Gantt and Warren got Boose from who knows where and sprang her on us only in June 2015.
Clifford's years as a kept woman in the Doofus and Richards administration gave her a thin veneer of knowledge on a citywide basis, at least enough to bullshit her way through political conversations,even though she mangled everything she touched there. Boose is NOT connected to the community; she is NOT connected to her neighborhood; she is NOT connected to anything in the northwest.
Clifford was seen everywhere. Boose was seen nowhere.
Clifford’s political propaganda, consisting of lies and gross exaggerations, was frequently forthcoming including a website and contact information. Boose’s one pathetic political handout had nothing on it. Nothing.
Clifford's campaign was staffed by enthusiastic, hard working though dangerously misguided volunteers. Boose's was staffed by Mayor Warren's paid employees and Assemblyman Gantt's political operatives.
Didn't Warren and Gantt realize that fact would be noticed?
In the long run, it didn't matter. Boose was never credible as a candidate for anything, let alone city council. She was even too stupid to realize or care that her campaign was being mishandled. All she had were the Gantt-Warren faction's assurance that they would galvanize the black community to support her. That wasn't enough.
 Boose should now retreat into her well-deserved political obscurity or oblivion
Clifford won the primary by a few dozen votes, which means she will be the next city council thing from the northwest district, for better or worse.
She can now realize her goal of running for mayor in 2017. That's been in her badly coiffed head since 2013.
Of course, her narrow margin of victory means that Clifford isn't all that well loved in the northwest. Absentee ballots might not be in her favor, and a recount might still further erode her margin, if not eliminate it entirely.
In that event, Clifford will still be on the ballot in November on the Independence and Working Family lines. That is her insurance, despite her fine Demagogic heritage.
Boose's handlers didn't think of that, either.
There is a rumor that Mayor Warren won't be around in 2017, though. It's being whispered that she has federal aspirations, and is looking to challenge Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter for her seat in Congress in 2016.
That's one race Warren won't win. The county is not the ghetto, and she doesn't cut much ice outside of it.
It showed tonight.
A defeat on that level would only serve to galvanize either Sheppard or Clifford ( or both ) to unseat her in 2017.
Their campaigns for the mayor's office start now.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The reason Lovely Warren won't support Sandra Frankel's bid for County Executive.

We were hanging out with our biker buddies this afternoon at the Woodshed.
The topic of conversation turned to political matters, like the race for County Executive.
Mayor Warren hasn't come out in support of fellow Demagogue Sandra Frankel's campaign against Republican Cheryl DiNolfo.
In fact, Mayor Warren and her faction have studiously ignored this campaign.
That's curious, right?
We came to the conclusion that since Lovely Warren, as Mayor of Rochester, is currently the highest ranking elected Demagogue in the area, Sandra Frankel as County Executive would outrank her in the party.
Warren's ego wouldn't stand for that.
Hence her lack of support for Frankel.
Warren would rather have a Republican elected County Executive so she could continue to lord it over the MCDC.
Paradoxically, Warren's Demagogic allies in the Monroe County Legislature are always damning Republicans, especially the Republican County Executive, for not supporting their proposed social engineering legislation.
Seems like Lovely is all about promoting Lovely. Other Demagogues, unless they are black, can be damned.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Does LaShana Boose exist?

Last night, the Maplewood Neighborhood Association hosted a candidates' forum for the wannabees running for the northeast district's city council seat.
It would be the final chance for voters to grill the candidates before the primary election.
The cafeteria at Aquinas High School was packed with spectators.
Four of the five candidates appeared.
The only no show was LaShana Boose, the Gantt-Warren faction's foil against the notorious Molly Clifford in the Demagogic primary.
Bill Collins, president of the MNA, informed the audience that Boose declined to attend.
That should have been no surprise. Nobody has seen her or heard her since her candidacy had been announced in June.
Come to think of it, nobody ever saw her or heard of her before, either. Even in Maplewood, where she is supposed to reside.
Perhaps Boose was too frightened to appear. Perhaps she and her handlers know that she is incapable of answering the hard questions voters would put to her; that she would be revealed to be nothing more than a puppet of the Gantt-Warren faction, with no connection to anything in the northwest; that she is a simpering idiot.
Her absence last night was a serious blunder. Most voters won't support a candidate that they have never seen or heard before.
But Boose's handlers think they have a sound strategy. They expect the black voters to support her only because she is black. That she is an idiot will not be taken into account then.
But does LaShana Boose even exist? Is she merely a figment of the Gantt-Warren faction's imagination? Are they playing a joke on the voters of the northwest district? Do they think playing the race card will work in an area where blacks are not in the majority?
Who knows?
What is clear is that Lovely Warren's ego is getting the better of her and David Gantt is certainly in his dotage.
This primary, just a week away, should be lots of laughs.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

We should eliminate the school board.

I haven't made any comments about the candidates running for Rochester's school board in the upcoming Demagogic primary. Only people registered as Demagogues can vote in that.
I feel that it would be unnecessary to debate the merits of the candidates, whether they be newbies or incumbent assholes. The policies of the school board have made Rochester's schools the worst in the state and among the worst in the nation.
That has been going on for 40 years. It is not going to get better by re-electing the same assholes who put it into that shape or by electing newbies who will soon become just as lazy and unconcerned as their predecessors. Some of them hope to use their positions on the school board as a springboard to higher elected offices in the future, like Van White and Jose Cruz have already tried to do.
They are merely killing time there until such an opportunity arises. It shows.
What we have has been a failure and is still a failure. There isn't much hope for change in the future, no matter who the brainless voters choose to put there. It is a choice between several Tweedledees and Tweedledums.
We should abolish the school board. And get rid of the current superintendent of schools.
While I am reluctant to put our schools into the claws of Mayor Warren and her gang, having the mayor in control could not produce any results worse than what we already have.
Rochester has spent too much time and money trying to fix something that is completely broken and irreparable.
And that is another definition of stupid.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Who in Hell are Ricky Frazier and Bobbi Mitchell?

The Gantt-Warren faction is playing the race card in the upcoming primary election.
It is their usual gambit.
I have already described the campaign of their protégé, LaShana Boose. The Gantt-Warren faction is running her against their deadly political enemy, the notorious Molly Clifford.
The unknown and uninvolved Boose has no selling points whatsoever other than the color of her skin.
In LD 28, the Gantt-Warren faction is running another unknown, Ricky Frazier, against incumbent Cindy Kaleh for her seat in the county legislature.
They seek to punish Kaleh for two reasons: first, because she is white; second, because she is a charter member of their deadly enemies, the Morelle-Clifford clique.
But who in Hell is Ricky Frazier?
Beats me. I've never heard of him before. I have been told that he is a minister, which supposedly makes him prominent in the black community. That counts for little, if anything, in the white or Asian communities in that district.
His political propaganda is just as piss-poor as Boose's. It tells us nothing about him, although it does include a website and a phone number, unlike Boose's, which has nothing.
Frazier's political blurb features a very nice photo of himself, with the statement "It's time to uplift the community" underneath. It doesn't say how he will do it The flip side lists emergency phone numbers for city and county offices. There is no mention of accomplishments or involvement in LD 28. There is no biography. Perhaps it is because there is nothing about him worth mentioning.
Just like with LaShana Boose and Bobbi Mitchell.
In LD 21, the Morelle-Clifford clique is pitting Carla Palumbo's employee, Mark Muoio, against the Gantt-Warren faction's stooge, Bobbi Mitchell.
Nobody, not even the media, has come up with anything approaching even basic information about Mitchell or her campaign other than the fact she is black. The Gantt-Warren faction believes that this is enough to propel her and their other clients to victory in the primary election. They expect blacks to vote for their candidates only because they, too, are black. Never mind the fact that they have nothing to say about anything, or have never done anything. That's what the race card is all about.
It is a perversion of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, where he spoke of a day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another murder in the hood.

Another young man was murdered last night in Rochester.
He was shot and killed outside of a liquor store on Portland Avenue in "the hood."
This comes less than a week after drive by shooters fired into a crowd on the southwest side, killing three young men and wounding four others.
The mayor's pet project, Clergy on Patrol, was roaming the southwest and the northeast last night, almost at the same time that this latest killing took place.
That is having no effect on the violence that pervades "the hood."
It is almost as though the murderers are thumbing their noses at the Bible thumpers.
This morning, there might be a few politicians and ministers mugging for the cameras, saying that this must stop,
They've been saying that for years.
Perhaps their egos prevent them from admitting that they have no influence whatsoever on people who want to kill other people.
And the friends and families of the murderers are too loyal to them to turn them in.
Just another night in "the hood."

Friday, August 21, 2015

Shits and giggles about John Parrinello.

Eccentric Rochester attorney John Parrinello got his ass busted for patronizing a prostitute on Sunday in the Town of Gates.
Parrinello turned himself in yesterday, and will be arraigned on Tuesday, August 25 in Gates Town Court.
The crime is only a misdemeanor, so outside of embarrassing the shit out of his lovely wife and children, his punishment won't be too severe.
His attorney, David Rothenberg, said “John Parrinello never solicited anybody."
Then what was he doing in a sleazy Gates motel with a hooker? Social work?
Come on, John! Be proud of the fact that at 76 you still have a healthy sexual appetite.
And that you have still got what it takes.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some black ministers have got their priorities all wrong.

A group of black ministers called a press conference today to protest the lack of progress in removing the pickaninny portrait from the carousel at Ontario Beach Park.
It was led by the dapper Reverend Lewis W. Stewart, a well known camera hog.
They panned County Executive Maggie Brooks for not taking them as seriously as they take themselves.
This took place less than twenty four hours after one of the worst tragedies in the black community ( and indeed in the City of Rochester ) occurred at the local Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street: the murders and shootings of innocent people after a basketball game.
Reverend Stewart and his buddies have their priorities screwed up.
Most Rochesterians, black, white and everything in between, have more important things on their minds right now.

Cannibalism and the black community.

It was hot and steamy in Rochester last night.
Hundreds of people were coming out of a basketball game at the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street.
It was a wholesome event. No problems resulted from the game itself.
Unfortunately, a drive-by shooter ( or shooters ) managed to kill three young men and wound four others before speeding off.
The bastards fired into a crowd of innocent people leaving the game.
The victims were black; the criminals who did this are presumed to be black.
And the black community is doing nothing.
White on black incidents, especially where the police are concerned, produce outrage and riots.
Black on black violence produces nothing apart from some sadness on the part of the victims' families. It produces a few photo opportunities for relatives and ministers who will say that this must stop. Until the next incident.
The sheer awfulness of last night's shooting made the whole world's newspapers today. It is undesirable media coverage.
Most of Rochester's shootings are black on black, resembling different groups of cannibals picking each other off at will. They have no fear of retribution. They want to inflict pain. To kill.
And one cannot blame the mayor or the police department. They can't legislate morality.
Nor the presence of illegal guns. These bastards have the willingness to use them and they do.
The black community must look to itself for the solution, especially black families who provide their children with a system of values.
Until it does, the shootings and the killings within the black community will continue.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What does it matter where Photonics locates in downtown Rochester?

A few weeks ago, Photonics announced it would locate its global headquarters in Rochester. This will supposedly solve all of Rochester's financial and social problems by bringing thousands of badly needed jobs here.
The Second Coming won't be better received.
Now our political assholes have to throw their weight around, squabbling about where it will be located downtown.
It would either be the Sibley Building or the Bausch and Lomb Building.
Photonics has decided that they want the Bausch and Lomb building to be their headquarters. That should have been an end to it.
That's not good enough for Assemblyman Joe Morelle.
He has made it clear that he and his local political brethren will decide which building Photonics will make its headquarters in.
Morelle is still pushing for the Sibley Building.
Personally, if I were going to locate a large scale business in Rochester, I'd be mighty pissed off if a few jumped up nobody politicians ordered me around. I'd probably choose a different, more grateful city and tell Morelle and his crew to go fuck off.
That might happen yet.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two shootings in Maplewood in 24 hours.

David Andreatta recently wrote an article in the D&C that Rochester averages one shooting every 32 hours.
The historic Maplewood neighborhood beat that average this week.
We had two shootings here, less than half a mile apart, in 24 hours.
The first was Thursday night on Ramona Park, which is a residential section of the neighborhood.
The second was last night on Dewey Avenue and Flower City Park.
That shooting took place near the neighborhood nuisance business called Phat Boy.
Phat Boy has long allowed drug dealers to ply their products in front of the store, and permitted their customers to use them in the parking lot behind their store.
The well tended neighborhood garden on the corner merely adds to the ambience of the experience, if the buyers aren't too high to notice.
The location has all the ingredients for a disaster to occur. It is surprising that worse hasn't happened there.
The mayor's office and the police department are unable or unwilling to clear out the thugs loitering in front of the store. Phat Boy refuses to do anything about their presence. The neighborhood is helpless to do anything about it.
It is even more ironic that "Clergy on Patrol" roamed through that area less than a month ago.
Nobody really knows what "Clergy on Patrol" is supposed to do, other than provide the mayor's politicized preachers the opportunity to mug with her in front of the news cameras. That is their reward for preaching politics from the pulpit during her campaign. It certainly hasn't helped lessen violence and crime anywhere they have roamed.
Nor is the media willing to give these incidents anything more than perfunctory coverage. They are only too common in Rochester, as Andreatta's article pointed out.
Nobody was killed, either. No corpses littered the sidewalk. That might have produced a few tepid responses from the police, the mayor's office, elected officials and the neighborhood.
"Might have."
The police are fond of saying that these shootings are merely rival gangs shooting at each other.
That is to reassure us, since most residents aren't gang members and therefore we are safe.
Unless a stray bullet catches an innocent passerby, like on Parsells Avenue a few months ago.
The point of this rant?
The police like to say crime is down, but shootings are up. Clergy on Patrol is supposed to somehow deter violence, but it hasn't. We all say we abhor the violence that occurs in our city, but we have become accustomed to it. Unless we are one of the victims.
Our politicians are too unconcerned to care enough to enact legislation that will imprison these bastards for a good long time. They are afraid of either being branded racist or of selling out to whitey.
And the thugs merrily roam our streets, protected by political correctness.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Re-enter Scott Gaddy.

Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Demogogue and Comicon, has reported that Scott Gaddy is looking to establish residence in Rochester.
Gaddy, it may be recalled, was the leader of the PAC ( Political Action Committee ) that got Lovely Warren elected mayor.
Their connection runs deeper than that.
Both regard themselves as "children" of Assemblyman David Gantt. Gaddy was once Gantt's aide in Albany, and his wife is an old law school chum of Mayor Warren's.
On becoming mayor, Warren promptly hired Gaddy's firm to shill for Rochester in Albany.
Gaddy claims that he is no longer connected to that company.
Gaddy also claims that he isn't moving to Rochester to seek elected office.
This, of course, is bullshit.
For right now, he doesn't meet residency requirements to run for anything local.
But what about next year?
Many people are concerned about the Gantt succession.
Gantt is merely mortal, and won't live forever.
Plenty of aspiring black politicians are hoping to step into Gantt's shoes when he finally gives up the ghost.
Who better than his own "son?"
In the meantime, the mayor can always create a high paying job for her "brother" in her administration to tide him over until that eventuality occurs.
I wonder what job she'll give him or create for him.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The MCDC: And a stupid little girl shall lead them.

On Wednesday night, Jamie Romeo was elected as the MCDC's new chairman.
It was poorly attended; the ghetto oriented Gantt-Warren faction of the Democrats didn't even bother to show up.
That faction already proved that they and their candidates can be successful without the party chairperson's blessing. They don't have any use for the party chairperson, at least not within the ghetto.
That is an ominous sign.
She is being touted as the youngest chairman in recent years, and only the second female since the notorious Molly Clifford held that office for a few minutes in 2003-2005.
Her opening statements should also qualify her as being one of the stupidest.
Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, quoted her as saying “The road ahead may be difficult, but we’re Democrats. We don’t shy away from tough fights. We organize, we unite and we win.”
The D&C's own staff writer, David Andreatta, did a very nice job describing how incorrect that statement was.
You might want to check out Andreatta's summary in the D&C: "Chaos is the Democrats' fatal flaw."
In very polite terms, he was saying that Romeo doesn't know what in Hell she is talking about.
At thirty, Romeo is too old to be an innocent. Or a novice.
On the other hand, liars and fools come in all ages and sexes.
Judging by her statement, she chose to ignore the bitter truth about her badly splintered party.
Romeo is not the person to raise massive funds for her party. She will be incapable of bridging the chasm between the Morelle-Clifford clique and the Gantt-Warren faction.
Nobody can.
And she won't last long either, unless nobody else wants her position.
Nobody else wanted it this time.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sabrina Nesmith's lies cost a city worker his job.

Sabrina Nesmith complained that her son wandered away from the recreation center at School 42 last week and that nobody called to tell her that.
She also claimed that her mother found her son wandering along Lake Avenue.
The city promptly fired one recreation associate, Jason Johnson, and disciplined another.
The identity of the second person remains a mystery.
Jason Johnson promptly got hold of a surveillance tape at School 42 which showed the boy's grandmother picked him up at the school's driveway.
Sabrina Nesmith lied.
The city refuses to reinstate Jason Johnson because, as spokesperson James Smith put it,  "As part of that investigation it was discovered that policies and procedures were not followed which led to disciplinary action.  While we are aware of the video, its content does not change the result of the investigation or the course of discipline."
Smith never bothered to explain what policies and procedures were not followed. The recreation program at School 42 has an open door policy. Children may come and go as they please, although Smith claimed that there is a system in place for accounting for kids, without explaining what it is.
Sabrina Nesmith said that she's sorry about Johnson losing his job, but there should be a law preventing children from wandering off.
City Hall shit canned Johnson to prevent Nesmith from going to the media. She did anyway.She couldn't resist having her fifteen seconds worth of fame on local television news cameras. She conned the media like she conned City Hall.
Then video tape came to light. The tape didn't lie. It proved Nesmith did.
Now she's been caught in a lie, and is getting more than fifteen seconds worth of fame. Or infamy.
Johnson should lawyer up.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The piss-poor political propaganda of LaShana Boose.

When I left the Republican party three years ago, I registered as a "blank." I chose to remain unaffiliated with any political party because the two major parties are both as corrupt as Hell, and because of the less than welcoming behavior of the Northwest Democrats to former Republicans.
The lesser political parties are filled with kooks. Well meaning kooks, sometimes, but kooks nonetheless.
My husband remains registered as a Democrat, which entitles us to receive political propaganda from Democratic bullshit artists seeking election to public office.
Yesterday, stuffed into our door jam, we found just such propaganda from LaShana Boose.
Ms. Boose is running for the northwest city council seat being vacated by Carla Palumbo.
One side of this political blurb features a very nice photo of Ms. Boose. Underneath it states that she is "connected to the community."
She is no such thing. Nobody ever heard of her before.
The only connection Ms. Boose has is to the Gantt-Warren faction of the Democratic party. She worked on Ms. Warren's election campaign. This is to be Ms. Boose's reward.
The Gantt-Warren faction needed a black female to run as a foil against the notorious Molly Clifford for Palumbo's city council seat. Those are her only qualifications, race and sex, and the Gantt-Warren faction chose to ignore better potential candidates for those reasons alone.
And so there will be a primary election for the Democratic nod.
On the flip side of the card, Ms. Boose makes trite statements about being a working mother and her concerns for the northwest district, something she has never been publicly concerned about before.
It's sentimental claptrap, and hardly enough to justify voting for her in the primary. It's just plain stupid.
It is similar to the rhetorical garbage offered by Molly Clifford's candidate for LD 26, Yversha Roman.
Roman has no connection to the community, either.
She is running solely on the fact that she is a Democrat, and party affiliation alone is a pretty stupid reason to vote for a candidate.
It usually works because most voters are stupid.
It is on the pillars of stupidity, party affiliation and race that both the Morelle-Clifford and Gantt-Warren factions are counting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dave Garretson couldn't hack it as MCDC chairman.

Well meaning oaf Dave Garretson threw in the towel today as MCDC chairman, less than ten months after being elected to the position.
I have stated before that he was ill suited for the position, that he had neither the strength nor imagination to heal the severe fractures within his party: the fratricidal war in Rochester between the Morelle-Clifford faction and the Gantt-Warren clique.
They are still merrily slicing away at each other, to the amusement of the Monroe County GOP.
Garretson's tenure merely made the county Republicans look stronger, and himself look ridiculous.
Nor was Garretson any good at raising funds for the party, or finding decent candidates to run against Republicans this year.
Really, Dave. Choosing two time loser Dick Bebe to run against Fred Ancello again?
His excuse for leaving was family illness rather than abject failure on his part.
Now, everything is undone again, leaving the door open for Molly Clifford's boy toy, Ken Warner, to reactivate his campaign for MCDC chair. Warner stood down last year when it became obvious that their notoriety was more than most Democrats would stand.
They are good at reactivating campaigns, just like with Tom Richards.
It will provide a real circus for Rochesterians of all political stripes to watch over the next few months, complete with shits and giggles.

Rochester's City Council wusses out.

Mayor Warren got the money for a feasibility study for a Broadway style theater after all.
Last night, City Council voted 7 - 1 to approve $30,000 for the study.
The only dissenter was Carolee Conklin, the only man on City Council.
She claimed that it was obvious that the mayor planned to put a theater in downtown no matter what. The only question is where.
Why else would Rochester millionaire Arnie Rothschild commit nearly $60,000 of RBTL funds to this study?
The county will supposedly hand over another $30,000.
The state will be contributing $100,000.
The feasibility study will be conducted by an out of state agency, which will come back and say it will work.
That's why the mayor didn't want her Neighborhood and Business Development Department to conduct the study. She feared that the new commissioner, Baye Muhammad, might be too honest in his investigation.
Or maybe not.
After all, she picked him.

Friday, July 10, 2015

City Council nixes Mayor Warren's feasibility study for a Broadway style theater.

Mayor Warren received a shock yesterday.
Our usually complacent City Council refused to do as they were bidden and approve a feasibility study for a new theater downtown.
Previous studies and plans for such a project always concluded with the fact that a theater of such magnitude in downtown Rochester was not economically feasible. Such a project would require continued public subsidies to keep it in operation.
That means we, the taxpayers, would get stuck footing the bill for something most of us would never use.
Councilmember Carolee Conklin referred to those previous studies and their conclusions. She asked what had changed.
Nothing has changed, except perhaps that Rochester has gotten poorer.
Mayor Warren based her campaign on a "two cities" rhetoric: one for the rich, one for the poor. Especially the black poor.
Unfortunately, the mayor built better than she knew.
Her associates could not approve a feasibility study that would result in building a downtown playground for Rochester's rich and not so famous, and try to pass it off as something necessary to the poor voters who repeatedly elect them to office.
That would be rather hypocritical. City Council does not wish to appear hypocritical.
Conklin also asked why it was necessary to hire a consultant to do the feasibility study. Wasn't City Hall's own department of neighborhood and business development be capable of doing it for nothing?
The NBD might be capable of conducting such a study, but if it was honest in its research, it probably wouldn't come up with the results the mayor and Arnold Rothschild want.
Nobody but the mayor and Rothschild's Rochester Broadway Theater League want such a theater, anyway.
If you buy and pay for a study of some topic, you can generally be assured of the desired prognosis.
The Broadway style theater will again be put on the back burner, an object of apathy to most Rochesterians.
But you have to hand it to Carolee Conklin. She has bigger brass balls than anyone in City Hall.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The poor to pay for the pleasures of the rich.

Rochester is one of the poorest cities in America for its size.
So, to combat poverty, Rochester will be hiring consultants to the tune of $211,000 ( plus change ) to study the feasibility of building a Broadway style theater downtown.
The city got a state grant for $100,000 for this purpose.
Rochester, and that means you and me, will cover the rest.
Plans for such a theater has been on the table for years. The stumbling block has always been the cost.
Its chief proponent is the Rochester Broadway Theater League, led by local millionaire Arnold Rothschild. They argue that a theater of this nature is a necessity.
For what? For whom?
For them, definitely.
The solution is clear: They want it, they need it, they can pay for building it themselves.
But the neat, well-heeled elite who meet to eat overpriced meat at 2Vine have no intention of paying for it themselves. They want your tax dollars to do it so that they can better enjoy their lifestyles of the rich and not so famous at no cost to themselves.
Mr. Rothschild, it might be recalled, was a heavy contributor to Mayor Warren's election campaign.
Ms. Warren has been scrupulous about paying her debts to her rich supporters, so she has already asked for $100 million dollars from Governor Cuomo for the purpose of building an entertainment center downtown.
She was turned down. So now we are going to have a feasibility study about such a theater to convince the government to pay for it.
Perhaps the Mayor can also convince the government to pay for their polo ponies.
What a way to fight poverty.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Same sex marriage is now legal throughout the United States.

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court voted 5 - 4 to determine that marriage was a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.
It meant that same sex marriages could not be infringed upon by any of the fifty states.
Apart from celebrations by the gay community, nothing else happened.
Even Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, gave this historic decision only perfunctory coverage.
To the dismay of the god-loving faith community, there were no disasters of a biblical nature to punish America for its wickedness.resulting from the Supreme Court's decision.
It didn't happen in those nations where same-sex marriage is already legal. It won't happen here, either.
Some hypocritical, god-loving ministers threatened to immolate themselves if the Supreme Court legalized equal marriage.
That threat didn't work. And we aren't smelling any smoke.
I am willing to give them the matches and lighter fluid to make good their threats. That way, those assholes can keep their word.
But they won't, because they are liars.
The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, but it can't legislate against ignorance, stupidity and bigotry.
That is what has given the god-loving faith community its hold over their flocks for millennia.