Friday, December 25, 2015

All politicians and their hangers on gorge at the public trough.

David Andreatta has provided us with yet another well-written, reasonably well-balanced commentary about the incestuous nature of political appointments in the Rochester area.
While he is employed by the local liberal newsrag, the D&C, Andreatta pulls no punches, letting both the Republicans and the Demagogues get it right between the eyes.
It is doubtful that his commentary earned him any brownie points with the editorial staff of the D&C, whose bleeding heart liberal agenda generally makes them look ridiculous and has lost the respect of any thinking individuals who follow their exploits.
Andreatta's article, "Maggie Brooks' long quaff at the public trough," should be read in full.
A brief summation will suffice here.
Outgoing County Executive Maggie Brooks was recently hired by RTS ( the Regional Transit Service ) as their vice-president of strategic initiatives. The job was created out of thin air for her a few weeks ago.
At RTS, she will be joining several of her nearest and dearest who were also associated with her in the county legislature: Scott Adair, Daniel DeLaus Jr. and Justin Feasel. Feasel, Brooks' spokesman, was hired in the last few days, too.
RTS has been under Republican control for years.
Let us not forget that Mr. Maggie Brooks ( Bob Wiesner ) was also appointed to the Monroe County Water Authority some time back, another agency under Republican control. That was before he got his ass busted in a bidding and price fixing scam, which is still in the courts.
Before Demagogues get their knickers in a twist about this, Andreatta also pointed out that they are not without sin, either.
Mayor Lovely Warren appointed her Uncle Reggie to a position at City Hall that never existed before. He left when public outcry over his speeding got to be too much for her to handle. Uncle Reggie currently works for RTS.
Mayor Warren also appointed plenty of her political cronies to newly created or resurrected jobs at City Hall. If no worse, she is certainly no better than Maggie Brooks in that respect.
Former MCDC chairman, Joe Morelle pere appointed Joe Morelle fils to fill a vacancy in the county legislature. The family that preys together stays together.
However, Andreatta failed to mention how ex police chief, ex mayor and ex lieutenant governor Bob Doofus got himself appointed to head the RBA ( Rochester Business Alliance ) through his shady connections, while double or triple dipping on his six figure pensions.
And let us not forget that expensive Demagogic kept woman, the notorious Molly Clifford. The Doofus and Richards administrations kept on creating jobs for her that she was unqualified for.
I am certain that a lack of space prevented Andreatta  from mentioning those and other instances of Demagogic malfeasance.
What is clear that most politicians of both parties see elected office as a way of feathering their own nests. When out of office they hope to use their connections to continue to feed off of the public like ghouls or vampires.
Or swine.

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