Saturday, December 19, 2015

We kill vicious animals, don't we?

It is the final week before Christmas. You know, the season of peace and goodwill towards men.
To celebrate this joyous season, two men were shot in Rochester on Thursday night. One on the east side, the other on the west side.
Friday morning, two bruthas who are brothers invaded an apartment house on the west side, holding four people hostage. All four of the victims were injured, two requiring hospitalization.
Saratoga Street is one of the poorest parts of Rochester. How much would they really gain by breaking into poor peoples' apartments?
Not much, but we'll get to the "why" in a few more sentences.
Later on Friday morning, another asshole was shooting off his gun in his car on Dewey Avenue. When pursued by the cops, he fled his vehicle. That resulted in School #7 being locked down and several blocks of streets around it being cordoned off for four hours while the police searched the neighborhood for the asshole.
When the thugs responsible for this holiday merriment end up in a court of law, they and their bleeding heart white liberal allies will blame their socio-economic status, racism and their dysfunctional family upbringing as being responsible for their criminal behavior, not they. While there is a kernel of truth in these excuses, those factors are not indicative of anything approaching predestination. They also choose to ignore the most important factor of all: freedom of choice.
That's right.
These assholes have chosen to commit crimes. They have chosen to terrorize, bully, beat, maim, shoot and kill people. They want to do as they please. Then they count on their bleeding heart liberal allies ( usually white ) to beat their chests and cry "mea culpa" and provide excuses for their behavior for them. So do their mamas and daddies.
These criminal assholes are then sentenced to pitifully little time behind bars, as though that will rehabilitate them.
But what is there to rehabilitate them for? They like hurting people. They get their kicks from it. That's what bullies do.
When returned to law abiding society, the odds are that they will return to their old tricks and continue their criminal behavior with other criminal associates. That's what recidivism means, and those rates are high.
And they will go on doing it until someone stronger than they are beats the shit out of them, pounds them into submission or kills them.
We kill vicious animals with nary a thought about what made them vicious. But we draw the line at killing vicious humans who are far more dangerous. The death penalty is out.
We could lobotomize them, but bleeding heart liberal politicians are afraid of that, too.
I have a suggestion.
We could arm violent criminals and drop them into those territories controlled by ISIS. There they could engage in their blood lust to their hearts' content.
Most violent criminals are cowardly bullies, and don't like fighting people who might be better armed and just as vicious as they are. They wouldn't last long there. The ISIS fanatics would eat them alive.
Bon appetit.
And we wouldn't need to support these violent assholes any more, or waste time trying to rehabilitate them, because that doesn't work.

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  1. Last night, there was yet another shooting on the northwest side of Rochester, a few blocks away from the home invasion that took place on Saratoga Street Friday morning.