Saturday, December 5, 2015

An observation about the San Bernardino terrorist massacre.

Three weeks ago, the world fell all over itself responding to the terrorist massacre in Paris.
Over one hundred innocent people died in that incident.
Everyone who was anyone responded in shock and disbelief before the cameras, pledging solidarity with France over this tragedy.
The local liberal newsrag, the D&C, ran stories about it for days.
Even Facebook addicts got into the act. They superimposed the Tricolor over their photos as a sign of solidarity.
Last Wednesday, three terrorists slaughtered fourteen people in San Bernardino, California.
There was no real outrage displayed by any other world leaders. Locally, the event got only perfunctory coverage by the D&C.
As for Facebook, I haven't noticed that any regular users bothered to superimpose the Stars and Stripes over their photos.
Perhaps if there had been several hundred victims we might have gotten more attention.
Or maybe the lack of concern is because it was innocent American lives that were snuffed out.
Just sayin'.

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