Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mayor Warren's infomercial is a political ad.

The official line from City Hall is that it is not. The infomercial proclaims positive progress in the City of Rochester.
Courtesy of Mayor Warren.
Taxpayers aren't paying for this infomercial. The cost was covered by Mayor Warren's campaign war chest and/or the PAC she set up.
PACs ( Political Action Committees ) are usually created by outsiders and special interest groups to promote the election of politicians favorable to their agendas. They are considered unethical, but legal.
In 2013, the PAC created by Warren's "brother," lobbyist Scott Gaddy, created quite a stink prior to the Demagogic primary election. Warren disclaimed any knowledge of PACS and of how they work.
It is gratifying to know that she is a quick study, learning about PACS and then creating her own, if she was telling the truth in 2013. That's a big if.
The mayor's personal assistant, Tracey Miller, already has a weekly radio show on WDKX, the black radio station, to glorify her. Nobody outside of the black community listens to it. She needed to broaden her audience.
Clearly, the mayor is running for something, hence the ad.
But for what?
The 2017 election for mayor is more than a year away. The 2015 election propelled two of Warren's deadliest enemies, ex police chief Jim Sheppard and the notorious Molly Clifford, into positions where they could challenge her that year. The mayor finds it necessary to get her propaganda out now, since she can count only on the unequivocal support of the Black Demagogues, especially after pissing off the Establishment Demagogues by not supporting Sandra Frankel's bid for county executive this year.
It is also rumored that Warren has federal aspirations.
Octogenarian Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter is seeking yet another term in Congress in 2016. She was almost defeated by Republican Mark Assini in 2014, who is also running again for her seat. Mayor Warren has made it clear that she owes the Establishment Demagogues nothing, and could easily throw her hairpiece into the race, challenging Lulubelle in the Demagogic primary.
There is also New York State Senator Rich Funke's seat up for re election in 2016.
Funke is a rookie in Albany. Warren lives in the district Funke represents. Neither of the two Demagogic parties has a viable option to Funke as of yet.
I believe that Warren won't try to run against Slaughter or Funke. Running against Lulubelle would only serve to again piss off Establishment Demagogues in the county. Her strength is in the ghetto, not in the largely white, Republican dominated suburbs beyond Rochester's borders. Moreover, if Warren were defeated by the Republican Assini in that race, the Establishment Demagogues would blame her for the loss of that particular congressional seat.
As for Funke's seat, it doesn't have quite the status that Lulubelle's does, and the mayor would take a huge pay cut if she attempted it.
Warren can't be stupid enough to attempt it, although her overwhelming ego just might trump her common sense.
She would probably lose those races if she attempted them. And it would also mean that she could be beaten in the 2017 race for Mayor.
Along with her campaign ad, Mayor Warren also had a popularity poll conducted at her own expense. The results were not released, which suggests that her popularity is slipping.
I repeat: Warren's infomercial is a campaign ad, to garner support beyond the black community for her re election campaign in 2017.
She is counting on most people believing anything that they see on television.

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