Monday, November 16, 2015

Looks like John Parrinello just can't stop exposing himself to the public.

John Parrinello, Rochester's eccentric attorney, is suing the Town of Gates over his arrest for patronizing a prostitute in a sleazy motel there last summer.
Parrinello claims that he did no such thing and that the arrest violated his civil rights.
Since when is picking up a hooker a civil right?
He hasn't yet gone to trial on that charge, but after a few shits and giggles about it, the public had forgotten about it. It was funny, but not really important or earth shattering.
Until now.
Any sensible public figure caught in this fashion would have protested but taken his lumps like a good little boy, paid the fine, accepted a sentence of a few hours of community service and gone on with his life.
But not John.
Parrinello is a notable media hog. Since Playgirl and Blueboy magazine weren't insane enough to feature him in a photo spread and centerfold after his bust, he found it necessary to continue to expose himself to public view in this fashion. He likes to see his name in print.
It will be interesting to see if the Town of Gates rises to Parrinello's threat and drops the charges against him.
And why aren't the media rushing out to interview the hooker Parrinello met in that motel that Sunday in August? That's something they do best.

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