Saturday, November 14, 2015

We must never give in to terrorism.

Nor must we give in to hysteria.
The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris by ISIS were the products of monsters using the excuse of religion to carry out their evil designs.
Hundreds of millions of Muslims probably find these actions abhorrent and fear repercussions to themselves as a result of a relatively few maniacs murdering innocent people at will in the name of god.
Maniacs are everywhere, in every country, practicing every religion. Even in our own.
Common sense dictates that we must understand not everyone of a certain race, religion or nationality is pursuing evil.
But common sense is uncommon. Even in this country. And plenty of our fellow Americans are blaming all Muslims for this atrocity, which is plenty stupid.
Sadly enough, the western powers were largely unconcerned about ISIS as long as they confined bringing Hell on Earth to their own neighborhood. They seemed more outraged by ISIS destroying antiquities than slaughtering human beings. Now they are outraged, because this attack occurred in one of the great capitals of the world, Paris. In the west.
That is typical of human beings.
The international community must band together and never give in to terrorism. They should seek to smash it and punish only the perpetrators. We should not lump all Muslims together with these criminals, any more than we should blame all Christians and Jews for evil undertaken by some members of those religious communities.
And I am in favor of the death penalty for those caught and convicted of terrorist attacks where innocent people died.
If they committed their crimes in the name of their god, shedding innocent blood in the process, let us send them to meet their god all the more sooner.

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