Friday, November 20, 2015

Vargas, Urbanski AND the School Board should all go.

It seems odd that Adam Urbanski, head of the Rochester teachers' union, is blaming the resignation of Superintendent Bolgen Vargas for chaos that has supposedly and suddenly erupted in the city's schools.
That chaos has been going on for a very long time.
Perhaps Urbanski never noticed.
Urbanski is now demanding Vargas' immediate dismissal, as though that will change anything.
Urbanski isn't asking for the dismissal of the School Board, the third component in Rochester's shitty public school system. He can't. Equally moronic voters keep putting them back lamenting the sad state of affairs in the city schools at the same time, reinforcing the definition of stupid.
Which is why Mayor Warren herself won't entrust the education of her child to them. No intelligent parent of some means would.
The urban poor have no such choice. They must send their children to schools that prepare most of them for nothing but low paying jobs and lives of crime, since most never make it through school. Most of Rochester's school children are functionally illiterate, whether they graduate or not.
That's hardly a selling point for Rochester.
As for Urbanski picking on Vargas, that also seems odd. They have so much in common.
Neither are native born Americans; neither has ever learned to speak English properly; both came to America at about the same age, although decades apart; both have been less concerned about Rochester's schools or the kids than they have been about feathering their own nests.
As for the School Board, they have a comfortable part time job that will do until a more lucrative political position opens up for them. That is why the incumbents usually run for re-election and win, thanks to the incredibly stupid voters and bleeding heart liberal media who insist they need to be there, never mind their abject failure.
It is all bullshit. People have been brainwashed.
Vargas should have gone long ago. So should have Urbanski. Since the School Board won't voluntarily fall on their own swords, that body needs to be eliminated entirely.
That's right. Send all of those bastards packing. They've had their fun.
I am no great fan of Mayor Warren, but I believe the time has come to institute mayoral control of Rochester's schools. She couldn't do any worse than these so-called professionals have been doing for the last forty years. And she already has Allen Williams on staff to act as her chancellor.

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