Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jamie Romeo was last night's biggest loser.

Jamie Romeo, the stupid little girl who became the MCDC's chairperson a few months ago, was the biggest loser in this year's elections.
She sat bewildered on the sidelines while the Establishment Demagogues and the Black Demagogues slugged it out between them, allowing the Republicans to emerge victorious, refreshed and re- energized.
Under her impotent stewardship, the two Demagogic parties are deadlier enemies to each other than the Republicans are to them.
This profited the Republicans enormously. The Demagogues were barely able to hold what they had.
It was this Demagogic split that led directly to Cheryl DiNolfo's defeat of Sandra Frankel by a considerable margin. Romeo was unable to unite the Demagogues to help Frankel defeat DiNolfo.
Mayor Warren, the highest ranking Demagogue in Monroe County, went so far as to refuse to endorse Frankel, for numerous reasons I expressed in previous blogs.
If Romeo was unable to heal the breach between the two factions, she was also incapable of imposing her authority on either of them. The Black Demagogues ignore her completely. The Establishment Demagogues pay lip service to her being chairperson while they, too, ignore her and go their merry way.
The only thing Chairperson Romeo has been able to accomplish with gusto is to sit in a chair, while the continuing chaos within her party swirls about her ears. She is irrelevant. Yesterday, that was made clear to anyone who cared to look.
It makes Jamie Romeo the election's biggest loser, and certainly proves she is ill-equipped for her job.

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