Sunday, November 8, 2015

The reason for the piss-poor turnout in the election.

People were bored. There was no local campaign exciting enough to rouse people out of their apathy to get out and vote. When most candidates run unopposed, or lacking any serious opposition, what point is there to go out and vote?
In the City of Rochester, the primary election in September determined the winners for November.
Rochester is owned by the Demagogues. The Black Demagogues and the Establishment Demagogues slugged it out in the primary, leaving their candidates with exactly what they had before, guaranteeing victory in their respective areas.
Not too many voters would be needed to confirm it, so not many voters bothered to show up at the polls.
The suburbs did a bit better, but not much.
There, the Republicans hold control and the few blasé Demagogic challengers fell by the wayside.
The race for County Executive might have brought more voters out had it been more interesting, only it was deadly dull.
Sandra Frankel's campaign was a lackluster repeat of her failed 2011 bid for that office. Her unimaginative campaign managers and the perpetual lack of unity among the Demagogues did more to damage her chances of victory than did the understated tactics of her Republican challenger, Cheryl DiNolfo.
DiNolfo knew all she had to do was wait while the Demagogues gave Frankel enough rope to hang herself.
Effective but boring.
Even Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, found it necessary to endorse DiNolfo. That decision probably cost their editorial staff a few nights' sleep, but it would allow them to pretend that they are impartial.
Now, the D&C finds it necessary to castigate the voters for the low turnout, ignoring their own hand in producing the voter apathy prevalent in the area.
Having done their damnedest to promote their own liberal agenda by usually endorsing only candidates who are politically correct ( that is to say Demagogues ), they helped to eliminate Republican interest in campaigning in the City of Rochester.
That effectively made the primary the factor in determining the winners two months hence, eliminating the need for a massive turnout at the polls in November.
On the other hand, Republicans control the county towns and even the D&C's scolding didn't produce many viable Demagogic candidates there.
Party stalwarts or people with personal axes to grind against certain candidates came out to vote. That was it.
Third party candidates usually don't get more than a few hundred votes, which doesn't have an impact on elections, but sometimes helps preserve the illusion of democratic choice.
And in contested races, meaning between Demagogues and Republicans, nobody was saying "Come out and help elect the best candidate." It was "Come out and support the Demagogue or Republican," depending on the voter's party affiliation.
Which is really what both parties want. Neither party machine is impressed with the ideals of representative democratic government.
The D&C ought to quit its bitching, because it isn't, either.

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