Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The results of tonight's election means nothing will change in the Rochester area.

Andreas Rau compared tonight's election to the trench warfare of World War I.
After the smoke and poisoned gas cleared, and tens of thousands of bodies were moved out of the way, the battle lines had hardly changed at all.
So it was with tonight's election results.
Everyone had what they started out with before.
The Republicans still have the County Executive's office and dominance in, though not complete control of, the Monroe County Legislature.
Rochester's Black Demagogues held their own in the ghetto, while the Establishment Demagogues kept what they had, too.
The only exception to this is District Attorney Sandra Doorley. Originally starting out as a Republican, she first won election to that office as a Demagogue, only to convert back to the Republicans and win re election tonight under that party's banner.
The battle is over for this year.
And nothing has changed. Or will change. There is complete deadlock.

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