Saturday, October 31, 2015

Where does Molly Clifford really live?

Good question.
To reiterate from an earlier blog, the notorious Molly Clifford established residence at 45 Stutson Street in January 2014 to run for the northwest city council seat being vacated by Carla Palumbo.
The house is listed as "owner occupied," and doesn't require a C of O.
Clifford is not the owner. The landlord would therefore have to change the status of the property to a rental and apply for a C of O.
This has not been done, which makes one wonder about the legality of Clifford's residence there, even if it is only on paper. If it isn't legal, how can she run for office based on her residence there?
Clifford is really only renting a mailbox. That is a common ploy used by welfare cheats and con artists to establish residence in places where they do not live in order to pull off a scam.
It means Clifford is interested in nothing more than wining elected office for that district. It is a means to the end of running for mayor in 2017.
Even more interesting is the history of Clifford's previous residences, courtesy of Monroe County's Board of Elections.
For the last decade, until now, they have listed the locations of her voter registration as being "unknown."
Are we to presume that Clifford was homeless or a gypsy?
That is doubtful.
How was she able to vote if she didn't have a legally registered address?
At least her Green Party opponent, Dorothy Paige, has lived at the same address for decades and can prove it.
There is way too much that is, and has been, fishy about Clifford.
To do her justice, she is no worse than Yversha Roman or LaShana Boose. They also have questionable recent residences.
They typify what is wrong with our political system. It explains why people are apathetic about it and refuse to come out to vote. Why vote when all politicians are seen as crooks?
Which is why the whole system needs to be razed and rebuilt from the foundations upwards.
But people are fearful of that, allowing corrupt politicians to continue to go merrily about their way.

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