Friday, October 23, 2015

Molly Clifford's rented house on Stutson Street doesn't have a C of O.

Rochester's weekly liberal newsrag, City  Newspaper, made much of the notorious Molly Clifford when they endorsed her for city council's northwest district seat.
I'll grant that she is connected to a lot of politically powerful people. I will also grant that she has had several different positions in the last few city administrations.
She had several because she wasn't good in any of them.
Clifford was kept on because ex mayor Doofus owed her something for getting him elected. He finally ended up creating a position in the fire department for her after she loused up her previous position with the city.
That position was as the head of NET, short for Neighborhood Empowerment Team.
NET was supposed to empower neighbors when dealing with crime, slumlords, zoning and code violations.
A rental property without a Certificate of Occupancy, or C of O, and renting out to tenants is just such a code violation.
It is usually punishable by a fine.
More information about C of O's can be gotten from the city's website. Single family, owner occupied homes are exempt. Rental units are not.
When Clifford established residence in Charlotte in 2014 to meet the requirement for this year's election, it was in a house that does not have a C of O. The property's owner could not have legally rented it to her, whether or not she and her boy toy really live there.
As the former head of NET, Clifford would be aware of the necessity of a C of O for a landlord to rent any property.
Perhaps Clifford will plead ignorance. That is not credible.
The bigger question is that if she established residence in a house that the landlord was not legally entitled to rent to her, is Clifford's candidacy based on that residence legal?

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